My Neck Eczema in photos…

Okay so as I have mentioned many times before my neck is my most unpredictable spot for eczema! As you can see from my photos the eczema area is a completely different colour to my normal skin, is very red and the image isn’t clear enough for you to see the dry, raised aspect. My skin has lost its yellow glow and is a dark reddish bruise colour most of the time, in photos it makes me look so grey and dull coloured. It’s viscous and can spread along my jaw and down my neck further as well but where it is now is the most noticeable part. It’s where my main struggles come from with my eczema…my arms are quite bad right now but I can cover those, my neck is on full display.

This is what I’m working on combatting right now! I will get this under control. Just ensure of the how or when !

Anyone else suffer from neck eczema like this?





8 Responses to “My Neck Eczema in photos…”
  1. felicia says:

    hey! I’m an eczema sufferer too. I got my eczema spot on my right ankle, my left heel of my foot and also around my lips. Recently, I combat my eczema through oral medication and using cream since my eczema spot on my ankle has been there for 3 long years and it’s finally a scar now. the eczema on my ankle is getting better too but it’s still there and my family has been giving me positive feedbacks that it looks better than before. I still got that white line around my lips but it is now slightly better as I use this steroid cream. I know many people says that steroid is bad but it helps mine. I tried using oil such as olive oil but it didn’t help me at all. Not sure if this applies to everyone but hopefully I helped!


  2. Sarah says:

    I do! As soon as it’s cold enough to turn on the heater, I’m a goner. My neckzema (as I like to call it) only started when I was 25 or so. I thought it was my jacket at the time, so I got a new one that didn’t come up so high on my neck. Instead, I wore a scarf. That didn’t help. Every summer I forget about it, and come wintertime, I’m absent-mindedly scratching my neck for several days before I remember that my neckzema exists. By then, the damage is done, and I just have to be on prevention duty.

    As I’m typing this, I’m sitting here with my neck slathered in Melvita diaper rash cream, the newest addition to my artillery. It helps the itch quite a bit, but it’s still go that angry, red, raised look. Each day, no matter what I do, the stinging gets worse. Not sure what to do. People stare at it when they talk to me, and some can’t help but ask what happened to my neck (it sort of looks like someone tried to choke me).

    I think I’ll up my dosage of D3 as the poster above suggests. 10,000 sounds a bit adventurous, so I’ll stick with 5,000 IU daily my doc recommended and report back if that helps.

    Btw, before my neckzema started, my eczema was confined to my ear canal (WHAT) and the crooks of my arms. Those were the days…


  3. matt says:

    i get this too! – at the moment i am using a ‘dr wheatgrass antioxidant skin recovery spray’ and that seems to be helping – neck eczema is the worst thing in the world, i feel your pain.


    • Glad you understand though I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with this too! That spray sounds interesting, I’m currently trialling the salcura dermaspray and it appears to be cooling which is great as my neck gets into quite a hot mess at times! Let me know how the spray helps?


  4. Jodie from Michigan says:

    Mine is more splotchy and is in the back of my neck into the hairline right now. Looks like I have horrible dandruff on my clothes. I get that dry phase where the skin flakes right off after a bout of red discoloration and itchiness. I have a spot near my right ear on the face that is pretty bad. It’s where the telephone sits. Thank goodness for text and e-mail.
    This is the season for mock necks. Did you see some of the clothes that have lotion right in them? I wonder if they make an aloe infused mock neck. You should patent and sell one.


  5. Manfred says:

    Sis i used to suffer from eczema even 10 times worse than what i am seeing here and it used to cover my whole body. There is a 100 percent guaranteed cure that will work. Take LARGE doses of vitamin D3, about 10,000 IU per day for 2 weeks and it will all go away.


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