A.Vogel Molkosan Vitality: A Review of this Prebiotic powder for eczema


Molkosan Vitality is a prebiotic powder costing £11.75 on the official site here and £10.76 on Amazon here.

The website states the following:

Prebiotic instant whey drink
-Convenient and easy to use
Molkosan® Vitality is a powdered prebiotic drink and a more convenient version of Molkosan® Original. It is made from organic milk, is lactose and calorie free and suitable for vegetarians.

Made from fresh whey, Molkosan® Vitality is made using Molkosan® Original, naturally fermented concentrated whey rich in L+ lactic acid. Follow the link for more information and the story of Molkosan® Original.

Benefits and features of Molkosan® Vitality:
Prebiotic powdered drink
Rich in L+ lactic acid
Made from organic milk
Lactose and calorie free
Vegetarian society approved
Molkosan® Vitality is available in 275g tubs as well as sachets (11g) in packs of 7.

Directions for use:
Add two heaped teaspoons (approx. 11g) to 200 or 300ml cold water and stir well. For best results use at least once daily. Suitable for adults and children over 6 years of age.

Maize starch (dietary fibre 34%), maltodextrin, fermented whey concentrate (25%), potassium citrate, fructose, natural orange flavouring (2.7%), green tea extract (1.2%), natural flavouring.

After use, replace lid of carton securely and store in a dry place. Use within 45 days of opening.

Here is the website for more info and some product reviews.


Why did I decide to take this

I began to have Homeopathy consultations with Mel Dupres (you can read about her Homeopathy and her story here) and she recommended this for me. And I have to say I’m glad she did! I will be reviewing my Homeopathy experiences. I’m in need of another consultation. Sorry Mel for my lack of recent contact!

Now I did my research into prebiotics after hearing about them (read about prebiotics, good bacteria, gut flora and eczema here. You can see the theory behind them in that post.

I have been taking Molkosan Vitality daily now for 3 months ( i’m on my third box!) And here are my thoughts:

Taste: It is an orange flavoured drink. I didn’t like it too much at first but got used to it and realised that if you add more water it dilutes the taste right down 🙂 I now have it daily with no issues.

Ease of preparation: Easy peasy. Ensure you mix thoroughly as otherwise it remains at the bottom of the glass as you drink… Remember you want to be drinking all of this powder! I find some still remains at the bottom but I swirl after every mouthful to try and get most of it.

The Effects:

Now the first and main thing I noticed was the regulatory of my bowel movements. It contains dietary roughage and it definitely shows. If you have issues with going regularly then definitely try this! Bowel movements get rid of toxins and with eczema it’s important we are able to rid of toxins effectively so that they don’t make our skin flare for escape instead! I continued to take this drink for this sole reason actually. It rids of Constipation and helps keeping things regular! Even if this was the only effect of taking it, I definitely would continue as I believe ridding of toxins regularly is important.

I haven’t really been ill at all over the autumn or winter period. Prebiotics can help improve your Immune system and they seem to have helped mine. Not a cold or flu in sight and I was taking these solely until early January :). Now generally I don’t get too ill but I usually catch colds and the like at this time of year and have been fine. I happened to not catch a bug my brother and mum had as well.

Side effects: Now after taking this the first week I had a bit of abdominal discomfort which is normal with prebiotics. Nothing major for me personally but it can cause discomfort and even gas (I think the website states this). At the moment, I don’t tend to notice side effects though my stomach does gurgle after taking it before bed which can be loud (though I don’t really mind this really). The benefits outweigh this no doubt.

Now with prebiotics, they feed the good bacteria in your gut and you can read more about that in this post. The main effects I see is in my bowel movements and immunity but I think long term use is important. I definitely have more energy as well and would definitely recommend this on your diet! Even if not for eczema but for good gut health which ultimately does impact on our skin.

Now please note I also take vitamin d3 and omega 3/6 supplements and eat well with reduced sugar and processed foods. I cannot factor these out in my skins progress since January 1st of this year. If You read the post on prebiotics and leaky gut here you will see why these are all beneficial if you have a weak gut like me and therefore might all impact on my skin’s improvement.

However the effects mentioned above was when I was only taking this prebiotic drink alone.

Would I recommend this product?

Definitely! I’m all for good health and sometimes we need that bit of help. Molkosan Vitality gives you that push and like my earlier post reads, good gut health is important for good health and skin! My skin is now smoother and though I am also taking other supplements, prebiotics are important for this too. If I don’t take this, my system sometimes feels out of balance.

What harm is there in trying?

Questions for you

Have You tried this?

What did you think?

Would you try this?

3 Responses to “A.Vogel Molkosan Vitality: A Review of this Prebiotic powder for eczema”
  1. Marilize says:

    Hi Selina,my son,now 8, is starting to show early signs of eczema. I read about the products of A.Vogel and see that eczema can be cured by using it.what do you use?do you only use the Molkosan or the creams as well.are you from South Africa?I would really like to help my boy.

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    • Selina says:

      Hi Marilize I use probiotics and prebiotics (a.vogel) to heal my gut from within. I also minimise sugar and gluten and sometimes diary to help with the inner healing. I also use all natural soothing products on my skin ( you can see my routine pages). If your son is young stick to basic products without too much in. If you want any tips let me know what type of eczema he has and when it flares and hopefully we can figure out some things to try xx


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