New Year’s Resolutions anyone?

I came across this over New Years and wanted to share it as I thought it has some really good points to try and live more positively, as a negative person I thought it only fitting!

With eczema, we should try to reduce any other stresses as much as possible and enjoy life. So, here’s to a positive and happy (and hopefully eczema free!) 2013.

💞Handbook 2013💞


🔹Drink plenty of water.☑

🔹Eat Breakfast like a king,
Lunch like a prince &
Dinner like a beggar.☑

🔹Live with the 3 E’s–
Enthusiasm &

🔹Make time to pray.☑

🔹Play more games.☑

🔹Read more books than you did
in 2012.☑

🔹Sit in silence for at least 10
minutes each day.☑

🔹Sleep for 7 hours.☑

🔹Take a 10-30 minutes walk
daily And while you walk,


🔹Don’t over do. Keep your

🔹Don’t take urself so seriously.
No one else does.☑

🔹Don’t waste your precious
energy on gossip.☑

🔹Dream more while you are

🔹Envy is a waste of time. You
already have all you need.☑

🔹Forget issues of the past.
Don’t remind your partner with
his/her mistakes of the past.
That will ruin your present

🔹Life is too short to waste time
hating anyone. Don’t hate

🔹Make peace with your past so
it won’t spoil the present.☑

🔹No one is in charge of your
happiness except you.☑

🔹Smile and laugh more.☑

🔹You don’t have to win every
argument,Agree to disagree.☑



🔹Call your family often.☑

🔹Each day give something good
to others.☑

🔹Forgive everyone for

🔹Spend time with people over
the age of 70 & under the age
of 6.☑

🔹Try to make at least three
people smile each day.☑

🔹What other people think of you
is none of your business.☑



🔹Do the right thing!☑

🔹GOD heals everything.☑

🔹However good or bad a
situation is, it will change.☑

🔹No matter how you feel,
Get up,
Dress up and
Show up. The best is yet to

🔹When awake in the morning
thank GOD for it.☑

🔹Your Inner most is always
happy. So, be happy. ☑


2 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions anyone?”
  1. Raptor321 says:

    Have you tried Vitamin D3?


  2. virgi91 says:

    Resolutions that have to become habits for a lifetime 🙂

    Check my resolutions if you want 🙂


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