Balance Me Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm: A Review for my Eczema

On my journey towards an all natural eczema skincare routine, I chose this as my first balm cleanser of the year to use nightly to wash my face with.

See the website for more info. Now this is a very natural brand and I was really looking forward to trying the product. There have been a lot of positive reviews on twitter and so it seemed a good option. I purchased this myself. Here are some images:

2014-01-01 21.00.15

Cost: : It cost £20 for 125ml and came with a muslin cloth (bonus!). Now for a balm cleanser, this is actually a really great price. For a price comparison, my Organic Pharmacy carrot butter cleanser was priced at £34.95 for 75ml.

Ingredients: 100% natural origin with essential oils.

2014-01-02 13.57.10

Packaging: Though packaging is not the most important part of a product for me, I thought that the tube style would have been better than the typical glass pot for cleansers of this sort as it would allow me to not have to dip my fingers in (I have acrylic nails so this is sometimes problematic as it just gets under my nails!). However, I have to say that I found that sometimes the consistency of the balm didn’t come out well. For example, the first time I used it I got purely oil rather than a balm consistency and had to squeeze more out before I could actually use it. But if you massage the tube before use, I find it comes out as it should. The actual design of the product in terms of style, I liked. Simple, yet classy.

Application: A little of this really does go along way and it glides on easily spreading well over a dry face. It is very moisturising and oily which can be great for dry skin types. I did find that the oat exfoliating particles were a bit harsh on my skin if I scrubbed at it in wide circular motions and so I avoided this and went for firmer, softer motions to remove make up and dirt. I think if you have dry but generally unsensitive skin this would be fine though (probably a benefit).

To remove this, I used the hot muslin cloth method. I wet the cloth under hot water and firstly place it over my face and neck to open pores before removing in gentle, but firm enough to remove the cleanser, circular motions working outwards on my face and down my neck. Since I have more sensitive skin on my neck, I ensure I’m not irritating it by overscrubbing but obviously it has to be enough to remove dirt and residue. My skin generally did feel calm at this stage however I reacted to this product unfortunately (read on for details and pictures). However, I wanted to give these details as if I wasn’t allergic to something, it was a great moisturisng cleanser and my own reactive skin cannot take these benefits away from this cleanser.

Smell: Now, of all the products I currently use, this has the strongest smell. For me this isn’t really an issue. It isn’t my favourite frangrance but it smells natural and of essential oils which for me is better than synthetic chemicals!

My Thoughts and Allergic reaction: Now when I first began to use this, I also added a serum (Antipodes Apostle Skin Brightening and correcting toner) and oil (Pai Rosehip oil) which I will review next week so when my skin reacted badly (with redness in blotches and lumps) I wasn’t sure this was the cause. Especially since on application, it didn’t cause me an issue – no stinging, heated feeling or redness. However, after eliminating each product in turn for a few days to see which one was causing this reaction I have to say that unfortunately it was this cleanser for definite. I actually used it the other day after not using it for 2 weeks to test it again just to be sure. I wanted to make sure that this was the definite cause of my bad reaction before reviewing it this way and here’s what happened:

2014-02-01 02.01.302014-02-01 02.01.112014-02-01 02.06.46

For comparison to my normal skin after night time cleansing seen below (this image was taken 2 weeks ago), you can see that this cleanser definitely caused my skin to react pretty badly. My skin may be itchy after washing it, but it doesn’t raise in such lumps and go this red. Now this reaction didn’t occur on contact, but more after I had fully cleansed my face, applied my toner and then gone to put on my serum it began to appear in the form of raised bumps which were extremely itcy and my skin also went blotchy and red! I really resisted the itch because I have been so good at trying to let my neck heal and luckily my headspace meditation helped rid me of that urge (phew!). But as you can see, this wasn’t a beneficial reaction…With the delay of the reaction, I had been unsure it was the cleanser, however, after repeatedly testing it through elimination of other products too to be 100% sure, this definitely did cause the reaction.

2014-01-18 21.57.47

The morning after: Now, after this latest reaction test, by morning the skin had mostly calmed, but my neck even a couple of days after is slightly worse off than before the test but minimally. The lumps and redness reduced dramatically overnight though which was great!

Overall Thoughts:

Now for me, the actual feel of the cleanser through the cleansing stage of my face routine was enjoyable. It was moisturising, glided well and for those wanting extra exfoliation it has that. So for people wanting a general review of this cleasner, I have to say in terms of the cleanser for the price, this is an okay cleanser to use. However I obviously will not be rebuying this or finishing the tube as I reacted to it and I was pretty disappointed with this as it suggests it is for normal to dry/sensitive skin types. Now I don’t usually react to much, though I may have eczema prone skin my skin has never reacted like this before to a product…I’m not sure why if I’m honest, I must be allergic to something and this has actually pushed me to consider an allergy test (why I haven’t had one yet I’m not sure!) since it is important I am aware of any allergies.

But here is a breakdown of the Pros and Cons:


– Moisturising
– All natural
– Well priced and more afordable than other natural based balm cleansers
– Easy to apply and glides well on dry face
– Rid of my foundation well and easily (though I did use a cream cleanser afterwards just to be sure)
– Comes with muslin cloth


– Personally, had an allergic reaction to this product so will not reuse
– Oat particles bit harsh for the most sensitive of skins
– Have to massage the tube and shake to ensure the consistency comes out of the balm cleanser rather than just the oil residue
– Didn’t take all my mascara off, but did rid of most of it easily if left on and ightly massaged

Hope this review helps. Have you tried this? How did your skin react? Do You have any thoughts to what I may have reacted to I’d be glad for thoughts on this!

One Response to “Balance Me Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm: A Review for my Eczema”
  1. umerumer says:


    i had clear skin as a kid but around 7 had minor eczema out break which went away and came back stronger when 16. tried everything under the sun, but will tell you what helped.

    1) Avene Thermal spray(boots) £6 i use it on my face which calms it down
    Avene is based in France it has its own hydrotherapy centre the water has magical healing properties and over 2500 patients come here every year. If a patient goes every year the effects are cumaltive which calms the immune skin cells which can lead to a cure.

    2) Cured eczema on my neck by having wet cupping done on it (Hijama) Painful but worth it draws out stagnated blood which contains toxins. The part on my neck where ive had this done has never itched since. Make sure a qualified hijama therapist carries out the procedure. I prefer fire cupping as opposed to sucktion cups fire cupping works better.

    3) Aviccenna Centre for Chinese Mediciene Brighton- Maizen Al Khafaji

    Do your own research on world renowned chinese specialist maizen.

    Completely cleared some patches on hands elbows and back of legs.

    lasted 7 months around £500 per month really needed 15 months i reckon to completely cure my eczema but run out of cash. will prob go bck to him soon-

    be prepared to do one years treatment will be slow but will notice change around 5-6 months


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