Vitamin D3 for eczema?

So a few of you have sent me comments regarding the use of vitamin d3 in helping to improve your eczema condition. The comments have been remarkably positive hence I have decided to try it out next. Hopefully can’t be a coincidence right!

Firstly, I always find that getting sunlight really improves my eczema, one of the natural things which really helps to ease it (especially weeping!!). When I go abroad on holiday (i live in the united kingdom so good weather is hit and miss!), spending the week in the sun reduces my eczema extensively. So taking a supplement when I can’t get enough benefits from the actual sun sounds positive, right?

I am putting an order in today for soft gel capsules as many of you have mentioned you take. I’m not sure of the amount of units to take so will be doing research into this, but a heads up to show you what my next trial is!!

Please leave your thoughts, views and experiences with vitamin d3. 🙂

4 Responses to “Vitamin D3 for eczema?”
  1. carole says:

    I am using 2000 UI vitamin D3 each day for 2 weeks now. After 20+years of eczema, I am nearly free of itch and red flares. I never made the connection before between vitamin D and the improvement in summer of the skin. It is just wonderful!!! That and a healthy diet is what you need to get rid of the sleepless nights =)

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    • Selina says:

      I’m so glad this has helped you too! Ahhh it’s amazing how many comments I’m reading telling me it’s working for others too! Like you I just didn’t see the connection until a couple years ago even though my skin healed every time I went on a Sunny holiday! We really need to keep spreading the word!


  2. Ritz says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment on this since starting my D3 course. Last month I requested a blood test from my GP to see what I was deficient in, and turns out I do have insufficient vitamin D3 levels of 29 nmol/L (over 50 nmol/L is adequate). Thinking about it my arms and legs are mostly always covered up, especially over the colder months, to keep the moisture in my skin and kind of shy of my darker looking arms and legs from the eczema, hence the lack of sunlight. I was prescribed daily 20,000 IU dosage tablets for a course of 40 days, which should get me up and then plan to take off-the-counter vitamin D3 supplements to keep me going in the long term.

    Is there a relation between vitamin D3 and eczema? My eczema has been the worst in a long while over the last 3 months and my current vitamin D3 level is low, but a whole host of other factors may also be the cause such as my mental state over that time. I’ve come to realise my stress management was really poor and have recently learnt to better cope with perceived stressful situations, be it work or skin related. So I do suggest learning some form of stress management as constantly dealing with eczema on top of everything around us is stressful.


  3. Matt says:

    Completely random! I just posted in your ‘comments and views’ section about this literally a few minutes ago.

    Where do you plan to order from? I’ve noticed that various online retailers sell Vitamin D3 but at varying dosages. The ones you seem to be able to buy from the High Street don’t seem to be half as potent as the ones you can buy online. I ordered 2500iu capsules as I read somewhere that recommended daily dosage should be around 2000iu.


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