New Facebook fan page!

New Facebook fan page!

Thought I would start a facebook page to make more people aware of this blog and all of our tips, thoughts, feelings etc and for us to be able to communicate without me approving everything =]

Please join! Thanks

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3 Responses to “New Facebook fan page!”
  1. Gary Gibson says:

    Here’s a follow-up for you on my dietary changes.

    I’d previously been seeing a dermatologist at my local hospital after asking for a referral by my GP. The last time I went, I requested a blood test for allergies. They did it on the spot, taking a sample back in late November/early December.

    Now, quite a few people don’t seem aware there is such a thing. I went back to my GP the other week and asked them to get hold of the results of the test for me, since I couldn’t directly. My GP – in the nicest possible way – essentially claimed such a test couldn’t possibly exist, which is more than a little annoying. I insisted, they then called the hospital, and got my results back. Out of the three things I’d been tested for – eggs, dust mites and milk – I proved to be allergic to all but the eggs.

    (I have another appointment in March, when I’m going to try to find out why I was tested only for the specific things I mentioned I thought I might be allergic to. Seems a bit strange it wouldn’t be more of a general test? But we’ll see).

    If you speak to a dermatologist or even your GP about possible solutions, they tend to be extremely noncommittal when it comes to your thoughts about ways of, if not curing, then greatly reducing the effects of eczema, which particularly in the past couple of years had, for me, become excessively debilitating. But I had enquired on a previous visit about the blood tests (which I only knew about because my wife, a Mandarin interpreter, had been translating on behalf of some parents in another dermatology ward, and had discovered of their existence), and they had been happy to provide that.

    Once I asked, that is. Nobody said ‘let’s give you a blood test’, at least, not that I recall.

    Since then, I’ve noticed a substantial and qualitative improvement in my skin since about New Year. It feels a little softer in a way it never has before. I change my bed sheets every couple of days and hoover the mattress, which is also a hypoallergenic memory foam model, with a special attachment for my Dyson. Most importantly, I think, I’ve been maintaining a no-milk diet for three months now, and I’m seeing what appear to be clear benefits only now.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve found the restrictive diet relatively easy. I don’t mind soya milk as much as other people, and non-lactose dairy-free yoghurt, cream and milk from some companies like Alpro taste to me essentially indistinguishable from the real thing.

    All this reflects a conversation I had with the nurse who gave me my blood test (as opposed to the dermatologist who arranged it). She said it can take months before you notice any change, and this reflected accounts I’d read by other people in various forums and other blogs dealing with eczema. Right now I still certainly have eczema, but when I touch my skin, it’s with a touch of wonder, because it’s never felt genuinely smooth to the touch before.

    So here’s my advice: if you haven’t already, get a GP referral to a dermatology ward as an outpatient. Ask them for a blood test for potential allergens. If there’s anything specific you think you might be allergic to, mention it to them. And be pushy with the GP, if you have to: there’s a reason they’re called ‘general’ practitioners, rather than specialists.


  2. Gary Gibson says:

    I’ve been checking out your blog from time to time since I’m a lifelong sufferer of eczema – I’m now in my late forties, and finally got fed up enough to try some dietary changes to see if they make any difference. I was wondering if you’ve done the same? I cut out cow’s milk – not just liquid, but also as an ingredient in food I get from the supermarket. It’s made a difference and my skin’s been gradually calming down and not flaring up so much. I’ve also done some online research and on the basis of that tried to cut out detergents (replacing them with soap-based stuff from companies like ‘Ethical Supermarket’ online) as well.

    I did a quick search through your blog and didn’t immediately see anything about changing your diet – apologies if it’s there and I missed it. If you haven’t done this yet, I really think it might be worth trying. Like you, my skin gets better when I’m away from home, and I also still don’t know why that is, except the warmer weather is more relaxing so you’re less stressed out.

    Another issue that may help is humidity, especially in winter, when internal heating systems dry air out. I’ve been sleeping a lot better since I bought a cheap-ish humidifier from Amazon. My hope is that some of these things may help you – and if you’ve had an allergy test, it’s my understanding these don’t always clearly identify triggers (I’ve had tests in the past, and they were worse than useless).


    • Thank you for your message.

      I’m currently researching about beneficial changes to diet for skin, what has worked for you? I know it will be hard but I think a more healthy diet is needed and will hopefully help!

      I’d be happy to hear your thoughts 😉 that’s my next step after incorporating wheatgrass juice.


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