Stressed, Taking on too much and Useless at successfully prioritising…are my life choices and traits causing my Eczema?

Sometimes, after a stressful week, I sit down and think about how much is going on in my life. I worry, stress, get anxious over so many things- big and small. It can’t be good can it? I feel mentally strained at times, unfulfilled and like I’m taking on too much and think to myself why do I do this to myself? Taking on too much and knowing it doesn’t feel great…it’s stressful and tiring but here I am doing it. To add to it, I know certain traits of mine don’t help – my last minute attitude in regards to getting up, completing a task, meeting a friend where I’m always rushed because I leave it til the last minute and never learn! My over worrying and anxious thoughts, my ability to dwell on things, anger, inability to have a productive day off.

Does this sound familiar, I’d be intrigued to know if any of you share such issues?

I feel like I need to prioritise aspects of my life. Prioritise myself and my health more, but that’s where I get stuck. What do I need to prioritise? What should I prioritise?

I have ambitions, friends, family….but is the way I feel, the way I’m taking on more than I want, feeling like its just getting too much causing my eczema to surface more?

Are my life choices causing my eczema? Causing my eczema to flare?

I’ve found myself asking this quite a lot this week. Is it all worth it? And I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to learn how to prioritise effectively . Feel fulfilled, like I’m doing enough career wise and at the same time enjoying it, worrying less, relaxing.

To give you a bit more about me:

– I have a full time job and tutor part time and do about 50 hours a week (since the new year)

– I never feel like I have “me” time , time to breathe, read a book, take up a hobby…frustrates me but I’m still not solving it

– I live with my family (siblings and parents)

– I’m in a relationship

– I have a few different set of friends (makes seeing them hard as can’t be done at once!)

– I have long term career ambitions of becoming a psychologist and trust me I find myself asking is it worth it as its so competitive but want it. (Hence the tutoring as I feel more experiences will help)

– I’m in the process of applying for jobs and masters because I feel I need to move forward in my career

– I stress about 5 years from now now? Will I be where I want to be? Will I be happily married? Successful in my career?

– I have a gym membership which is going to waste because I can’t find the time/ energy to use it.

– I wish I had more time!!

– I don’t have great time management. I’m one of these rushed, I’m going to be late people (and no I don’t ever learn!!)

Now here’s my question….

What do I do?

How do I fit it all in? How do I choose what to let go of?

Current Thoughts and my Plan of Action

– To get onto a masters course as soon as. This will allow me to know my plan for the next year and feel like I’m getting somewhere as I feel in a rut career wise ATM after no success at better jobs which is why I think I work two jobs to compensate….. This will allow me to cut down my work hours but obviously fill it with study but feel a sense of relief in the sense I’m moving forward (I hope)

– Does the gym membership need to be cancelled and I find alternatives which are more easily fitted in? (I.e. yoga DVDs? Jogs?) any thoughts or suggestions?

– Would a daily hour planner help me to organise my time better? Fit in friends/ boyfriend? Me time? Family time?

– Should I cut down my work hours? I know I should but point 1 expresses my worries over this.

So to conclude…

This is a bit of a random post but I wonder if other eczema sufferers like you feel like your digging your own hole but don’t know how to prioritise, solve the mental struggle of taking on too much?

I wonder if my personal traits and choices have led my skin to where it is? What do you think?

9 Responses to “Stressed, Taking on too much and Useless at successfully prioritising…are my life choices and traits causing my Eczema?”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello There. I discovered your blog using msn. This is an extremely smartly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read extra of your useful info. Thank you for the post. I’ll definitely return.


  2. Susan H. says:

    Yes, I truly believe that stress is a huge aggravator of eczema…I have witnessed it in my son. As a child, when he would stress he would start scratching his head profusely…he would start overheating and turn red in the face and all over his skin. He literally would have to sit under a fan or step outside in the freezing cold to calm and cool himself. I had to teach him to take time-outs from his homework…his biggest stressor as a child. He found it very hard to concentrate in class and thus, he had a hard time understanding the content…triggering the stress and eczema. He is now 16 years old, an honours student and in control of his eczema.

    On another note, I would like to award you with the ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’ Award. Your passion and candid exposure of your experiences with eczema is inspiring! I have posted the rules today…come on over and check out the other 14 nominations. Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles.


  3. Ritz says:

    Hey there, I went through similar thought patterns at the end of last year and relieved to find out I’m not alone in the way I was feeling. Yes I do think if my lifestyle and demanding careering choices have aggravated my eczema and did fall into a negative viscous cycle. I always thought I never did quite enough and constantly put pressure on myself to work or study more and always getting in a fret, plus my time management was also awful. This excessive stress and pressure made my eczema worse and got to the stage where my skin condition heavily affected my ability to work and live productively.
    I think the excess pressure and the need to do things to please everyone else but give time to yourself takes its toll and our skin suffers. I wanted a change and so came to terms with stress management. I never thought of myself as a stressful person but reading a very useful book made me so aware of my constant negative thinking and over pressure I was putting on myself. This brought to light my bad thought patterns and how to accept what workload we can do and how to prepare so you do not feel stressed and in turn calm your eczema.
    The book I read is called ‘Coping with Stress at University’ by Stephen Palmer and Angela Puri, and have to say is probably one of the most important books I’ve ever read. But do not think this is only a book for students and freshers, I’ve already graduated but found its approach very easy to read and can understand the viewpoint the book is coming from. It gives a very practical approach and at the very least will make you aware of your own behaviour and how you deal with things. I hope this is as useful to you as it has been for me and actually have the book in ebook pdf format. I can email it to you if you want to give it a read.


    • Yeah that would be good! My email is I’m glad you found it helpful though as I do feel the stews and worry makeshift skin worse but I just can’t seem to stop! And if I reduce work etc, ill just end up worrying about that too!

      Thanks for the post though, good to know I’m not the only one who over stresses!!


  4. Hi there! I have felt the exact same as you – we’re probably around the same age (I’m 26) – I work full time, go to school part time for my masters degree, and up until very recently was also juggling being a wife and managing a house – until my husband filed for divorce…. SOOOO I know exactly where you are coming from regarding feeling stressed out and short on time!

    My mindset is this. You HAVE to have time for yourself to be sane and to de-stress. No one ever looks back at the end of their life and says “Gosh I wish I had stayed at work more hours”. No, they wish they had traveled more/learned more/spent more time with family, etc.

    I personally would cut the other job, no need to work two jobs if it’s cutting into your life. The economy is rough and there’s always a pressure to move ahead and get more education in life, but in the long term I don’t think that working more hours is really going to get you further THAT much faster.

    In my opinion exercise is such an awesome stress-buster and self-esteem booster (hence good for eczema!) that I would prioritize this. Having a gym membership makes me feel accountable, personally, (since you pay the money for it whether you use it or not) so I would hang on to that… if I just told myself I would do DVDs and jogs at home, I would find it too easy to procrastinate.

    Just my two cents from a fellow stressed out eczema sufferer that has since learned a little bit to relax and let go of trying to take on too much 🙂 xoxo Ms. EczemaExcellence


    • Thanks for this post and sharing your stresses!

      How do you find you manage your worries and stress? By fitting in more of your own time?


      • Hi again! Yes, absolutely fitting in more of my own time really helps to manage things. I try to consciously do at least one thing for myself every day to zone out and unwind (like exercise), even if just for a little bit. Also having a sort of nighttime ‘ritual’ helps me because then it gets all the day’s worries out of my head and gets me ready to sleep – my personal ritual is to take a nice relaxing bath every night, then I read some of a book or magazine in bed (NOT a schoolbook mind you! LOL) before I sleep. Developing a ritual that you come to look forward to at the end of the day is very calming and centering! I also have learned to say “no” sometimes to social events and friend or family stuff if I just need time to be alone and unwind. It might feel weird at first to do that but I find I appreciate social time more that way – no use in me seeing a friend if I’m going to feel all stressed and resentful about it, better to see them less often but enjoy it more.


  5. caroline gregory says:


    This is really familiar to me! I have learned over the years that no matter what you whittle off or change, if you do not address the roots of this pattern of self punishment you will continue to repeat it, and there are infinite versions of what you describe to keep you going for years and years until you collapse with mental and physical exhaustion which is what I did 3 months ago. I’ve had much time to think over the past three months. I trained as a psychotherapist 2 years ago and it has helped me immensely in my understanding of myself. Obviously if you don’t look after yourself you can’t expect to do a good job looking after others. That’s fundemental.

    I have learned to look at the content of what ever is going on, and I’ve discovered a familiar feeling from my upbringing which has spread to my adult life and is in everything I do. The internalised critical parent/sibling voice that is now my own, telling me I’ll never be good enough no matter what. This and many other statements that keep me stuck in this eternal struggle to “get it right”. I’m just unpicking that .

    Yes it effects your body and yes it causes ill health and di-ease. If your body and mind continue in this way for long periods your metaboliosm becomes altered. You have a weakness that expresses itself through the skin so do I. But lucky for us the skin has an inate capacity for healing itself unlike other organs, so we can get to work on that. Now the most difficult task. Work out what is going on emotionally for you. What do you get from continuing to struggle in all you do? Why is it so difficult to just be?. For me, Iike Brighton rock written right through me ‘you will never be good enough etc’. Once you work this out you will know what to do…or NOT do, if you see what I mean. After all we are human beings not human doings. I am learning to be kind to myself to accept myself as I am, it’s gradual and you’ll find your own way.

    Diet. Is everything. I urge you to read/contact Donai Alawi
    She can rant a bit, and she is wrong to say homeopathy doesn’t work, however what she has researched and confirmed is that your diet is EVERYTHING. I have started taking blue green algae from Aquasource uk and in just a week I am noticing a difference in my skin. I have been experiencing the most extreem flare-ups. I also take Aquasouce essential fatty acids. If you are going to take supplements all you need is in the blue green algae which is straight from nature and unprocessed. The rest you will get from Donai’s website or youtube films.

    Yes emotional stress causes exzema!!!…I wish you all the best on your journey. I advise you to ask yourself ‘what’s the hurry?’ with all your plans, aim to do them gradually and methodically with your physical and emotional health at the top of the list of things to do. Be kind to yourself , feed yourself and your soul with good food and experiences. The rest will follow.

    I have also


    • Thank you!

      I have also read her site and it sounds like the supplements are helping you? Please keep us updated!

      And yes I think my worry is am I going to be successful? I worry I’m not going to achieve my ambitions…probably because people often wish the worst and don’t say nice things regarding my career choice of psychology. I know it’s bad…I had a bit of a tearful meltdown this week to my boyfriend and I couldn’t even put my finger on what was wrong. It was just me feeling immensely mentally exhausted and stuck in my career choice and being in an unhappy rut. I think I realised I definitely need to change something.

      I think the way eczema mentally affects you is one of the reasons i want to be a psychologist. I’m not sure if that pushed you to train as a psychotherapist?


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