Organic Virgin coconut Oil for my eczema: A Review

I have been using organic virgin coconut for a few months now (Gone through nearly 4 big tubs already!!)and realised I haven’t really reviewed it! Firstly, I have to say right now it is my moisturiser of choice. Its simple and natural, it smells fine and seems to work for my eczema.

Good points:

  • If you like the smell of coconut then you’ll love this! I’m used to it now and I like it but I know many people who think the smell is too strong (including my family!)
  • It applies easily as it is an oil so you can massage it in well.
  • When my skin feels itchy, I find that I can apply this and it feels better.
  • I have found that it helps to smooth my skin and my eczema. On my face now, the skin is becoming really smooth and ”normal”. On my face which is rough and snake like, it helps to improve the texture and feel and I find that it helps keep my flares at bay.It has worked well for reducing my redness. When my skin was extremely bad and cracked, I found that (though it sometimes didn’t feel moisturising enough) it helped to heal the skin up. Slowly (but worth the wait) it helped to reduce the cracks and heal them. When it didn’t feel moisturising enough, I would either apply like a base coat of virgin,organic olive oil OR would put a thin layer of organic shea butter on top.
  • I got 3 tubs for £25 off of Amazon and each is 460g so it does last a long time! My last purchase has lasted me through 2 months at least and I’m now at my last quarter of a tub. I use it liberally and think this price is fine for just over £8 a tub!
  • Coconoil – Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 460g

Coconoil – Original Virgin Coconut Oil – 3 x 460g (Triple Pack)

Bad Points:

  • It is greasy since its an oil so even though it may be solid at room temp with the british weather, when applied its like oil. Therefore, it really does require you to let it absorb into the skin before you put your clothes on (grease marks don’t look great!) and for me, I have to let it dry on my face and neck as otherwise my hair becomes really, really greasy!! This isn’t too bad for me when I have time to just chill in my own room as I’ll just pick my clothes out after applying it and drink tea etc and get ready last, but when I’m in a rush it can be a bit long.
  • When my skin is extremely dry, the coconut oil just doesn’t feel thick enough to really moisturise. For example, my neck is really rough, hard in texture and feels all scaly! I still apply it alone though and when it dries just add more (obviously when I’m home) and this seems fine. I have found that I have to be patient with this oil as it takes a while to smooth over my skin but I find that it does do just that. Also when i had cracked skin I found that it helped to heal the cracks etc but after a few days of applying it continuously, so bad news is it is no quick fix!! However, for me this method is better than steroids right now so I am patient. After all I’ve dealt with this for so long a few days can’ t hurt!
  • Since it is an oil and greasy, on the parts of my face now which are normal I get spot outbreaks with this. I’m currently still using it but am hoping to find a cream to put on these patches (just my cheeks) and use the coconut oil for the rest so that my skin isn’t so spotty!
Right now though it is my main moisturiser! I am hoping to make a cream blend with it so it isn’t so greasy but I get the great affects of it, so I’ll update you with that! Using oils is great but can be inconvenient when it makes you too greasy!
Hope this helps.
8 Responses to “Organic Virgin coconut Oil for my eczema: A Review”
  1. caroline gregory says:

    I combine coconut oil with Calendular cream from Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy and 1/2 drops of lavender oil. it soothes the itching and moisturizes. If my skin is so bad I am trying to stop everything, because I feel ill with it, so I would be at home and not in such a hurry for it to absorb. I know what you mean about the oiliness though you need a good ten mins for it to absorb thoroughly. By the way Helios have a great telephone advice service, I have found Homeopathic remedies very helpful.


  2. Sopian says:

    Hi, I am just use it for first just before I write this message. I just finished my steroid medicine (Pred) for two weeks. All my bubbles is gone, however, the skin still in reddish. However, when I stop Pred, the bubbles start coming back since yesterday & it become itchy like a hell. So, I went to the derma specialist and back with the ointment base cream. I tried it last night, however, the itchy does not soften.

    And by just applying the Virgin Coconut Oils, the itchiness is a soften on my hands. I will see the effect for few days, as I plan to drink it for 2 table spoons in the morning. I use locally made in my country, Malaysia.

    Thanks for sharing your experience, it make me more confidence in using this virgin coconut oils..

    Sopian of


  3. marilyn says:

    Tropical Traditions makes a wonderful pure extra virgin coconut oil lotion that is NOT greasy and soaks in nicely. It comes in unscented & scented. I highly recommend it for eczema!


  4. Lovie says:

    Thank you! I will try it more wholeheartedly this time as I gave up quickly when I first purchased it. I have heard its good to ingest it for the same antibacterial reasons but I try not to eat so much oil in my diet. Perhaps its worth it!


  5. Jinesh Parmar says:

    Hey good blog.. This is my first to your blog and I am a bit relaxed thinking that I not the only person on earth affected by hyper (or worst like)eczema..


  6. AIda Bakhra says:

    You should try consume the oil 2 tablespoon a day. I’m also using a VCO soap.


  7. Skincaretips says:

    I personally still prefer to use coconut oil because it is better than other oils. Comfortable on the skin better.


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