Lush Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser Review

Eczema Update

So right now (i wrote this 2 weeks ago!) my skin is bad and getting it under control is something I’m really fighting to do! The thought of it getting worse is too much for me to handle at times….

Right now, my face is sore, red in colour and puffy to look at. Dry patches and tightness surround it. My upper lip is tight as well as my eyebrows which were cracking and peeling but are just heeling. The skin is rough to the touch.
My neck is unsightly to say the least. It is a more purple shade rather than red, and it’s rough, I’ve just managed to not itch and keep the cracks closed on my creases (which is such a relief!!) but the red/ purple flare up is raised all down past my collar bone stopping randomly on it owns to reveal normal skin underneath. It’s like I have a thick extra layer..

No amount of moisturiser rids me of this dryness on my face or neck which is frustrating because no matter how much I put on it doesn’t make my skin feel smooth or comfortable. It feels tight.

My skin is not weeping right now that the cracks on my neck have begun to heal. Just making this clear as the products I use vary depending on if my skin is weeping or not as I find weeping needs to be managed differently.

Lush Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser

So I have heard of Lush many a time and I had read about this cleanser on their website, but finding a review of it for someone with eczema is not something I had come cross so I thought I’d try it and review for other eczema sufferers.

(I will take photos of it and upload soon!).

It contains rose and beeswax and is a very thick balm like cleanser. Refer to the website for more details. It doesn’t really smell good or bad to me but you might think differently! its very plain like many things we use. The instructions tell you to take a decent sized amount and using circles cleanse your face. Removal can be done by using cotton pads or a wet face cloth.

So firstly, a bonus is that it did not sting at all! The worst thing sometimes with products can be that harsh sting on application when skin is open. It doesn’t irritate in that sense; it is quite thick and sometimes felt my skin couldn’t breathe, but at the same time it was coating my skin with a barrier and moisture which it desperately needed as moisturiser alone was not helping.

I tried both methods of removal. Using a muslin cloth is something I picked up after using the Suti facial cleanser (see earlier review) so I used one of these cloths. Helped to get rid of the dirt but leave my skin feeling fresher and less tight at the same time. It recommends that if you have problem skin not to use anything but ultra bland, but my eczema was at the stage of being so dry I HAD to moisturise as well! If your eczema is at minimum, I think this cleanser would definitely be enough!

I really really didn’t like the cotton pad removal method, like I know it is recommended we use water to a minimum but I just didn’t feel like it was cleaning my skin! If I had showered previous to cleansing (which i tend to do) it wasn’t so bad as the water from the shower tends to rid me of any flakey, crusty layer which had dried up ( not pleasant but just to describe!) then the cleanser was basically working on clean skin in a sense and giving me a moisture barrier. But one morning I tried it without showering first and my skin just felt heavily made up in a sense (like when you have foundation on and feel caked!) and I just didn’t feel like it had that fresh feeling you should have when cleansing. That’s not to say you guys won’t find it helpful, but maybe when eczema is flared it isn’t enough for me. If you refer to my eczema care routine, you’ll see I write that I need to shower in the morning. If I just wash my face and neck and moisturise, I don’t feel clean and instead I tend to feel irritable and itchy. Since this leads to scratching I just prefer to have a shower and feel more comfortable. Do you guys get that? If you don’t then using cotton pads may be beneficial as less water is being used?

Overall, it didn’t improve my eczema condition greatly but sometimes it’s not about finding products l improve but products that can help cleanse it without irritating. It did allow my skin to have that added moisture pre moisturising with cream and this really helped my skin to need less applications of cream throughout the day. I definitely noted that for my neck. But that rough, scaly feeling stayed put so it didn’t help to soften which is a shame ….but I did manage to refrain from itching my neck in the time I trialed this which allowed me to let it heal some! (That redness and raised texture didn’t budge though!). It was gentle there was no doubt about that and now my skin is calmer I can use it and it works well as a general cleanser.

It will not reduce the eczema from my experiences but can help soothe it!

Has anyone else tried this ? I’d be intrigued to hear what you have to say !

4 Responses to “Lush Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser Review”
  1. Jodie from Michigan says:

    Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. If we consume too much, it could be trapped in our bodies leading to other conditions. Consume extra amounts of Vitamin D under the care of a physician.

    To get you over the tough times have you ever tried a humectant? I add it to my facial lotion and it helps the elasticity in the skin so it doesn’t feel like it will crack and bleed if I smile. The humectant I use is glycerine. If you look at the ingredients in some of your best lotions, it is one of the more prominent ingredients. Try it, you can find it in the apothecary near the laxatives.


  2. susan says:

    I have not tried the Lush product, but am responding to the moisturizer issue. I am experimenting with a combination of coconut oil, olive oil, and aloe vera juice. The current mix is 1 part oil to one part oil to two parts aloe vera, blended with xanthan gum as an emulsifier. It forms a gel that does not feel oily and immediately softens dry areas. Have read that aloe vera helps clear eczema and the oils have multiple benefits both applied and taken internally. We shall see.


    • That sounds interesting! Where did you purchase your oils?

      I’d love to hear how it goes for you!! Moisture is definitely key, I have recently purchased Udderly Smooth extra care cream unscented with urea due to the benefits of urea for enhancing moisture as well. If we could just retain that moisture!

      Good luck, let us know how you get in! Xx


  3. Raptor321 says:

    I give praise to the All Mighty God, because although i suffered for about 2 years with the worst kind of eczema imaginable, He came through to me and ended my suffering by guiding me to the cure. Anyways, yes, i did have eczema, it started on the inside of my elbows, spreading to my arms, legs, stomach, back, neck (that was the worst) and finally my heels. Hell, everywhere on my body itched, i could scratch for hours on end and then cry my eyes out because i thought i would never get cured. I tried 12 dermatologists, all of them failed me, i tried natural herbs, primrose oil, flaxseed oil, but none of those really eased my pain. Hours on end of scratching brought sleepless nights, my skin was red, itchy, and oozing, it was disgusting, having to rub cream on my weird bumpy body, and my thick, thick and red neck was driving me crazy. It was a horrible test, which all thanks to God is now over. So the question is how? Well it wasn’t a miracle, but after about 3 weeks, it was gone, and i am sure i know the reason. Here is what you must do and God willing it will be gone: First you can use Hydrocortisone (0.01%) for some relief and to get rid of the eczema. Of course the eczema WOULD come back because cortisone is not a cure. But use it because when u apply the cure, u will use hydrocortisone less and less each week. Therefore apply hydrocortisone twice daily for the 1st week, then once daily for 2nd week, then every other day once, and so on. Here it goes: the cure is Vitamin D3. You heard me, and please BELIEVE me! I searched so much to find this answer, people claimed Cod liver Oil was helping them, so i checked out the ingredients of Cod Liver oil, and Vitamin D3 was a key component. So using vitamin D3, i took 20,000 IU (international units) every day for about 2 weeks, after my skin almost cleared i lowered the dose to 10,000 IU, and they were soft gel capsules. Why Vitamin D3? Because i now realize i was deficient. In fact there is an epidemic of Vitamin D3 deficiency (1 billion people are deficient) and the reason is we don’t see enough sunlight and not at the right times of the day. In order to be fully absorbed, Vitamin D3 must be taken with the heaviest meal of the day. It has several health benefits, in fact it is known to fight cancer, diabetes, and so many other health issues as well as strengthening the immune system. New evidence says they help in allergies (bingo, eczema!) and sure enough it came through with me. Check your Vitamin D3 levels with your Doctor, i guarantee you will be VERY deficient. If you are, he should prescribe you 50,000 IU every day for about a month. By the time your levels rise back to optimum level, the eczema will be getting better and should be gone. I am now eczema free for over a year :). I hope i have helped u, leave comments and let me know if i did good with this post, but remember to thank God because he is the one who will cure you. Just believe and apply.

    Yours and truly,
    A friend who helps.


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