A bit of stress and it’s beginning to look a lot like eczema….

As you will have gathered from many of my recent posts, my eczema is immensely better than it was in 2013. Not only have I managed to reduce the amount i moisture but I’ve also seen reduced scarring on my elbows now that they are smoothed out…..I guess vitamin d3 has been a great help with this and has been a godsend. 

However since vitamin d3 has done so much of the work I am guilty for slacking on the stress management front and I feel eczema is creeping up to warn me once more to keep calm and relax. My neck has begun to form the first tell tale signs of eczema with a bumpy,  itchy rash I am fightingso hard not to itch and this is occurring whilst I’m taking my beloved vitamin d3!

So time for some self reflection to think about where this has come from ….

1) I think emotional state of mind is important in management of my eczema. At times of stress,  it has cropped up more for me and I always feel stress management would be a great addition to any eczema care routine as an over thinker who finds it hard to manage the emotions related to stress! I know stress is inevitable but i thinkthe way we handle it and cope with it is crucial. Reflecting on my current mood,  life factors and so forth, I have generally been anxious and full of emotion recently…. I’ve worried about things more..I began meditation and keeling a daily planner to help handle demands more but i have to admit I have not meditated in a while thinking that the eczema is calm so everything must be okay… But here I am with an exhausted mind and my body is telling me through my skin that I need to do something about it…. I began to meditate to help calm my mind and it did give me peace of mind… Just 15 minutes to clear my mind and not worry. ..I kidded myself into believing vitamin d3 could do the work alone and it appears I’ve let stress take control of my skin because I didn’t continue with my stress management routine. It’s not that I want a less stressful life I just want to ensure I’m handling it well.

2) In addition to this I began to use a cream for my dark pigmentation and I don’t think my neck liked it very much. I spotted using it though a few days ago and the spots are still there ready to turn into a dreaded flare…..

So reflecting on this,  I have decided that my May eczema challenge will be focused on coping with stress. Now I know many people prefer to target the physical ailments of eczema since it is a physical disorder however in my experience it runs far deeper than the skin and so it is just as important to take care of your mental wellbeing.

My target this month is to meditate every morning using Headspace (free app you can get on your phone which is handy šŸ™‚ I’ve actually upgraded to the year because I liked it). Though not a huge change, I’m going the clarity and inner focus of this can help reduce my stress. … It’s a start anyway.

Does stress impact on your eczema?  What do you do to combat stress causing flare ups?

4 Responses to “A bit of stress and it’s beginning to look a lot like eczema….”
  1. Jun says:

    I’m not sure if stress plays a huge part in my facial eczema or not, I’ve never had eczema before until a random (but huge) flare up happened on my face just 2 weeks before starting my first year at uni. Now I’m in my second year and I only have huge flare ups during the spring/summer. I guess, I’ve been stressed with finals recently, but the eczema is causing me more stress.


    • Selina says:

      Your story sounds so familiar to mine! I wasn’t sure stress was a factor but then I finished my final year at university and it cleared so much. Mine like yours sprang up out of the blue. I had normal skin then all of a sudden it began to be red, and slowly it just got so bad.

      Read my posts on vitamin d3! That has been my saviour and if you look on the your story page Manfred’s story is similar and it worked for him too!

      Hope your eczema calms. Facial eczema at university can be tough. Don’t let it stop you living and enjoying life! I regret allowing the eczema to take control of my uni life.


  2. Patricia says:

    Stress of COURSE plays a huge, huge part in eczema. I left my purse at work the other day and couldn’t locate the number to the workmate of mine who I knew would be at the office. The neighbor attempting to “help” was making a bunch of comments I didn’t need to hear and I drove to the office for the second time that day and back scratching the hell out of my hands the entire time. I’m concentrating on exercising more, which I find calms me down. My hands are looking good after I pampered them bigtime since the scratching/flare up issue. *Whew.*


  3. Claire says:

    I did not think that stress and routine was a big factor in my eczema but after the past week i think it could be. Iv been working from home as we have had a bathroom fitted. My skin care routine has been well and truly messed up and my face is a mess. I think iv realised that mainly keeping the same routine were possible has such an impact on my face. Im gutted that i will have to use the protopic prescribed to me to get it undercontrol as i havnt needed to use it for a good 2 months. Iv even developed spots which i dont get (i never had them as a teenager) so next weeks plan is back to my rountine and get my skin back to my kind if normal


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