Essential care products review coming soon: for acne and eczema!

I have recently put an order in to receive some products in the essential care range. I first came across this range from a video I saw about their ultra rich balm and its positive effects on eczema. Since I’ve been looking for a more cream based moisuriser than oil too I decided to try a range of their products.

As I’ve mentioned previously too, my face has done a complete u turn and though can be a bit dry after a shower, is actually on the oily side. This has really caused me to break out on my forehead and cheeks. My skin is too sensitive for harsh products and they tend to leave my face feeling tight. So I’m really looking for a gentle yet effective way to handle my acne which still moisturises my dryness! Usually acne would be the least of my worries as the eczema used to be worse, however, it is leaving scars on my skin as well which isn’t good! I used to get spots as a teenager, but strangely enough I’m getting more now!

My eczema is calm at the moment but my neck (the area below my chin and around my jaw especially) and around my elbow joints the skin is still dry, flaky and rough. It tends to be itchy too which is frustrating as when eczema is calm I really want it to feel like normal skin.

On the link below is information about Essential care and how it came about. Their products are all hand made and organic. Everything is plant derived except the beeswax they use so it really is a natural skin care range.

I bought quite a few products as I thought if I am buying face products I should try the range rather than one. I purchased the Lemon and tea tree face wash for my skin type (they do a coconut one more for eczema and you know I love coconut!) and I purchased the rose moisturer for all skin types. In addition, the ultra rich balm isnt an everyday lotion so I also chose their repair lotion to try. I have been using ‘normal’ body wash as well and I thought id try the aloe vera body wash as well to see if it helped. Below is a photo of the products which I received in the post this week. As you can tell there are quite a few! But in the search for new products I thought I’d try out this range as a starting point for my search.


Firstly, delivery was efficient and speedy. If you spend over £30 it is free too. One thing that I thought was great is that you get a free gift if you spend over £50 (which I managed to do), and they actually gave me 2 free gifts. Olive soap and the herbal shampoo. I’ve never thought of using a herbal shampoo but I will try it now! It’s great customer service in my eyes as they didn’t have to offer me 2 products at all.

I have begun to use the products this week. I know with acne and even with eczema that it can take some time to see the effects of the products. Therefore, I’m going to do my review in a weeks time when I’ve really used the products and incorporated them into my routine. Thought i’d give you a heads up 🙂

2 Responses to “Essential care products review coming soon: for acne and eczema!”
  1. Sophia says:

    This brand looks great, hope it works for you! I find that my eczema is really dry and worse on my arms now too when it used to be worse on my legs! It’s like it’s slowly spreading up my body which I find bizarre and no idea why! x x


  2. sugarpuffish says:

    I’ve had my eye on this brand for a little while now but not ventured into a purchase so I look forward to hearing how they work for you.


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