Eczema and Holidays

Visiting the city of Rome right now… a beautiful place, with beautiful sites and not to mention soaring temperatures. I’ve seen Vatican City, the colosseum, the Trevi fountain and much more and it’s truly amazing.

A mesmerising place but with eczema comes the fear of bearing all too. I’m enjoying the trip but I have to admit I’m conscious of my bare arms, legs and neck which are all scarred. My neck is dark and wrinkled compared to the surrounding skin, my elbow joints are raised with current eczema and also scarred darker than my skin due to eczema never disappearing over 7 years. My legs are covered in old scars not fully healed…feeling conscious is an understatement…yes my skin is calmer than it has been before it has seen worse but it’s still not “normal”.

Holidays can be fun but when dealing with eczema and other skin disorders, holidays also bring fear, self consciousness and constant worrying about what others are thinking. I try hard to be strong about my eczema but I can’t deny its hard. It’s tough. Can anyone say they can bare all their scars and be 100% okay with it? That they don’t feel some anger when they see so many people with perfect skin who don’t appreciate what we would give to have that…our society holds beauty and appearance so high that its hard to ignore it.

I bare my arms and legs because if I didn’t the heat would just cause intense itching and that would ruin my trip more. Why should I have to cover up? I can’t deny the feelings of insecurity as I walk down the streets, the looks through my sunglasses at passers by to see their arms glance toward my neck and my arms…the sinking feeling when they do stare again and again and again….the awkwardness I feel and urge to cover up. It’s bad that I’m seeing so many wonderful sites but half of my mind is fixated on my eczema…but it is such a huge aspect of life I can’t help it.

I try and be strong I do. But I feel so vulnerable at times. I know most people mean no harm by staring. It’s natural curiosity, we all do it but it doesn’t make each stare easier…just confirms to me my eczema is noticeable, my scars unsightly…the fears I hold inside are emphasised.

But here I am tonight thinking what matters if people stare? They don’t understand, they don’t know me. The pain I’ve gone through. The tears, the battles to get my skin calm, smooth, normal as possible…and if they cause me more pain with comments then they aren’t worth my time. We have to be strong but our eczema has given us great strength and more depth to feel beauty is skin deep. There is so much more to a person and those who judge by the surface aren’t truly seeing us for who we are. To me it’s their loss.

Those people that matter will make you feel truly beautiful with full eczema on show. Make you feel comfortable no matter what.. They are the ones to focus on. As long as you are happy, what matters of other people?

So for all those going away on holiday too, it’s hard to keep your head up high but do it!! You’ve got nothing to hide, you have the right to bare all. It’s not easy but you can do it. I have!

Put your shades on, feel comfortable in your own company and enjoy your holiday. Life really is too short for all this worry.

One Response to “Eczema and Holidays”
  1. I have been in Rome for 4 days almost two weeks ago! I had the same problem, it was really really hard but I can’t hide forever in my room, we have to things to stay sane.



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