Wheatgrass: Day 7

So I’ve been drinking a cup of wheatgrass juice every morning for the past week.

How to make the juice

I brought a powdered form of wheatgrass so what I do is pour 2/3 boiling water 1/3 cold water into a mug and add a teaspoon of wheatgrass and stir.

Be wary of adding too much as the consistency can be too thick.

What does it taste like?

I was fearing the worst for the this one! Thinking I’d be able to taste grass loads! But when drank warm/hot straight after making it I can’t really taste it? I drink herbal teas though and am used to the taste so maybe that’s why? Let me know what you think but I find that it’s fine, just a hot drink in the morning.

I then wait about 20/30 minutes before eating/ drinking anything else to allow it to be digested alone.

So any changes this week?

Firstly, my skin has been extremely flared this week. My face has been puffy and red, dry as well; my neck has been a dark off colour, so rough to the touch, so itchy and cracked at the creases and sore to move. The patch of darker, red skin goes down past my collar then suddenly stops making the flare even more prominent.

As you know, eczema can make sleep hard. This week my sleeping has been so broken, I’ve felt tired all week. Trying not to itch at night is also frustrating…so in general my mood has dropped and my eczema has been bad. I’m not sure if this was the best timeto trial wheatgrass, but I wanted to review it.

Most importantly, it doesn’t really interfere with my life at all! It’s so easy to make before work and the 20/30 mins before and after food isn’t that hard to follow. You just have to plan your routine a bit better. For example, ill drink it before I shower in the morning which then allows for the 30mins to ensue whilst I’m showering and getting ready. This lets me eat before I leave!

I have not seem any great changes as of yet but it’s hard to judge. I also recently (and I regret to say this but I
felt i had to) began to use a steroid ointment so this has obviously reduced my ability to review wheatgrass.

I feel that it is something that should be reviewed on a longer term basis though as it detoxifies and this may take time, so I will continue it for months to come and update. And then the effects of the steroids won’t be there long term to invalidate the effects.

Has anyone else tried wheatgrass?

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