Homemade Eczema Solutions

So I am on the path to natural eczema care and have purchased a lot of products (though my student bank balance is suffering!) which have helped. I don’t get any stinging from these products and my skin is feeling the benefits for definite.I also feel safer knowing my skin isn’t being covered in chemicals of the every day shelf creams.

But the cost really is starting to add up….First I had to buy products to combat the dryness, the redness and itching and now I need new products to combat the oilyness and uneven skin tone….and so it really does add up when your skin is so changeable. It isn’t like I have one skin type. When people ask me that question it’s a bit like well it depends on if my eczema is calm or not….If it is calm my skin is combination/oily but if the eczema is flared it is definitely categorised as sensitive/dry but I can still get break outs…..It’s a bit frustrating really!

I actually purchased this book a while ago now from Amazon Make Your Own Skin Care Products: How to Create a Range of Nourishing and Hydrating Skin Care Products and so I thought maybe now that I am more knowledgable about what products and ingredients my skin likes and requires, and what could work well for different complaints (such as rosehip oil for scarring, vitamin c for the darkening pigmentation and chamomile and aloe as soothers) I thought experimenting with my own products would be so useful (and I already have the book to get started!).

I know natural oils can work wonders but I want to use products to treat my skin for my concerns…scarring and unevenness is quite a primary aim of mine now as I would like my face to be clear enough for me not to feel like I need to wear foundation…not only has the eczema given me a darker face and neck (and elbow joints) but the acne has also scarred my skin and my pores could do with some care and so I will be looking to target such complaints whilst also hoping to create an everyday body lotion (any tips would be great that you have to offer!).

Initial thoughts and Starting point:

So to start, I thought I would do something simple and that is reincorporate face masks into my skincare routine. My next post will be on the benefits of using yoghurt face masks and what I will be using. Instead of changing a current product I thought adding in a face mask is a start!

Do you make anything at home to treat your eczema?




4 Responses to “Homemade Eczema Solutions”
  1. Jodie from Michigan says:

    While you are preparing your own skin lotions and creams, you may use glycerine, a humectant. I have used it straight for years. I put it on the dry patches and seal it in with a lotion and my skin stays moisturized.


  2. Patricia says:

    Since I developed eczema in mid-January, between supplements and skin care products I have very easily spent over $400. I have completely had it with buying products and having the ingredients make my skin worse instead of better because of their ingredients.

    I’m floored you posted this today because on Saturday I made a big decision that, with the exception of something I found that was completely vegan–it’s being mailed to me now–I was going to get a book, do my research, and make my own products. I’ve got a ton of oils and other eczema friendly items so I might as well make my own. I’ve just begun making my own toothpaste.

    For your yogurt mask–mmmmm–if we’re not supposed to be eating dairy, why put it on your face? It might set off a reaction. I tried something recently that was organic but infuriated my skin. Try it, but I’d do a patch test before slathering it all over to avoid problems. From my very angry skin that had me in tears yesterday, my lesson was from now on I’m doing patch tests.

    I’ll share some recipes once I get my book and I experiment on myself–hopefully by Saturday but definitely next week. I am literally my own guinea pig.


    • Selina says:

      Ha! Same here. Trial and error is the only way!

      But I’m glad we’re on the same page with the natural care. I’ve spent so much that I want to go back to basics really. But regards to yoghurt I’m not allergic (I’m allergic to oats though so can’t use those! ) but patch test is a must. I’ll add that to my post for others to read. Thanks


      • Jodie from Michigan says:

        I found dairy to be an issue over four years ago. I am currently in a weight loss challenge and looked for a protein source. I tried greek yogurt. I had a few good days with it and then I added cottage cheese as an alternate source. OMG!!!! By the weekend I was wondering what I had done! The eczema was on my back…. I found I was itching on doorways, with forks and any other implement that would reach the spot. Misery…. I would be careful and do your patch test over a couple days before spreading it on your face and neck…..

        I just keep retesting the allergies…. the sadness is, I am so allergic to animals.. And I must pet them when they come to me…. It’s like they know


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