An Update: bad blogger alert, posts to come and current skin status


Hi Everyone,

How is your eczema doing?

The weather in the UK has been amazing the past 2 weeks with the sun shining and my mood automatically lifts every morning when I look out to clear blue skies! It is amazing just how much difference the weather can make on your mood! Not only that but from previous posts you know that vitamin D and therefore the sun are amazing on my skin.

I have been so bad on the blogging front and I’m so sorry! I have so many posts drafted and so many products to review but my Masters course and work are currently taking up a lot of my time and I don’t want to post half heartedly!

My current Eczema Status 

I realised yesterday that this summer may be the first summer for 8 years that I may actually wear a short sleeve top in the summer and not cover up without feeling unbearably uncomfortable in my own skin, now for an eczema sufferer I hope you can grasp just how amazing this will actually be for me! Ever since my eczema flared 8 years ago at the age of 16, I have never been seen in the daylight hours in a short sleeved top whilst at home in the UK. The eczema patches on my elbows have always made me hide away and cover up…my current eczema routine has literally helped to smooth my elbows out though and I finally feel that I may be able to wear less clothes this summer without feeling overly embarrassed. Though the scarring is still visible, now that the eczema has smoothed over the scarring is less noticeable in itself and I’m hoping my reduced itching will continue to fade away the scars for the upcoming summer months.

If you have not read my most recent posts, please take a moment to flick through. My Vitamin d3 post is the one I would really like people to read. If the sun helps to reduce your flare ups then I really, really would encourage you to add vitamin d3 to your supplement list! It has been one of the most effective parts of my routine and please, please try it!! Stick with it for a month or so and just see if it helps! I noticed immediate results.

My Blog to do list!

  1. Eczema routine is due an update. The one viewable is old and out of date in terms of product and I am so sorry that this is not up to date! I have a break from my studies in April so hope to be more up to date mid April!
  2. Review of homeopathy treatment – in a nutshell my homeopathy with Mel Dupres has helped to improve my diet, my mental well being and target my skin as well as my emotional need which for me has been great in comparison to previous homeopaths who have focused on the skin.
  3. Review of my products! So at the moment, I am currently using a cleanser, toner, serum, oil and moisturiser. Yes this sounds like so much and I would totally agree but I definitely feel the added components are helping to keep moisture in my face and neck and leaving the skin feeling more nourished and calm. In addition, the natural aspect of my skincare has been a great change, yes trial and error is still required, but I feel able to use the products without fearing the harm of the chemicals and toxins going into my skin. I will be reviewing: Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser , Pai Rosehip Oil, Antipodes Avocado and Pear night cream, Balance Me Beauty Daily Essentials hydrating mist, Trilogy Very Gentle Cleansing cream, Trilogy Rosehip plus Antioxidant oil, Trilogy Calming Serum, The Organic Pharmacy Skin Rescue Oil, Ren Hydra Calm Global Protection day cream.
  4. Review of supplements I am currently using
  5. Review of meditation
  6. Review of early rising and organisation on my eczema
  7. DIET: everyone is different, but I reduce my sugar intake, minimise my dairy and wheat intake (I do eat these but in small quantities, for example I have now swapped to oatibix and almond milk for my daily cereal to cut out the large intake of these products daily which I found wasn’t helping), increased fruit and mainly green veg, plenty of water

If I had to give my top tips for currently keeping eczema at bay…I would have to say:

  1. Vitamin D3, this has been amazing. My current supplements: Vitamin D3, Omega 3, Evening primrose oil and Probiotics. Yes this may seem a lot but it really has helped. the EPO has helped to rebalance my skin as well which was beginning to be spotty and oily.
  2. A good morning and night routine for my face and neck involving thorough cleansing (without scrubbing and irritating but allowing use of a face cloth to remove dirt and grime) and application of NATURAL products to help with skin dryness and flaring.My current products to recommend without a doubt: Organic Pharmacy carrot butter cleanser (I absolutely LOVE this! Review to come soon), Rosehip facial oil (I love this, I’m sure my facial scars have reduced, I will upload photos of early jan to now which will help to show what 2 months of good skincare can do…I think there has been great progress, I hope you will!) and REN hydrating global moisturiser (though not thick enough alone, over a serum and oil, I like this cream!).
  3. Take time out – I cannot stress enough how important ME time really is! Even if it is 30 minutes without your phone, without your laptop where you can do whatever you wish be it reading, exercise, reflection. Just give yourself 30 mins of guilt free time!
  4. Meditation – I am generally a pretty worked up person, I get stressed easily, I get angry, I get upset….you name it, I feel it. Meditation gives me 15 minutes of calm a time to just focus in on myself, check in on myself and learn the art of clarity and reflection, I feel I can step back from my feelings, distance them and I feel more in control. If you try this, please, please stick with it to see the effects! Do it for longer than a week, I have tried this many a time and given up. Listening to music alone didn’t work for me, I was always to switched on to turn my mind off. I then tried Headspace as an app, purely for the ease and the fact you start at 10 mins which I think for a busy person is realistic. You are guided through the meditation as a complete beginner and it has been great for me. I have actually got the yearly package and am now on the 20 min meditation. If you feel your feelings build up, you are unable to step back then this may be as helpful for you as me!
  5. Organisation – that feeling of stress when work is building up, the load on you seems endless and all you do is sit and worry about is one I dislike and finally (finally!) I feel I am in control. I am taking control by reducing my stresses, by getting the work done, by being more productive, prioritising better and it is helping! I feel calmer.
  6. Communicate with those around you – now this is the one I haven’t always been great at….I have been with my boyfriend for nearly two years and at times I have found it difficult to communicate with him. Maybe its the lack of communication I got growing up that I now struggle to let people in to the real me, to share my feelings and to let out the pent up emotion. But really opening up and venting, be that in a journal or person has been a great help. People are around you to support you and I often feel I ignore that and act as though it is me against the world….well it is about time I changed that and I’m trying!

Hope for now that helps! Will post soon.


Hope everyone is well!

6 Responses to “An Update: bad blogger alert, posts to come and current skin status”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’m still tweaking what works/doesn’t for me. We had snow here in Baltimore Sunday night–so all of the good that being out in the sun did for me on Saturday got reversed with water seeping through my gloves as I cleaned off my car. So looking forward to spring and the natural healing of the sun’s rays!
    I’m trying something I’ve not seen spoken of anywherefor eczema on my eczema after I pick it up today–I’ll let everyone know how it works.


  2. Hearty Habits says:

    Thanks for recommending that app – away to try and find it! Look forward to seeing your posts


    • Selina says:

      Let us know how you get on. I’m intrigued to know if someone else feels the benefits! If You read my latest part I’ve shared a link to a post talking about mindfulness which headspace does!

      If you’re pent up like me like a ticking time bomb at times then 10 minutes of calm is amazing!


      • Hearty Habits says:

        Thanks Selina – I think 10 minutes is realistic – i try to practice the art of mindfulless but always find the meditation bit hard as I’m always thinking! Heading to bed just now, but will check that out later


      • Selina says:

        I’m exactly the same. Find it really hard to switch off! I find it hard to sleep sometimes because Im thinking so much so I either mediate or write down all my thoughts in a journal! Helps me fall asleep in a good relaxed mood.

        Thats why guided mediation worked better too as guy is totally aware of the fact that our thoughts crop up and it’s all about learning how rather than just being able to do it straight away. Give it a go when you get a chance for a month and see what You think 🙂


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