DermaSpray by Salcura: A Review for Eczema

Before you read the review, I just wanted to say that if you have used this product, please leave your comments below as its helpful for those with eczema to read others experiences and not just mine. Thank you 🙂


I was given a free 50ml sample of this product to try by Chemist Direct so thank you to Anna who contacted me via email! Now the full Salcura range can be found at It can be purchased from many places including Amazon which from previous posts you must know I love!

Now my initial thoughts can be found on my YouTube video : And a summary of the points:

  • Pocket size spray bottle: convenient to put in a handbag for use
  • Spray function: amazing so I cannot itch my skin as I sometimes have a tendency to do as I moisturise it!
  • Natural ingredients included and free from steroids 🙂

And here is a breakdown of the pricing ( 7.1.14):

For 50ml: £8.99

For 100ml: £11.24

For 250ml: £22.45

I actually ended up purchasing a 250 ml version of this product after the sample was nearly finished as I really liked it. Here are some photos of the actual product (250ml):




Pros and Cons:


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient in public (instead of having to twist off a lid and then hold the pot as you moisturise!)
  • Hygienic to apply when you’re outdoors and have grubby hands!
  • Cooling on application (this is amazing for my itchy neck!) -really is refreshing and cools down that hot, itcy feeling
  • Soothing on dry eczema to offer some relief to the tight, cracked feeling during the day


  • People in the office thought they could smell polish table cleaner when I sprayed it once! Though I don’t actually mind the smell myself…
  • If you have applied other moisturisers immeditately before application, this doesn’t cool the skin which is the main reason I like it….
  • If skin is dry, this doesn’t really offer heavy moisturisation. It offers temporary relief of the tight feeling and itch for me but is not a great moisturiser by itself.


My Thoughts after nearly 3 months….

So I used this on my neck and elbow joints mainly to start with daily and on areas which stay covered (like my arms) I apply this alone even now. However, for my neck which is uber dry, this wasn’t enough alone unless I was at home where I don’t mind skin looking dry if it feels comfortable…However,  when I’m going out this is not enough for my neck add it still leaves it looking dry. At present, this is on my skincare shelf and I mainly use it for:

  • A cooling effect on aggravated eczema during the day to ease any hot sensation which leads me to itch! I also use it before I go to bed for a refresher as its cool.
  • To add a bit of moisture throughout the day when I don’t want to apply a thick moisturiser – Relief to that tight feeling…
  • On waking, my eczema can sometimes be quite dry, if I eat before I shower, I will spray this to ease my skin and allow my neck and arms to move freely without feeling tight because of dryness. This is light moisture before I shower. After all, you don’t really want to be lathering up lotion onto dirty skin!

Overall, this is a product of choice for me because it is cooling. When my neck is aggravated it tends to get hot, this spray can offer me quick relief on contact and help to stop me itching it like crazy and feeling guilty about it! Do I use it everyday? No. Does it replace my moisturiser? No. But if I’m itchy and hot, it’s there on my shelf and works great.

Have you ever used DermaSpray by Salcura? If so, please leave your comments to help others looking for products.

5 Responses to “DermaSpray by Salcura: A Review for Eczema”
  1. Kerry says:

    I tried it a while ago, but found it made my skin sting quite a lot


    • Oh I’m surprised at that. What type of eczema was that on (dry, weeping etc). It was okay for me even when skin was undergoing a full on flare! Are you allergic to any of the Ingredients?

      Thanks for sharing. This is exactly why is important others comment too 🙂 I am only one person and eczema is so different person to person.


  2. Claire says:

    how cool is the spray? I have been using cold compresses that you would use on a child if they had fallen as I have found that if I cool the skin, the itching goes away.


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