Steps to reduce my potential stressors

So after thinking about the aspects of my life that are stressful in my last post, now it’s time to put possible solutions into practice and trial them! I’ve separated each life issue into issue, discussion and possible solution. Here goes….


The issue: juggling two jobs every week (total of about 50 hours)

Work can be stressful no matter who we are, with skin problems or not. But one thing I am fortunate for is I am in work which is shift based and I don’t take work home with me (phew!). I like that work stays at work and this applies to both of my job roles. I don’t have long hours, my hours are what they are on my contract with hardly any overtime.

My issue to resolve is my working hours between my two jobs. I enjoy my job but I also enjoy my tutoring hours (and it pays slightly better!!). I’m not in any bad financial situation that I need to be running myself under the mill for to juggle both over the average 37.5 hours a week. It’s an unnecessary stressor in my life. A situation I’m in because I can never choose one option, because I find it hard to say no. Career wise, experience is essential for me hence i cant say no to new opportunities easily, but I need to be realistic.

Solution to try: Since I don’t want to cut my tutoring out completely, cutting my main job to 30 hours a week will allow me to complete 10 tutoring hours a week without filling my free time. Benefits: I get to do both without the stress of working so many hours. I will free up a least 10 hours a week which I can dedicate to “me time” I’m so desperately craving and missing.


The issue: I never stick to a routine or find the motivation to really stick at it.

As one of these people who can eat whatever I want and never gain weight without exercise, I’ve become extremely lazy in regards to exercise. I know that whilst I may look slim on the outside, my insides must be screaming for some attention! Exercise is vital for good health. Knowing this, I feel bad for not doing any exercise and putting it off; I feel that this negative feeling is another unnecessary stressor. This one is so simple: fit exercise into my daily routine. But it never happens!! I fail at it every time I buy a new gym membership, after a few weeks even days at something new I give up and “can’t be bothered”. I feel guilty knowing I should do it but I just don’t. I find any excuse to put it off, “I can do it later”, “it’s a waste of time”, “I don’t need to lose weight”. I feel embarrassed even mentioning my lack of effort in regards to something so Important as I know many people for exercise in so well!

So what do I do? How do I resolve the lazy girl habit I’ve gotten myself into? How do I prioritise something so beneficial? I’ve heard about the positive effects of exercise but here I am still not doing it. I’m one of these awkward people in the gym who isn’t comfortable or confident with the equipment so end up dreading when i have to go. I end up working myself up to just enter the gym let alone actually use it. I feel self conscious, I feel out of my comfort zone and that’s what I need to get past. These feelings surrounding the gym stop me going. I’ve even stopped using the sauna at my gym now.

I want exercise to be something I want to do. Not something I have to do. If I enjoyed it, I know I’d stick at it, but here I am always giving up on the first hurdle. So what’s the solution?

Possible Solutions:

1) Suck it up, enter the gym and get to grips with all of the equipment. Ask a trainer for help so that I know what I’m doing. Work out my own personal routine so that when I go I know what I’m doing each time so I’m not feeling that “lost” feeling.

2) My current gym is mixed and quite busy a lot of the time. A solution could be to check out some new gyms and find one I feel more relaxed in. Then follow through solution 1 to get to grips with it!

3) Cancel the gym membership and instead join classes to attend weekly. Benefits: you pay as you go and if its booked at a certain time, I can put it on my schedule. It’s led by someone so I’m not in charge.

4) Figure out more “alone” exercise methods I can use. Jogging around my local area for cardio, finding a yoga video to do daily when I wake up/ go to sleep. Benefits here would be convenience of not having to travel to get there, I’d be comfortable in my own company. Downside here would be the fact it’s all on me, I’d be in charge and would have to get Into exercise mode at home.

5) Exercise with others: my boyfriend and I used to play badminton together. Doing this weekly would help me to spend time with him and have exercise in place every week. Booking it a week in advance would ensure I have to go.My sister also wants to exercise so perhaps running with her or doing yoga with her at home would motivate me too as well as someone else is relying on me.

So which one do you think I should go for? I feel that maybe I’d prefer the more alone type exercise routines so that I feel comfortable or those with people close to me. But I need to make sure I actually do it. What motivations do you use? this is one I definitely need advice on!!

Personal time:

The issue: I don’t fit things in that I want to do, even just reading a book because I always get jobs and tasks done first

Firstly, if I cut down my 50 hour working week, this will greatly help this one! It will free up at least 10 hours of my week for me to use on me. My second downfall is I always think I want to read this, or I want to do that but I end up wasting my time instead of putting my free time to good use. I think yes I’m free but I literally couldn’t tell you where my time goes sometimes….

So what to do? I feel that perhaps having one personal activity a day would be great. 30/60 mins to read a book, watching a film or catching up with one of my shows. Just a slot of time I have where I productively have to do something I want to.

Solution: Brainstorm different personal time ideas. Separate the laid back (which involves being at home) and those which require a bit more investment (even simple as going for a massage, going somewhere special for the day). Try to incorporate the activities into my monthly schedule so I have at least one a day. Prioritise these and don’t ditch them for work/ social reasons. Avoid technology during this time to really have time to myself. Technology is something I find I can spend hours using be it my phone or laptop. I end up chatting or surfing the web and an hour can pass and I don’t feel satisfied because its not useful me
Time, it’s wasted. I feel that this will allow me to feel like I’m getting to do what I want to rather than just waste my free time. A feeling I haven’t been feeling recently.

Social life:

Issue: Fitting everyone in, including myself!

So, as many of you will know, having a partner is a big investment. Definitely a worthy investment but one that takes up ones time easily! I like seeing my boyfriend often, I like having someone to turn to, but a balance is vital between him and the rest of my life.

I have 3 siblings and spending quality time with them is important to me but I see it falling to the bottom of my to do lists because we live together…

I have a few best friends and then friends from university/ school I see once in a blue moon. But I like seeing them, catching up and being there for them and them there for me…

Solution: Make time for the people who matter but ensure I do this around making time for everything else: exercise and me mainly. Ensure my boyfriend doesn’t take up all of my social hours though his company is hard to resist!!

To conclude:

There are other issues I need to work on but I chose these 4 as my priority to deal with first.

I’ve realised a daily planner is vital for me to be able to juggle and balance better, so I’m on the hunt for a good one!! Preferably one I can schedule my hours and also keep a note of things I’d like to fit in if I have spare time on one page so it’s at an easy glance. But having a month planner would be great too so I can see my months overview and what’s ahead.

Now to take the first step towards reducing my life stressors!!….wish me luck!

8 Responses to “Steps to reduce my potential stressors”
  1. sara says:

    Scheduling a workout with a partner is always motivating. You will make it happen because someone is counting on you. This could also help you find the time to fit everyone in. Schedule a morning or evening power walk with a friend. It is a great time to catch up, take in some scenery and fresh air and also get a bit of a workout in. Also try to schedule a walk on your own some days… it can be really relaxing and a great time to just reflect..leave the phone in your pocket!


    • Hi thank you for your comments. I totally agree about taking some walks alone for some reflection time in a sense! When the weather is decent I try and go for a walk even if its at lunch time at work and you’re right about the mobile phone!! It kind of ruins any alone time and is a time waster in large quantities!

      I’ve started a yoga class alone and I’ve only just finished week 2 but I love it and I’m happy to do it alone. Paying in advance means I make sure I go too!

      I don’t work shifts anymore so that has really helped me.


  2. Gary Gibson says:

    You know, if you want to exercise and also reduce stress, maybe yoga would be worth a shot.


  3. virgi91 says:

    I don’t like going to the gym usually, I prefer playing a real sport. I used to play badminton too!! I love it. Maybe you can join a sport club, this year I have started ping pong and it’s fun! Maybe next year I may do climbing šŸ™‚
    Doing a sport is much more engaging than using a machine šŸ™‚


  4. caroline gregory says:

    I also recommend Byron Katy and Mike Dooley, as explorers of the self. Excellent for inspiration on the journey to be yourself.


  5. caroline gregory says:

    I feel that you could question this internal voice that tells you you are “lazy” and all the other critical parent style introjects that you seem to have swallowed whole at some point in your life. I read you submitting to these standards that you have set yourself without questioning their origins or whether they are even yours? I feel a search for edges, for someone to look after you so you don’t have to do it yourself so much?…this is worth listening to and maybe exploring further, perhaps with a trusted proffessional? For example: What if you were to do nothing????? Sometimes if we do this, allow ourselves to just Be, answers come into the space that we have made…. I don’t say this lightly, I am a fellow Doer,right now, in the process of Being….

    Also by the way the Aquasource blue green algae capsules are really helping. The inflamation has gone down alot in just two weeks. I have stopped all of the other supplements I was taking because there is everything you need in the algae.


    • Thank you for the info. I think I’m going to look into the algae!

      Concerning my negative view of myself at times. when my skin gets bad, I feel lazy for not trying harder to combat it. Exercise seems like a common sense method to try and yet here I am not doing it. Does that make sense?

      Creating more time for me is something I have thought about for awhile because I feel I miss my personal interests when I’m just idle without a plan. Planning general time to keep aside will hopefully allow me to reconnect with myself and what I enjoy.


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