Before and After photos from 2 weeks of my new NATURAL eczema skincare routine

I put up some photos around 2 weeks ago of my skin state after I had just stopped using steroid creams. My skin was very red in places,   rough and uncomfortable and the eczema had started to crop up again mainly on my neck and jaw from steroid withdrawal. Here’s a reminder:



For the 2 weeks following these photos, I have followed my new year eczema care routine which involves supplements I take daily,  all natural skincare with a full cleansing routine twice daily and meditation to keep me a bit calmer when I’ve had uni deadlines.

Now my skin isn’t perfect (no where near) but for someone with such volatile skin it feels and looks better than before. I have not used any steroid based cream or anything medicated. Usually when I have uni work on I’m stressed out and my skin suffers but instead this time it is slowly healing. I feel I’m in control…..I don’t expect years of eczema to go away overnight especially since my skin has suffered from steroid withdrawal, chronic itching and therfore scarring too.  However I hope these photos show the slow but sure progress I am making with my new routine. The redness in my skin has gone down,  my skin feels moisturised and not tight at all (hurray! ). Yes my neck is sometimes itchy but in the two weeks I have itched only twice. My neck isn’t completely calm but without steroids it is slowly calming and the texture is feeling more normal everyday.





My routine isn’t perfect but it’s getting my skin calm and Im going to keep at it. My arms have seen the best improvement I have moisturised minimally and the texture is alot better telling me the diet and supplements are definitely helping. My elbows are usually raised but the yellow tone is coming back and the scarring isn’t so prominent as when the eczema is flared. Im itching them less too!

I know the face and neck experience alot more due to their exposure hence I now cleanse my face every morning and night. At first my face felt abit dryer and itchier but now the moisture is coming back.

Over the coming 2 weeks I aim to review every part of my routine for you. You can judge for yourselves if you think this is good improvement. .. For me after 2 weeks it is. …It depends on your personal opinions and experiences.

I will update photos again in another 2 weeks and we’ll see what happens.

What do you think?  Has my eczema improved?

13 Responses to “Before and After photos from 2 weeks of my new NATURAL eczema skincare routine”
  1. Patricia says:

    I’ve never ever had eczema before and about 4 weeks ago I got it on my hands. I am LIVID. I am a vegan who has been taking 5000 IU of Vitamin D every day for years (during colder weather). I have declared all-out WAR on this stuff.

    I’ve done a lot of trial and error on myself with some good and some not-so-good results.

    I thought I’d killed it off and then woke up two nights ago scratching my hand—-ARGH!!!!

    One thing I will say is that there is a definite connection between what goes on inside and what goes on outside with your skin. I’ve been taking probiotics for years now but since this eczema began I also began taking Evening Primrose Oil and upped my intake of apple cider vinegar. You HAVE to kill this stuff off from the INSIDE in order for your skin to look good on the outside.

    Regular detoxing is essential to your skin (you know what I mean by detoxing, right?). If you are backed up on the inside it only causes problems on your skin, and not just acne. I recommend taking Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother. The Mother is basically silt on the bottom of the bottle. Give the bottle a good shake and add a teaspoon to your water. (I’ve been taking that every day, too, but still wound up with eczema–damn!) I’ve upped my intake. If your innards are happy because they’re not clogged, you’ll have happier skin.

    I work a lot with essential oils and have been continuing the experiments on what works the best. I can post my final recipe when the time comes as I’m tenacious.

    Thanks for starting your blog and it’s been interesting seeing your journey. I’m happy to share more details of what works and what doesn’t if anyone is interested.

    Good luck to all and let’s kill off eczema for good!


  2. Manfred says:

    So I guess we can say the Vitamin D3 is working eh? Lol I’m so happy for you. Congrats on the improvement and best of luck to full health!


    • I think so…Omega 3 is helping too! And a cleaner diet!

      Do you still take vitd daily? I read about oil pulling and is ability to rid of toxins as well


      • Manfred says:

        Yes for the most part i still take Vitamin D3 daily. Right now I’m taking 10,000 IU same as you. Because i had a flare up (only on my arms) when i stopped taking it. Flare ups mostly occur when i stop taking D3 for a week or so. This has happened some 15 times. While D3 is one of the biggest factors, coconut oil is also excellent to pull with, as you mentioned, and to apply externally. Another thing i discovered makes the eczema really disappear is stopping all forms of grain, that means not eating bread, rice, potato, corn, wheat, flour, pasta, and nuts. Replace those with high fats (mostly saturated like coconut and olive oil and butter) and protein and dairy and fruits and vegetables and it helps tremendously. I was just reading the other day how grains (everything i mentioned) contain phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of nutrients like calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, etc. They found that removing the phytic acid from wheat caused an increase in iron absorption by 1150%! That’s incredible proof that grains are horrible for our health, and may be the root cause for eczema, cancer, alzheimer’s and autoimmune disorders. Vitamin D therefore will work much more effectively if you don’t consume grains!
        This link will show you just what i mean!


      • See going to hot countries has been the only thing that completely cleared a flare up hence vit d3 must be helping. My skin isn’t perfect but it’s not getting worse and slowly smoothing out. Natural skincare is a great help too.

        You should also read into leaky gut syndrome. You’ll realise how much of that is linked to mineral absorption, vitamin d etc as well and diet! Do you take prebiotics or probiotics? I think this is helping me too.


      • Manfred says:

        No no I never took prebiotics or probiotics (don’t even know what they are) but I can assure you i was taking a wide range of supplements, it was only high doses of D3 that got my skin right, i have God to thank for that. Even low doses won’t work, because under natural conditions the body absorbs 20,000 IU in just 20 minutes under the hot noon sun. Other supplements i take currently are krill oil and alpha lipoic acid. thats all


      • Prebiotics and probiotics can help strengthen our gut Wall which allows for better immune system and mineral absorption as well add helps with regular Bowel movements to help rid of toxins better. I wouldn’t be without my prebiotics now πŸ™‚ I take 10000 d3 and I don’t want to take more per day due to toxicity it can cause to the liver. .. Instead long term doses of 10000 seem better to me. Omega 3 helps too. These are my main 3 supplements and so far so good.

        I keep gluten and therefore grains to a minimum definitely think they pack and bloat the body unnecessarily.

        Thanks for your info though. Perhaps you would share your story with my readers? You may have read my share your story post? I think yours from before and after might be good?


      • Manfred says:

        That’s fine, you’re doing great with the current D3 dosage. If you keep it at that you will see better improvements in no time. My eczema story? hmmm… I suppose it would matter more if i still had eczema, fact is i don’t. A long story short, it attacked me for 1 whole year all over my body, my neck was literally the worst spot ever. Thick and red and itchy and golden crust all over, it was absolutely disgusting. It even attacked my abdomen and my heels, it was spreading to my thighs when It mysteriously disappeared in my eleventh grade of school. Later i learned the reason for that was because everyday i played basketball for 1 hour in the hot sun (12:00 PM). I would be soaking with sweat and still my skin was just improving. It really felt like a miracle. Of course i played basketball in the sun all the way until the first year of college. When it attacked me again in college, it was no less merciful than before. I kid you not i went to 12 dermatologists (over a span of 2 years) who all prescribed me cortisone, cortisone shots, antibiotics, and just your typical moisturizer. It was always gone for 2 weeks max (after the cortisone) before it struck me harder than before. Some creams burned me so bad tears would roll down my cheeks. My parents even tried cabbage leaves, dead sea salt, dead sea mud and so much others it was just so painful remembering them all. The personal impact on my life was terrible. I’m sure you know what i mean. I would wake up in the morning and feel so sticky i would want to kill myself. I hated that sticky feeling so much i would hate to get out of bed. Every morning i had to shower because i smelled like a stink bomb. Of course it would take me usually until 3:00 AM to fall asleep. And so many nights were sleepless… Alas for that, even my social life was down the drain. I would rarely ever communicate with my college classmates, and preferred to read in the library on my own in between classes. My GPA dropped, and i used to excel in high school. One day near the summer i remembered that my eczema had once gone away in eleventh grade and it was the same severity at that time. This occurred to me after I cried out to God i couldn’t take it anymore and cried all night. I was up and about researching alternative cures to eczema, i was willing to try anything, i had lost faith in conventional medicine. Strangely, some people reported getting better using cod liver oil, even after having eczema for 27 years! I was like, what the Hell? I am taking salmon oil, surely they are the same? I also came across others who claimed sunning on the beach took away their eczema. Another trend i noticed was that eczema was ALWAYS worse in the winter. I checked out the ingredients of cod liver oil and walla! Vitamin D3 was a key component. It was here where i felt convinced the first time i had cured my eczema was because of my sun exposure. Which is ironic because its supposed to cause skin cancer and we need to stay away from it. All this hype in the media about how the sun is so bad for you has caused a Vitamin D deficiency epidemic. Medical professionals are now recognizing the need to be exposed to the sun. So what i did was take high doses of D3, and i used only the tiniest amounts of hyrdrocortisone to keep me going. And you know what. It never came back. Until my first bottle of D3 finished. And so i just bought another one. Well there you have it, that’s it for the most part, hope you can relate πŸ™‚


      • Yes I definitely can. Eczema has caused me a lot of pain and tears over the years with hot holidays outside of the uk being wonderful for my skin. I wrote a vit d3 post over a year ago now when it clicked to me the sun helps.

        Did you randomly get eczema rather than have it your whole life? I think that could make a difference. I had it as a child but it fully disappeared until 16.

        Would you mind if I shared your story on a page full of others stories. It is an inspirational story. I know you must’ve got so frustrated when I didn’t automatically listen to your cure but I hope you can understand people have offered so many fake cures its made me cautious of trusting people and then having my hopes dashed.


      • Manfred says:

        Did i randomly get eczema? Now that you mention it, i had it as an infant, but it disappeared and resurfaced at the start of 10th grade for me. I was 16 at the time as well. I moved to Dubai when i was 13, before that i was in Washington. Since it’s very hot in Dubai, i would stay indoors most of the time and that’s when the eczema began to set in. It would be so humid outside that it was unbearable, even at night lol. Yes please share my story I would appreciate it very much, one of the first things i did when i noticed a vast improvement in my skin condition was to try to reach out to those who hadn’t yet found a cure. Of course i understand why you wouldn’t listen to me at first, my own mother thought i was crazy when i said its time for high doses of D3. So please no need to apologize, share my story at will and spread the good news! We now have something that works which can fight the eczema!


      • My story is similar to yours I had it as a child and it came back at 16 when the years in between were completely normal. those who have been born with it and had it their whole lives May differ in causes. And it’s not that I right vitamin d3 was crazy more that alot of people have given me “cures” to try. Chinese medicine, Homeopathy with Two different practitioners etc. ..


  3. nell759 says:

    Your skin looks great. I’m inspired to stop using corticosteroid cream. What supplements do you use, and which moisturizer(s)?


    • Thank you! It’s Definitely getting there!!

      It is a mixture of good diet, supplements and all natural skincare. If you read my two latest posts about prebiotics and then Molkosan Vitality you’ll see what I take πŸ™‚ hope that helps.

      Diet is MAJORLY important. Cut the white sugar and processed foods, increase dark greens, cut down dairy and Gluten, have herbal teas instead of caffeine, take supplements like omega 3, vitamin d and omega 6.

      Use natural skincare products. On my face and neck I find using the routine cleanse, tone, serum, oil, moisturiser, balm is helpful in moisturising thoroughly. Sounds like a lot but has helped my skin feel supple without steroids and not so tight and dry! Email me with any more questions or comment back πŸ™‚

      I’ll be reviewing most of this I the next fortnight πŸ™‚

      Good luck with cutting out steroids it is hard. Perhaps wean yourself of whilst you improve your diet?


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