Fear of Water…Eczema and Cleansing your face

Every time I have a shower, need to wash my face, or I happen to go to a theme Park and the water ride beckons next, I (irrationally) fear the water contacting my eczema prone skin (my face and neck) and drying me out. 

Now it’s not water itself I fear but more the tight, dry, uncomfortable feeling the contact leaves me with. The fact that eczema sites always talk of minimising water contact doesn’t help as I feel water is bad end of. It makes me think water is not my friend. A load of rubbish right? 

I have spoken many times before about showering twice a day and the advantages for keeping my skin comfortable and itch free, so why is it I still dread the contact? Some of you have also commented on the benefits of showering more than once a day to ease the eczema, so why does water contact still affect us (well me anyway!).

For those with face and neck eczema,  you can relate to me when I talk about this and this is why the water contact can be something I dread. Stepping out of the shower even after 5 minutes leaves me feeling like I can’t move my mouth to speak properly because the skin around it is in desperate need of moisture. I hurry to moisturise ASAP because I feel uncomfortable.

So what do we do?

Firstly stop fearing water. Yes too much is just asking for trouble with eczema prone skin or dry skin at that,  but it is also important we are cleaning our skin thoroughly before lathering on moisturising products as well and well water is an aid in that!  I know that I hardly ever thoroughly cleanse my face at times fearing I’m getting rid of moisture and I’ll feel even dryer afterwards. But the fact is clean skin is important! So what do we use? 

In come cleansing balmsFor those of you who have read my earlier posts I raved about Suti skincare’s cleansing balm Cleanse early on in my blogging days because well it was truly great and for some unknown reason I stopped using it. (Shame on me!). It means that you can clean your face well, getting rid of the grime before apply moisturisers and a bonus is it leaves a nice moisturised finish itself anyway making skin feel comfortable after a good clean! It doesn’t strip all the moisture out.  Ahh the joys.  The L’Oréal skin perfection is out for me. It is on my current list but if I’m honest it is a skin dryer! ! Though it removes my make up, my skin is tight and I definitely prefer the balm! 

Now why is it I switched to a simple face wash after using the balm? Laziness.  There I said it,  guiltily I got lazy and didn’t want to spend a full 5 minutes cleaning my face. I’m a shower quick type of girl. Wash my face and brush my teeth in the shower kind so imagine now having to shower then wash my face at the sink for a extra 5 minutes. My own lack of time keeping and planning meant getting ready was rushed and all it really achieved was me spending less time on my skin when that should be my priority since well it is my main concern (and my blog is all about it!).

My current routine is shower with my face washing as part of that routine followed by moisturiser the minute I step out. It obviously isn’t working…Even after an application of moisturiser my face feels dry… That’s when I began searching up cleansing balms again as if I’m honest I’m sick of dreading the dry feeling after cleaning my face!  It’s not right!  Cleansing should feel good and the balm made me feel fresh,  glowy and able to move my face! It is also in sync with my Au natural approach once more!

So I’m reordering the Suti Cleanse and hoping to try out some new balm and oil based cleansers too because frankly they are amazing at nourishing the skin whilst cleaning it too.

My attempts to improve my organisation to combat stress sure will come in handy to make sure I give myself that extra 10 minutes a day to thoroughly cleanse my face day and night. Let’s be honest I can spare that can’t I? And it’ll be worth it! No more dreading water touching my face! (Though oil based cleansers don’t contain water anyway the cloth to take it off will! )

Post about it soon!

Does anyone use any oil or balm based cleansers?  Would be good to hear from you. I’ve already got one from aromatherapy associates on my list!

En route to natural healing once more.

7 Responses to “Fear of Water…Eczema and Cleansing your face”
  1. i know this sounds insane to some, however i can not dampen my skin. I even have a really oily skin within the summer and super duper dry within the winters. if i dampen for quite once or doubly a month, it’ll run off and unleash all that skin problem. thus all i do is simply wash my face doubly each day associated do an exfoliating mask once per week. this keeps my skin balanced however i actually want i might a moisturizer that works for my skin while not exploit it drawing in a very pool of oil
    skin care.


  2. Jodie from Michigan says:

    I hate that feeling of dry skin after cleansing. I have used glycerin, a humectant, mixed in with my moisturizer (2 parts moisturizer, 1 part glycerine). This normalizes the elasticity in my skin and prevents that feeling of dread that my face may crack if I smile! Try it.


  3. Claire says:

    Great tips thanks. Its so sad to be worried about something as simple as washing and water! but I have reduced baths for my young son, eczema suffer, 3 years old. Enjoy your balm.


    • It’s true that when eczema strikes we reduce water contact! It’s what the Doctor tells us. … I’ll update about cleansing with a balm after a couple of weeks. I’m hoping it’ll help keep my face well cleaned whilst also moisturised!


  4. P says:

    Just a tip that helps me, I cleanse my face & brush my teeth before I get in the shower. Cleanse face first & moisturize (I am a cleansing balm gal). Then do teeth which means you are not cracking any dry skin when you move your mouth & the toothpaste doesn’t dry your skin. Lip balm & then shower rest of body, lowering showerhead to avoid the face. So when you get out of shower you just need to concentrate on moisturising your body & it’s not a race to get your face done.


    • Thanks for the tip! I have begun to brush my teeth at the sink and avoid water contact on my face in the shower so that I Cleanse on a dry face afterwards. I have tended to wet my face in the shower the minute I get in but I’m trying to do as you said and avoid this. When I wash my hair though (which is often) my face and neck get wet no matter what hence my preference to cleanse afterwards. … What cleanser do you use?

      I’m currently using no7 cleansing balm as I have it at home and am waiting for my new ones to arrive and feel better about cleansing this way again 🙂


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