Headspace: Day 8 … Thoughts so far

I’m on day 8 of the Take10 series.

Now it’s important to note that I’m currently not at work or uni so I haven’t had to be flexible around commitments too much. I know that when I have early commuting starts that I will have to proactively ensure I get some headspace in the evening rather than in the morning. But simply taking 10 mins out of the day isn’t asking for too much and that’s one reason I like this meditation. It helps to ease you into mediating and isn’t asking for too much. I also like that you can monitor your progress and see how you’re getting on. I haven’t used the extras too much to comment on them.

The first 10 days are free so if you want to try it out,  just download the app onto your mobile by typing in “headspace”, you can also sign up on the site here by clicking on the get started button on the top right of the page. It would be great to hear other people’s opinions on this!

Headspace can help to relieve stress and you can read more about it on the Headspace website here. I feel stressed a lot. I have one of those personalities where I worry,  I stress and I dwell even when i can’t change anything and therefore this meditation can help me to manage that a little bit better by just offering a period of calm to my mind!

I have tried this at various times of day now: morning,  afternoon and evening. All work well. Am I great at mediating?  Not really but this is a learning process and like anything practice makes perfect! I’m definitely getting better at tuning in and focusing and I feel at ease when I open my eyes at the end. .. That can’t be bad can it?

Now how does this relate to my skin?

As my previous posts have shown,  my skin is currently not at its best state. After stopping steroid use before the new year, the eczema began to come back dry,  itchy,  red you name it on my face and neck. Meditation is one of the things I have incorporated to reduce the chances of the flare up getting worse and I have to say that my skin has not got any worse.  Has it cleared? No.  But it hasn’t done what it usually would which is get rougher,  redder and more sore until I’m desperately trying to find a solution.

Note I am also:

1) Limiting sugar intake
2) Taking Omega 3 and 6 supplements and vitamin d3
3) Drinking Molasken daily (prebiotic drink)
4) Using all natural skin care
5) Cleansing face and neck twice daily with the hot cloth method.

Meditating helps me to feel less agitated skin wise. If I meditate when I feel aggravated and really focus on the meditation it has helped to relieve that itchy feeling which has been great as noone likes tearing their skin apart!

Now the question is do I subscribe to the yearly package so I have meditation for everyday of the year? Hmm.

2 Responses to “Headspace: Day 8 … Thoughts so far”
  1. Sandy says:

    Although her struggle is with psoriasis and not eczema, I found this article to be very inspiring and relatable – even for eczema sufferers like myself. I thought it was beautifully written and I hope you find some inspiration from it to continue your meditation and resolutions : )



    • That’s a really great article. Thanks for posting it Sandy. I definitely think eczema like psoriasis is a mind body problem. It’s not all physical. It’s a combination of good food, clear mind and skincare that can help. I’m working on all three at the moment and it’s kept my most recent flare from getting to the disaster zone!

      It’s so sad how so many of us hide our conditions though and plaster a smile on our faces for others so they think we’re okay when sometimes it’s truly exhausting…I guess physical appearance has become so important in this day and age…


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