The Face Cloth vs. The Muslin Cloth: What to use?

Now that I have updated my eczema care routine (, I thought I would post about the dilemma I had about what to use to wipe away my cleansers when using the hot cloth cleansing method. Now this may seem pointless but I found a difference in how my skin reacted to the different types hence I thought it’s worthy of a post.

Now on my natural skincare journey it seemed that muslin cloths were everywhere in site. I even became a fan thinking this was the way to go, popularity does influence you when you’re new to a market! When buying some of my cleansers, a free muslin cloth was included hence I thought okay I should be using this…Now muslin cloths aren’t bad and I think personal trial and error will let you find the best cloth for you. From my personal experiences though I have to say I definitely root for my face flannel!

I began using muslin cloths at first since they came with my cleansers and though the feel of the cloth was a bit rough when wiping outwards on my face,I thought that feel on my skin was normal. However, I happened to invest in some face cloths when I found I didn’t have enough cloths to use 1 per day and now, I dread running out of face cloths and having to revert to muslin cloths as a back up! 

Face flannels/ cloths were more gentle on my skin, they still removed all of the residue since you repeat the washing process at least 3 times and it did it without making my face feel sore after cleansing. The muslin cloths made my face a bit red and sore but that may have been the pressure I was using as well. I’m generally a tad heavy handed so I’m sure a lighter touch would help to reduce the irritation.

if you find muslin cloths to be too harsh like I did though, face cloths/ flannels are a great alternative as they are softer on the face. Muslin cloths are a bit too small in size for me (well the Suti, Balance Me Beauty and Pai ones I’ve used), I prefer the size of a traditional face cloth. It’s easier to hold, swipe over skin and not cause too much abrasion when wiping away cleanser. I also find they wash better! I find my muslin cloths go yellow after I use them to remove make up and it is really hard to get them to remain white, so even when they are clean they pretty much already look used which isn’t always pleasing to the eye!

Now muslin cloths in general are more pricey, A Pai cloth can be priced at £3.00 each, so for the fact that you should use a fresh cloth daily, it can be costly. Face cloths can be cheap and I got mine from Wilkos in the UK at 33p each! I brought 5 without breaking the bank in both white and a deep pink colours. At 33p I can’t complain and after washing them often for 2 months, they have remained fine – yes some of the fluffy texture has gone but general wear and tear is expected and they are still gentle on my skin. And anyway to replace them it won’t exactly be too costly.

So here is my experience with face cloths and muslin cloths, if you’re new to the hot cleaning method then you may want to try both, muslin cloths tend to be included with many cleanser so opt for one of those if you want to try one without forking out for one separately. Face cloths are my preferred wash cloth though and I recommend them for more sensitive skin types for definite, the price is hard to beat too! 



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