Essential Care Review: Lemon and Tea Tree facial Wash and Organic Rose Moisturiser

Okay, so I have been using these as my only face wash and moisturiser for about a week now and I thought I’d do a review now and then update again in a week or so as well. Every day, morning and night, I have been washing my face with the Lemon and Tea Tree Face wash, I have continued to use my Suti Peppermint toner, and then used the Essential Care rose moisturiser. Firstly, I need to mention that I am due to start my period in the next week (ugh!) and for me, this always has an effect on my skin (annoyingly so!), so I am planning on using this method for the next few weeks too to see the real effect as I know the products may not show their best effects this week. I did try and take some before and after photos but the photos aren’t so great on my laptop =[. So what I will do is post my now and next photos up so you can see! Photos always help I guess! But here goes…

Lemon and Tea Tree Facial Wash

Main Pro: It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I don’t feel any burning, itching or hotness at all when I apply this

Only Real Con:The biggest negative for me was the packaging really! It’s a screw lid tube and so when using it, it can be a bit frustrating to squeeze some onto your palm and then screw the lid back on! I know it is only minor but a bit of a pain at times!

The details:

With a bit of water, the facial wash becomes foamy (not overly) and you apply it to a dampened face. I massage in circular moment for some time, concentrating on my forehead and cheeks as these are my acne areas.I then simply wash it off, pat my face dry and follow with toner and moisturiser as usual.

I don’t feel much tightness with this product which is great as I hate that tight feeling where my skin feels so dry and uncomfortable. And I think (cant be sure yet as it has only been a week) that my skin tone is a bit brighter. This is one of the effects of lemons though so perhaps using pure lemon would maximise these effects. My acne has been quite bad so I wasn’t expecting a radical change to a clear complexion. However, I have found that my forehead acne has reduced at least. I used to get it all over but now I find the middle part and above my eyebrows is clear, I just have 2 stubborn patches on either side nearer my hair line (I don’t use any hair products bar shampoo). With my cheeks, I’m not really sure what to think. It hasn’t dramatically improved, and I actually had a few white heads spots come through which haven’t really been reduced all that much, which is a shame really, I really want a wash that will reduce the time I have the spot =[. I know that a change to a new product can cause an outbreak before a cleansing though so I’ll keep with it =]

I have to keep in mind my time of the month is coming as I don’t want to fault the product as of yet. But I just wanted to give you a heads up of what has happened this week =]. I’m going to continue using it until it finishes anyway to see the effects.

Organic Rose Moisturiser for all Skin types

Pro: Nice packaging. No need to put you fingers in so hygienic =]

Con: I don’t think I’m really a fan. Though it didn’t burn my skin, it doesn’t feel completely comfortable when I apply and I think it may not be appropriate for my sensitive skin.

Compared to the facial wash, I wasn’t so keen on this moisturiser. It is for all skin types and perhaps this is why I didn’t feel it was sensitive enough as it must be hard to make it great for all even it the bottle says so! I find that when I apply this, my skin doesn’t feel satisfied moisture wise, like my skin feels a little bit tight and I find I have to reapply (though this then leads to oily =/). I have tried to just not reapply, but I find my skin looks quite dull. I really want the glow back in my indian skin so I find this off putting. I don’t want my skin lacking lustre and so it needs moisture to make it look healthy. Though I haven’t had any allergic reaction to it, I do find some parts of my face have a red tint to them after application (I’m not so keen on that as can’t be a good sign….). These fade away though.

Today, I woke up with a few red blotches on my face (whether acne or eczema I can’t be sure) but I found that applying the moisturiser didn’t reduce redness and made them feel itchy. I haven’t touched them all day and I hope by morning they will be gone. Rose has many beneficial factors especially for sensitive skin types and I have found Suti Rose Water fine on my skin, so I was sad to not get the best out of this product. Like I mentioned before though, using a new product can take some time for skin to adjust to.

Overall, I am keeping to this method as of yet to see effects more clearly. I am hoping that within a few weeks, I will be able to give you a real review of the products, but here’s a glimpse of my first reactions to them =]

I also have taken some photos (for you and me to compare!) to my skin at my next posting stage. Let’s hope it is positive!

4 Responses to “Essential Care Review: Lemon and Tea Tree facial Wash and Organic Rose Moisturiser”
  1. Ibukun says:

    I like your blog post!! I will also recommend drinking green herbal tea, which has antioxidants as an active and beneficial ingredient.. It’s good for the skin.


  2. Lebinh says:

    I just brought this skincare range, testing for a month!


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