SBT Sea Buckthorn Soothing Salve for Eczema: A Review

So I was generously given a sample of this product to test by the company and have now used it over the past couple of months so I thought it was time for the review. Firstly, I have not been paid to write this review just like any of my other products, I hope to give genuine reviews to help others with Eczema instead of offering a ‘cure’ which we know doesn’t exist…(sadly!). I will show you images of the product, give a brief overview of what I thought before going into more detail and I hope it is useful. Also keep an eye out for a giveaway of the product for you to try yourself! You can find more information on the product itself on the website:

The reason I used this product for a 2 month period is because my skin was volatile within that time and so I thought it unfair to comment on it whilst I was in a full on flare up! I don’t know about you, but during a flare up, most products are useless to my skin unfortunately so I thought it would be good to talk about this salve in terms of use during a flare up and during more calm periods. I used this salve on my neck, elbows and upper lip.


Images of the product




Now, I thought that this salve was a good size. It definitely lasted for the two months and though it is solid, it melts and spreads onto skin well without needing to use too much. It does not come out grainy or bitty which was good. As you can see from the ingredients, everything is natural and many of the listed ingredients are good for eczema!

Main Thoughts after the trial


  • Did not aggravate skin at all whilst calm or flared J
  • Easy to apply –melts easily between fingertips
  • A little can go a long way (little is always more as well!)
  • Whilst my neck was red raw, this helped to ease the sore, stiff feeling caused by over dryness: allowed movement which was great!
  • Kept my dry upper lip moisturised for most of the day without re application and my elbows: this was dry skin which was NOT flares (Good for dry, rough patches)
  • Nicely scented: this will be personal choice of course
  • I would use it again, but not as a standalone product. One of those you keep in your toiletry cabinet, to use when the eczema is sore, stiff, just dry alone and you need that barrier of moisture but not to reduce the actual flare up


  • As a salve does have a greasy tendency! Great to apply to extra dry skin though and at night, if you do not like oil based products then this may not be for you.
  • Didn’t reduce any flare up I had or heal the skin, though it was good for patches which were just dry and not flared
  • Over application to the neck led to itchiness at the crease (I find this for ALL products though because of the flexible nature of the neck): I think less is always better when applying moisturisers though so I shouldn’t have reapplied!
  • Did not actually reduce the eczema during the flare up
  • First application worked well and the skin didn’t look dry at all, second application during the same day though on my upper lip when it began to flake seemed to leave it looking dry and did not get rid of that flakey look
  • Didn’t reduce any itch 😦

I do not mind oil based products or salves myself. Salves like this have offered me that moisture barrier whilst giving my skin the ability to move without feeling tight from dryness. Unlike a cream, this lasts for longer and if applied thinly, I do not think this salve is too greasy. Little is always better so don’t overdo it!

Neck: I did find that application to my neck was sometimes tricky if my hair was left down as it greased up my hair so be careful! The eczema on my neck is all over my jaw and spread to my collar bone during this trial period hence you can see how oil based products can be a dilemma! However, the comfort of my neck was more important to me at times when my eczema was playing up so it was a bit of a win/lose for my hair! Now, after a shower when my neck was feeling tight and sore, this salve really did help to allow me to be able to move my neck more freely and helped to soothe the area. The one bad thing was that it didn’t really reduce that itchy feeling!! So sometimes even after I had applied this and the skin was comforted in terms of moisture and flexibility, I would still itch as it was just so itchy…I guess I should work on my willpower to fight the urge to itch! However if the skin was rough or dry, then this salve was good to help keep the area well moisturised, though I found any reapplication to my neck unless after a shower made me itch more than feel relieved. Please note that applies to most products for my neck. The redness of my eczema was not reduced.

Upper Lip: My upper lip is that area which even when not flared, tends to be dry and flaky. It stayed like this for most of the trial period. I applied the salve most mornings after a shower and found that for at least half the day, my upper lip was kept moisturised to an acceptable level without the flakes (yay!). However, if it began to flake during the day, reapplying the salve did not always get rid of the flaky bits like I have found general creams seem to do. So I found id reapply then end up irritating the skin by trying to remove the flaky parts! What I eventually began to do was use this salve on my upper lip only in the mornings and that way it kept it moisturised for most of the day and when the dryness reappeared I would use my normal moisturiser. I would continue to use this salve in this way for sure! It gets rid of any tight, dry feeling which is needed for that upper lip movement!

Elbows: When my elbows were calm and dry, this salve worked well to keep them moisturised for most of the day which other lotions and potions don’t seem to do that well. The salve helped to reduce the dry, rough calm patches of eczema so that they were more smooth. When I got little bumps on my upper arms, this salve didn’t get rid of the bumps, hence I do not feel that for me it actually reduced my eczema flare ups, instead it kept my skin well moisturised and helped to smooth rough patches.


Overall View

This product is great for dry patches of skin to help moisturise the skin for longer periods of time than my usual moisturisers of choice and also helped to soothe the skin when feeling sore and tight. The salve was easy to apply and I think it lasted for so long when it is actually a small tin. The tin product is helpful if you want to take it somewhere with you as it is small and pretty portable whilst also having the advantage of not leaking in your bag! This salve was great for my upper lip and arms when they were dry requiring some much needed moisture, but I wouldn’t say the salve benefitted my flare ups in the sense of reducing them. My flare up continued throughout my use, though I continued to apply the salve and that itch that accompanies eczema was also still there. I think that if your eczema is more just dry and rough, then this product will work well. If you get lumps and bumps of irritation, I didn’t find that it benefited this problem, it didn’t feel like it reduced this and that is something that I think is important.

My eczema is quite volatile though. I had many life changes occur like starting my new degree, juggling 2 jobs and my studies and moving back home whilst trialling this product. It was great at night after a shower before I got into bed I could then apply without worry of overgreasing up my neck as well and the moisture lasted into the night which is needed as otherwise I wake up so tight and dry and unable to move my neck! Just wish that itch had reduced!!

I would like to a say a big thank you to Crystal Noble for approaching me with this product as I hope to repurchase to use on my upper lip and elbows (and my eyebrows now too!) as the weather is getting colder and more windy here in the UK and this really is a great moisture barrier and lasts for ages. Plus it is all natural and once again I am paving my way to a completely natural routine towards combatting my eczema J

Hope this was helpful everyone! Please leave your comments, questions and thoughts!

13 Responses to “SBT Sea Buckthorn Soothing Salve for Eczema: A Review”
  1. lisa says:

    My little girl suffers really bad with eczema on her face and her body. I will try anything to stop her scratching away.


    • Sorry to hear that. I’m currently writing a review you might find helpful. As its called dermaspray and I find the cooling effect reduces my itch for definite! Good luck for the win 🙂


  2. Holly says:

    WIN! 🙂 Always good to try new products on eczema.


  3. Eurydice says:


    I would love to try this. I have suffered from eczema as my life (23) years and I’m trying to start eating healthier & try new products for my hands.


  4. Vanessa Mahmood says:

    I would love to WIN this because of how you have presented it with the pros and cons. I actually think this product will be above all i have bought. Thankyou.


    • Jodie from Michigan says:

      Eczema is bad on my back. I use a salve to “lock in” the moisturizer and prevent the skin thirst. I am still looking for a good one!


  5. Mad says:

    I’d love to try this for my facial eczema, I’m losing patience with my prescribed moisturiser.


  6. WIN – I came across your site when I had a bad flare up of eczemas two months ago. Since then, I have scrolled back to your older blog posts for advices. Thanks for sharing your eczema skin care insights with us.


  7. WIN!
    I would like to try this on my skin as it sounds very effective..having trouble keeping the moisture in my ams and neck right now.


  8. Lepainnoir says:

    WIN! 🙂
    I gotta try this thing! 🙂


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