Argan Oil for my eczema, Rosehip for scars and new oils to purchase

So my oils arrived earlier this week.

They came in 100ml bottles and I have now been using argan oil for 5 days on my face, neck and arms where the eczema has formed a rough, dry layer which I can’t budge! The skin has become rough, somewhat swollen and darker in colour compared to my natural Asian skin tone. The main areas affected are my upper lip, eyebrows cheeks, jaw and all of my neck!! My neck is a dark colour.

I did make a blend of argan and coconut oil but I found that the coconut is too greasy for me to apply in the morning before work. It doesn’t sink in without getting into my hair and greasy hair is not a good look!

Argan Oil Pure Argan Oil. 100% Organic. 100ml. For Face Body Hair Nails
The argan oil I purchased is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon hence I chose this one. It does have a subtle smell which I didn’t like at first but it doesn’t linger in my opinion. It is easy to apply (watch how much you pour out into your hand as it is quite expensive at around £10 per 100ml). I apply straight after my shower directly to my affected areas. The oil helps to relieve my dryness (if I don’t have to go out straight away I apply extra to my face and neck and wait for it to sink in to quench my skins thirst better). Usually my neck is so unbelievably itchy after a shower and when it’s flared, but surprisingly I haven’t found it has aggravated me at all. I find that the argan oil has helped to keep the flare up at bay. My skin is flaky and rough but it doesn’t appear to be flaring more than this or spreading. I don’t want to exfoliate as I don’t want to irritate my skin as of yet so dryness is my worst enemy right now! Flakes are not a good look but my skin isn’t stopping me from sleeping and isn’t itchy with the Argan oil. Itching is one of my utmost dreads about eczema as you don’t want to it h but the urge is so strong so I would recommend this oil for keeping itching at a real minimum. A lot of the redness has left my eczema, the dryness remains and out of the two I think dryness is the lesser of two evils so I would highly recommend it!! It soothes and I reapply during the day. Though it hasn’t miraculously rid of my eczema, it has soothed it and allowed me to sleep which is such a relief!! I’m keen to see the affect over another week. My eczema has not worsened since using it and though dry at times, is not irritable like usual.

In addition, I have applied this oil to my stomach which is sometimes dry but not flared at all, the Argan has made it so smooth an soft I’d recommend for bouts of normal dry skin!

I would keep in mind that I have also been taking 20000iu of vitamin d3 daily, one turmeric capsule and have been cleansing the skin in the shower with Oilatum bath ointment. I will continue with all of this and update in a week!

Rosehip Oil Rosehip Seed Oil Extra Virgin Organic 100 ml, UK Soil Ass Certified

In addition, my legs aren’t flared at the moment but they do show the scars of my eczema over the years. The Rosehip oil I purchased had been applied day and night and I will continue to see the changes over a longer period of time. The important thing when applying oil I think is to not over apply, I used to over apply and the over greasy nature of it began to annoy me. Now I apply minimally, massaging in smaller circles to allow it to absorb. On my eczema areas which are more dry I apply a second layer or like I mentioned earlier may leave it to absorb itself if I have time!

Eczema irritations to work on:

My problems as I mentioned are the roughness and flakiness, so I have now purchased vitamin e oil, carrot seed and comfrey root to help with the eczema and really nourish my skin. Perhaps making a blend with the argan will help? These oils together will hopefully help to really nourish my skin, reduce roughness, even the skin tone and soothe the eczema. I have put an order in today so lets wait and see!!

Any one else have any reviews of oils to share?? How do you guys use coconut oil without it being so overly greasy? Any oils you’d recommend for rough skin?

Update 2014: I liked the argan oil, but it was not enough alone. Perhaps I needed to combine it with other oils which benefited its properties. In regards to the Rosehip oil, I LOVE rosehip oil now as part of my skin routine! I have been using it on my face now that my eczema is more calm and it is helping to even out my skin and reduce prominence of scarring. I think the reason I am enjoying the use of the oil now is because I am using it as part of my routine rather than alone. I cleanse, then apply serum, oil and moisturiser. I use the Rosehip oil as part of this routine and skin feels nourished for definite! I don’t even need moisturiser at times but apply it because I feel comfort in knowing my skin will definitely stay moisturised all day! I think just applying oil alone wasn’t enough for me so if you find you are feeling the same add a serum into your routine as well as the oil! I use Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum 30 ml and then apply my oil and love this combination of products. ALbeit expensive, my skin doesn’t complain….

I have purchased two different types of Rosehip oil and would recommend both! I got them from Amazon to save the hassle of ordering from multiple sites. Click the names to open the pages on Amazon:

Pai Skincare Rosehip Omega 3 & 6 Fruit Oil – 30ml – This is more moisturising so I would recommend this if your skin is in need of a lot of moisture.

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+, Red Berry 30 ml – I like that this isn’t just Rosehip oil, instead it also includes antioxidants.

Hope this update helps! I’ll try an Argan based oil in the future to comment more on that.

17 Responses to “Argan Oil for my eczema, Rosehip for scars and new oils to purchase”
  1. DeMonte Lane says:

    For those who have really bad eczema, try a candida detox. I have/had really bad eczema. Since using “aquaflora candida detox,” “annies deadsea salt soap,” and Health From The Sun, Omega 3-6-9, The Total EFA,” my eczema has diminished greatly. Trust me when I say you want to heal eczema mainly from the inside. I am truly amazed at how healthy looking my skin is! If you try nothing else, please, please, please try the candida detox. It’s a game-changer.


  2. JOSEFINE says:

    Thanks for an amazing post! I suffer from severe eczema as well and is struggling to find something to calm it down. I recently stumbled upon some research on rose hip oil and found my way to this blog post. Such as great read. I’m going to get some argan and rose hip oil this afternoon.


    • Selina says:

      How have you found the oils?


      • Sandy says:

        Hi. I have been using Skin Renew by Organic India and what a huge difference in 24 hours. Its been 2 weeks today since i started taking the capsules. I take 2 with food in the morning. The eczema on my arms have reduced by 70% now. At night i drink Tulsi Cleanse by Organic India. It cleans the Liver and Kidneys of toxins. I take the herbs out of the tea bag and soak it in boiling water for 10 mins. Cover it. Strain and drink it. Its bitter but i like the taste. Diet plays a huge role too. Cut out spinash, tomatoes, eggplants, capsicum, cucumber as it induces itchiness for the eczema. I cut out wheat, milk, yeast, bread, white flour, ladies finger,. I drink lots of water. I am a vegetarian. I am also on homeopathic medicine. My family has no history of ezcema. Mine started in January 2016. After some research, take vitamin D3, vitamin B and calcium. My homeopath doctor said magnesium is important. I take flaxseeds, gluten free flour rich in magnesium.

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      • Selina says:

        Thanks for your thoughts!! Great tips


  3. Claire Bove says:

    Have you tried making a bentonite clay mask to remove the dead skin? It is amazing stuff, I don’t have eczema but make my own masks. I did a lot of research on bentonite clay before using it, and did find a lot of people saying that it helped eczema. You can also add essential oils to the clay that would help your skin too like geranium, carrot oil, rosemary. After you wash the clay off your skin will be very red, but don’t panic as its just the blood coming to the surface, no damage to your skin. You could also try emu oil on your face in combo with the argan oil, supposed to work great for eczema too. There are a few oils that are really good including hemp oil. Putting a link below to the info on the bentonite clay, they suggest to drink it as well, but you have to take into consideration a few things before you do that, so I would stick to clay masks. To my masks I add a little organic apple cider vinegar, as it helps balance the ph levels, and water, and also a teaspoon of olive oil mixed with the essential oils.

    About Bentonite Clay:


    • Selina says:

      Hi Claire, thanks for this. Now my skin is more calm I’m trying to find ways to clear up the hyperpigmentation and clear my pores which feel so congested! Would the clay help?

      This week I’m going to try yoghurt with lemon face masks but clay would be handy. I tried bentonite clay once before but I don’t think once is enough to feel benefits?


  4. Have you ever been patch tested for skin allergies? I had patch testing and I was allergic to all the stuff I was using.


    • Where did you get tested? This is on my to do list! Really need to get this done ASAP! Has your eczema now cleared the?


      • You have to find a dermatologist who specializes in allergic patch testing. I’m not sure where you live — that’s the link for the US though. For me the part that was eczema got better, but I also have rosacea. It can make a big difference knowing what your allergies are. Sometimes we are allergic to natural products and we just go on using them because we don’t know. For example, I used to slather manuka honey on my skin because it was supposed to be good for healing. Guess what? It contains bee propolis, which is a potent allergen. I never would’ve figured this out if I hadn’t been patch tested.


  5. Eczema says:

    I will have to try this, it sounds like such as great product


  6. Argan oil is the most spectacular natural substance that has been sourced from the kernels of an argan tree, which are widespread in Morocco and been scientifically proven to cure blemishes and scarring. The tree is well adapted to drought and harsh conditions thus because the oil is riddled inside, no wonder the oil nourishes the hair and skin so perfectly.


  7. How long have you been taking the vitamin D3 20.000 IU? I would only recommend to take this much if you know how high your blood levels are. I got it tested in a lab and have a clear deficiency with 21 ng/l. Optimum levels are at 50 ng/l and I’m supposed to take 20.000 IU for 9 days, when the optimum level will be reached. After this I’m supposed to take 2.400 IU daily to stay at this level. This is dependent on your weight as well. If you take 20.000 IU daily for a longer period and don’t have malabsorption issues you will develop toxicity! Your levels should never get higher than 100 ng/l. At higher levels you will compromise your calcium regulation which can result in problems with your bones. If you suspect a deficiency (likely since you are in the UK, right?) but can’t get it tested then maybe stick to a safer dosage, like 5.000 IU daily for a month. It will get your levels up as well with less risk to overshoot. After that 2.500 IU should be fine.

    I still have a few more days of Vitamin D treatment left before I reach optimum levels and my eczema is flaring like crazy, but I’m hoping it’s a Herxheimer reaction. Don’t be discouraged if that happens. Getting your vitamin D levels up is more of a long-term thing, because it helps the immune system.

    Nutritional therapy takes time with eczema, 3 months+, so I’m not expecting any miracles from the vitamin D. I’m mainly taking it for other reasons, but hoping that it might do it’s part as well. I want to try Biotin next for eczema. It’s safe, low toxicity even at high doses and it helped with the eczema of someone I know.


  8. virgi91 says:

    I remember trying argan oil and coconut oil, but I wasn’t happy with them. Currently, I’m using shea butter on my skin, and it hydrates my skin so well, I really recommend it!


    • Shea butter never did me any wonders you see, it was just highly greasy 😦 I think it’s definitely a case of trial and error!!

      Argan oil doesn’t leave me itching which is one of the main reasons I like it! My skin is still rough and flaky though so want to add oils to Argan to help combat this! If you put a hand over my face it’s literally covered in a later of dead skin cells which I don’t want to vigorously scrub as I don’t want to ruin my skin and cause the flare up to aggravate further. Bit annoying but trying to just deal with that for my skin!!

      I just had a look at your blog and your diet ideas!! No milk and gluten seems to be working well for you?


      • virgi91 says:

        I’m sorry I haven’t replied before. I’m not cutting of milk and gluten (and white sugar) completely. For example I had some cheese for lunch, not much anyway. I want to be on a no milk, no gluten, no white sugar diet, I’m on my way 🙂
        I’m noticing big improvements, my face and neck are doing great. My arms are not so great, but I don’t complain, it used to be so much worse.
        I suggest that you try to cut out something from your diet for two weeks to be able to notice a change. Also when you reintroduce the food, pay attention to your skin reaction.
        Good luck and let me know if you are going to try it! 🙂


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