Next Cream to trial….Udderly Smooth Extra Care cream with Urea (unscented)

I randomly came across this cream on amazon as I was browsing. The reviews seem really positive and it’s not the most expensive thing to buy at £8.29 (at time of purchase December 2012) for 227g to try out!

See the review for yourself here:

Amazon Udderly Smooth

I received it in the post today and took some photos for you to see the product at the end of this post.

You can see that it is a simple white cream ( similar to original e45 in my eyes for a comparison). It is more a liquid than solid and easy to apply.

It contains urea and I have found that Eucerin products containing this have tended to be positive for me so this was worth a try.

Thoughts after my first application:

Okay so on my legs, stomach and arms, it went on smoothly and I didn’t feel any stinging, but when I’ve applied it to my neck it has stung slightly at the nape of my neck and on my jaw line. I have just exfoliated my face and neck in the shower so this stinging may be due to that. After a few minutes it settled but I can feel a minor sting. Nothing to cause me to immediately want to take it off, but an uncomfortable sting nonetheless. Most likely this is application onto open skin but this could be a problem as itching and eczema definitely leads to open skin! Ill keep going with it though and update you!




Hope this has helped for now, I will continue to use only this for my body and update in a week’s time.

Any of you guys ever tried this? You thoughts and views are welcome!

4 Responses to “Next Cream to trial….Udderly Smooth Extra Care cream with Urea (unscented)”
  1. Pam Jones says:

    Hi, I’ve just found your blog and book marked it, I think it will be helpful for me thanks! I have had flare ups of eczema that seem to come and last for a year or two and then settles down (where I still have eczema but it is very manageable). I am going to try your daily skin care routine and see if it works for me. I have tried to figure out what is different in the years I have it and the years I don’t but I can’t identify anything except maybe stress. It is so bad at the moment I am using steroid creams again but like you, would rather not.

    I get it worse on my face (forehead, around my lips), my neck, terrible eczema on my right hand (dyshidrotic eczema, very weepy) and then fairly manageable eczema on my legs, arms, bottom and shoulder blades at the back.

    One thing I just wanted to say was that you mention you exfoliated – I have certainly linked exfoliating my face with flare ups and now never exfoliate. It may not irritate your skin but it does mine so could be worth not exfoliating for a week or so and see if it improves?

    Thank you again for your blog!


  2. Jessica says:

    My cousin told me about this stuff. its very helpful for diabetic patients.


  3. Valencia says:

    I have been using the udderly smooth body cream I don’t know you’re much different they would be. It really depended on what type of credit l breakout I am having. If it is raw or weeping out seemed to aggravate it when its super dry it feels great


  4. Amanda says:

    I tried this when I was very young — along with “Bag Balm” (which smells horrific). I don’t really remember the results, but I assume they weren’t fantastic considering I no longer use it. I hope it works for you!


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