The Cost of Eczema: Buying mountains of products hoping for relief

So I pop to Boots to buy a new moisturiser, and always end up with a couple of new products to try too…a simple £10 spend can turn to £30-40 easily with the hopes that one of these new products is ‘the one’. The one to give me that relief my skin desperately seeks….the one to keep my ecema at bay….If I could spot a bad habit there is one right there and it is one that needs to stop. I dread to look at my bank statements to total up how much I actually spend on skin care, nutritional supplements, free from food products, washing powder…I know it is atrocious. I spend at least £40 a month on products and every so often I go through a new product frenzy and this mounts up even more.

When looking at my current eczema care routine, you can see many of the products aren’t all natural (which is what I would prefer) because if I’m honest, I can’t afford to fund an all natural routine at the moment…. I’m studying so without full time work my finances are more tight and the luxury of more expensive products is frustratingly out of reach….Trying to manage my eczema through trying products is appearing more difficult and it is astornishing how much money this skin disorder can actually cost an individual.

Think about your own expenditure…what are you spending each month? I’d be interested to know if you spend as much as me or if its just me!

8 Responses to “The Cost of Eczema: Buying mountains of products hoping for relief”
  1. Jodie from Michigan says:

    I can spend $150.00 every three months or so when I go on a buying binge looking for different lotions. I look for things that are new to the market and also use the skin to look for new lotions/creams and potions. Another source is the American Eczema Association which will also have a good handle on newer lotions that you can be directed to a new website for. I just found out that shipping in the US for Lush products is only $6.00 now!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!! It used to be international shipping at $40.00.

    May I recommend a bath in Lush’s Butterball bath bomb (the holiday version is the best because it is larger than the usual Butterball). The emollients can be seen floating like oil drops on the bath water and they do a great job of moisturizing, but not TOO much that you slip and fall on your keister in the tub. The Bath Melts like mango are awesome too! Just had one today. Those are the two best bath products you can use in a jet tub for moisture therapy (in my opinion).

    I have recently come across a product I love too — Dri Fit T-shirts. I layer these on over my emollient covered skin and the lotion stays!!!!!! For the whole day!!!!!! I think cotton is thirsty and robs us of the lotion over the long time period that we don’t recognize it happens. Until we are home again and slathering on more goop before bed, only to have it robbed from us yet again. Reebok, Nike and even some knock off sports clothing companies will have some form of Dri Fit clothing, try one!!!!!! I need to find a sports bra made from this material, my decollette area is suffering right now – and it is party season!!!!! Drat.


    • Jodie from Michigan says:

      I had posted this in another topic, but found it relevant here too:

      I think ezcema has a way of being a cloaked invader, in that we don’t see it coming and ezcema has a way of changing it’s course too. I found that things that worked for me one year, don’t work for me the next. This cycles. I will keep the product companies in business and profits forever.

      One thing that did work for me (put it on a wish list because it was expensive) is LaTherapie (Paris) Creme Fortifiante peaux rosees. This is a cream that soothes the red out. I put it on towards the (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) weekend so I will be beautiful for Friday and Saturday nights. Read the reviews on Amazon. It is pricey, I saw it for $68.00. In pounds or Euros it would be less, aside from shipping.

      As crazy as this sounds, people always want to know what you want for Christmas. Gift cards would work for trialing lotions and creams. This is going to get expensive. I’ve had excema since I was a toddler and I am now 40. I have a cupboard full of lotions (when I find one that works, I buy more). But alas, then they don’t work anymore and I am on to find something new. I am in a lotion exchange program in the summer with a seven year old next door to us. Her mom is so thankful to me. I spend the time and rub and massage the cream in. She is a twin and her Mom works full time so I feel so for my little friend when she would tell me the lotions would burn and she would cry (of course her mom felt so guilty at this point).

      I thank the “owner” of this blog for bringing everyone together to discuss products and therapies. Keep stopping back!


      • My body also gets immune to products so I have a cupboard full of half used products! U hate binning things as its such a waste but what do you so with a product that isn’t working. The exchange programme sounds good! I’ve never heard of it here in the UK! How does it work exactly?


    • You sound just like me! ! We search for products when we need them and it really does mount up in cost. I will try that lush ball, I was literally in there the other day and thinking about of they would dry out my skin! ! I’ve used the dream cream from there before and one of the facial cleansers which have worked well.


  2. Ozzylove says:

    Hi I was searching for ideas for what clothing I can wear on Christmas day (to cover eczema in the tropics) and I found your blog. I understand that you have stopped using steroids. The wet eczema that you are experiencing may be the withdrawal symptoms. When you said that your jaw line was wet and weeping it sounds like a classic case of topical steroid withdrawal. It can go on for months to years but does eventually get better. Please look into this because it will completely change your life.
    On a different topic, there has been some discussion about moisturiser withdrawal amongst the people who are currently withdrawing from topical steroids and it prompted me to write a post about moisturisers on my blog. In my post I discuss the origin of the misconception about what is a “natural” skin product. The amount of money spent on skin products is staggering. Please also be aware that some moisturisers contain steroids eg CLINIQUE Redness Solutions Urgent Relief Cream, CONTROL CREAM by Mario Badescu.
    When eczema is not steroid induced then SUN, SUN, SUN is awesome! If sun is not available narrowband UVB works a treat. I hope this helps. In a way I hope that you are going through the withdrawal process because when it’s finished you won’t have to think about your skin anymore.


    • Thanks for your post :). Yes I definitely find the minute I resort to steroids I regret it. They never truly calm my skin is like the eczema keeps attacking until I realise steroids aren’t the solution (yet again). I’ve stopped using them again now and trying to stick it out!

      I’ll check out your blog 🙂


  3. Hello. Just a thought. Might your skin prefer if you stick to one thing and perservere for a while before moving on to the next? I am interested that you are still using very negative language to describe your skin. I found it helpful to reframe this kind of thinking to more of a celebration that my liver and lymph system are working properly along with my skin to process toxins but also to express emotion. On a more practical note, I recommend “Hopes Relief cream” no nasty chemicals or traces of petroleum or petro-residue which the skin cannot digest. Have a look at Dr Mercola’s website who says ‘do not put anything on your skin that it would not be okay to put in your mouth…It’s a good rule as we literally eat and then digest through our skin…I hope this helps.


    • I think that some of my posts can appear negative but this blog is my venting source and so it gets out my negative emotions which helps me to rod of the negativity if that makes sense. Same reason I keep a journal.

      In regards to products. i try things for a couple of weeks but if it’s not working I change because if a product isn’t doing anything its not what I want. If it is working, long term use for me makes it stop working (I once used aveeno for a year and it was absolutely amazing then all of a sudden I had a flare up and is never been good since it now just makes me feel itchy) and so I try to switch between two or the products to avoid this.

      Hope that makes sense!


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