A day in the life…

I wake up in the morning, relieved that I slept fully the night before and didn’t itch too much. I get out of bed feeling tired even though I had my 8 hours…I go to the mirror the minute I’m out of bed and stare at my face, my neck…..how is the eczema looking today, is it less dry, is it calmer, is it worse? I see the wrinkled, deep colour of my dried out neck in dismay but am hopeful it hasn’t flared more during the night…My skin is dry but the eczema hasn’t gotten worse…(sigh of relief) I head to the bathroom with clean towel and face cloth.

I brush my teeth, turn the shower down to lukewarm….the rest of the family likes it hot but the eczema won’t like that…I step in. I avoid water contact to my face and neck. I wash my hair as quickly as possible, I lather my body in shower gel as quickly as possible…I don’t want to dry out my skin by longing the shower out I have to be quick….I rinse, I pat my skin dry and start my face and neck routine….

I apply my facial cleanser, I gently rub it into my face and neck, wiping away the dead skin cells, the grime from the night, I don’t mix it with water….I massage my face, the moisture is soothing on my dry skin….I run my face cloth under the hot tap and place it over my face and wipe away the cleanser, I repeat until clean…my face feels fresh…I can see the yellow tone again of my indian skin….but then the redness creeps up….my upper lip is red, my neck is red, my cheek….I spray toner and apply facial oil on the wetness….it feels good as I soothe the oil into my skin, my skin feels smooth, nourished….I apply moisturiser next, I can move my neck and face fully with no tightness…its not stiff….my skin is moisturised, but it feels aggravated, I feel itchy…oh please don’t itch….don’t make it worse.

I sit on my bed and start my 10 min meditation to resist the urge….it works…I open my eyes feeling more at ease, thankful I didn’t itch… I apply a top coat of moisturiser, I dress, I do my hair….I apply make up….I cover up the uneven skin tone….I look in the mirror….I feel normal….I feel pretty….The redness has gone, the blotches have gone….I feel like this is ME.

Before leaving, I check my bag:

Cream : Check

Mirror: Check

Lip balm: Check

Phone: Check

I drive to uni….I glance up in the mirror before I get out, I pick at a dry flake of skin I can see on my cheek…I take a deep breath and I start my day…I laugh, I chat, I pay attention, I study….I check my mirror occasionally to be sure my face is smooth and flake free…I visit the bathroom to check the mirror, to top up my neck with moisture….please don’t be itchy…I’m just trying to keep you moisturised….Im tired…I get a coffee….I feel guilty about the caffeine, the sugar….what if it causes a flare…I put it aside……I eat a sandiwch at lunch, I drink water…I eat an apple, I take my supplements….the guilt from the coffee lessens…

Uni finishes, I drive home…I get home…my sister complains of spots on her chin….I turn to look, I see nothing, I envy her clear skin….I look in the mirror when I get to my room, looking at my eczema, the foundation has faded, the dryness is there, the uneveness, you can see the damage….I feel ugly, why couldn’t I be like my sisters? why did eczema ruin my skin?…My neck looks purple and shrivelled, my face and neck 3 or 4 times darker than the rest of me….I look older than my years…

The day is over…..I wash my face, I moisturise, I get into bed and pray that my skin remains calm once more…..I pray that I don’t itch…I pray the eczema will disappear

3 Responses to “A day in the life…”
  1. Manfred says:

    Hey Sis- Let me know if the Vitamin D3 works for you- Plus you really should try this other method, its called oil pulling, where you swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes every day (you could do it while showering) and then spit it out. The health benefits are endless, Read the reviews about a book describing the research done on it and all the benefits contained- and you guessed it- it has also cured eczema for many people!
    Just make sure the coconut oil is virgin or extra-virgin. Here’s another link where someone mentions his eczema is gone as well: http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/article%20oil%20pulling.htm
    I also do this process but since i am already eczema free i can’t tell you if it works for me 🙂 Happy Healing!


    • Im currently taking the d3 but also Omega 3 and 6 and eating well. I started last week so lets see how it is by the end of the month. ..fingers crossed. Thanks for the links About oil pulling


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