Before and After Make up application on my DRY eczema


When eczema flares on your face and neck it can be pretty damaging (just look at my photos!). Not only are you left with the old scars and uneven skin tone but current redness tends to be an issue for me too. Now it is really important to understand that I currently have DRY ECZEMA. If you suffer from wet eczema it is really important you leave your skin and do not try and cover it up. It is important to clear the wetness using anti bacterial products. If your skin is over dry too then my current make up will not help im afraid… But don’t fear I’m looking up new natural make up products that work better.

My current eczema state:

I have posted photos of my eczema over the last few days here, here and here. My neck is my main problem area with the face being second. It used to be vice versa but (thankfully) neck is now worse than face. ..It just never wants to budge!

I stopped using steroid cream on my neck over a week ago. I had been using it on and off since end of November but had realised the effects weren’t as great anymore. I could just feel the eczema brewing under the surface. I stopped using them and thought i need to get back to NATURAL healing. Obviously the minute I stopped using them the eczema began to come back. Raised redness on my neck,  dry upper lip, red and lumpy cheeks. .. All looking very sore.

Whilst it reappeared,  I also changed (basically revamped) my skincare routine to the one I mentioned here. Now I am determined to go back natural and cleanse my face well too. I’m not afraid of cleaning now in fear I’ll dry out my eczema (were always told told to avoid water as much as possible that it became unconsciously ingrained! ) because in fact cleansing followed by toning, facial oil, cream and balm on areas that need it have been amazing for my skin! The rough texture is really smoothing out and this really helps make up application!

So currently my skin is dry and not undergoing a full blown flare. I think it is staying controlled due to better diet and skin care. Dryness is a pain when applying make up I know! The muslin cloth cleansing helps to rid of the flaky skin in the morning and the facial oil and cream together appear to work so well at moisturising.

Make Up. ..

So im currently trying to find natural make up to use as I think its important were not layering the skin with harmful products so watch our for that!

Currently on the prowl for products so if anyone has tips please please leave me a comment!

In this image I am wearing Mac liquid foundation NC 44.5 in matte. Now because my face was still dry I did pump some onto the back of my hand and add in some cream before applying. Just for that bit of extra moisture. I applied using clean fingers. I find it so much easier to blend with the warmness of your fingers than a sponge. Now my eyebrows tend to be pretty dry as is my upper lip so I actually avoided application to these areas as I know they would just flake as they’re my trouble spots. But for my cheeks,  jaw and chin i blended completely to cover previous scarring marks and uneven complexion. Now my cheeks are still dry but the skincare routine helps to keep the dryness at bay for longer so my make up doesn’t look flaky!

I used the bare minerals warmth powder to add colour to contour my cheeks ever so slightly and on my nose and forehead to add abit of glow and then applied a Mac blusher (sorry don’t know which! ) and a lipstick.

When skin Is dry be careful with over use of powder as it can make dryness more prominent! 

Anyway this is very brief but I hope it can get us talking about eczema and make up… Eczema shouldn’t stop us wearing make up after all. ..

7 Responses to “Before and After Make up application on my DRY eczema”
  1. Hannah says:

    My facial eczema has really gotten bad this past month. I’ve never experienced full blown eczema on my face until now. One of the things I’ve noticed is that makeup makes the flaking worse and more noticeable, so I’m glad to read your post about makeup. For makeup removal, I really like to use oil. I rotate between organic coconut oil and jojoba oil. It seems to remove foundation and eye makeup well for me, and leaves skin soft!


    • Selina says:

      Yes organic raw oils are super gentle too!

      Does your skin improve in sun? I’d recommend vit d tablets. They’ve really helped being my skin moisture levels ups and my skin is hardly flaky now compared to before!

      Is a pain having a dry face and eczema as you want to cover it (I’ve tried so many times) but it can look so powdery and uneven so work on bringing your oil levels up? Try omega 3 as well


  2. Claire says:

    I use Clinique make up on my face and bare minerals on my eyes and lips. I use turnaround concentrate radiance renewer first it is quite pricey but you only need a pea sized amount then I use their CC cream for foundation. I found that it covers well but isn’t very thick and there for does not dry your skin out. I find that they work really well. My main problem is my eyes though they soon flare up if I wear makeup to ofter for example I wore it all day Christmas day, boxing day night then a couple of days later. I just keep applying oilatum natural face repair and with in a few days I had got on top of it.


    • Thanks for these tips Claire 🙂 make sure you thoroughly remove it once you get home. I’ve found sleeping with it on leave my eyes drier in the morning. What make up remover do you use?


      • Claire says:

        Clinique 3 step for dry skin. If my skin is bad I use protopic although I don’t like to use it. If im coming of the protopic I use oilatum face cream any other time I use the yellow cream from Clinique followed by either moisture surge or Clinique super defence which has an spf in it.


      • Thanks for your comment. Just ensure your read the ingredients on clinique products as a reader has commented before in regards to their use of steroids.

        Thanks for your routine.


  3. You look amazing! I wish my skin was like yours.


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