My Gym Experiences (so far!)


I’ve recently joined the gym and in general I believe that the gym really has had a positive effect on me and my eczema. I’m not sure if it is a psychological thing but whatever it is it seems to be helping!

Gym Routine

In general when I go to the gym I spend time in the gym usually running or spending time on the cross trainer pushing myself and getting myself into a sweat so that I boost my circulation and my skin can sweat out. I know that some eczema sufferers find that sweat can really irritate their eczema but I find that as long as I pat the sweat dry it isn’t too bad and I think of the ultimate positive effect of exercising. I always make sure I shower straight afterwards too to reduce any irritation.

My eczema can get really red on my face and neck and sometimes I always wondered whether it is because I have bad circulation and since I don’t really exercise I don’t do anything to boost it. So I thought that joining the gym may help boost my blood circulation to reduce the redness etc in my face (if that makes sense!) through exercise. In addition, I do no exercise at all so for my general health the gym is great. So I do aerobic exercise to get my heart rate up and boost circulation. But I also do toning exercises to get my muscles working and to tone at the same time!

When I first joined the gym I was really self conscious about my skin. I can’t wear long sleeves in the gym as it would just irritate my arms when I sweat so I have to wear short sleeves or no sleeves which really makes me feel self conscious as my arms are really scarred. This made me hate going to the gym and finding it even a quarter full as I was always worried about people staring. However, now I just have to think about the bigger picture. I don’t know these people and looking after my skin is way more important than worrying about what they think about it. Though it is easier said than done, I now try to just think about improving my skin and it really helps. It kind of gives me motivation. In addition, after a workout I feel really good. I feel like I’ve done something to help myself and my skin and my mood is lifted. When my eczema is bad, my mood is extremely effected so I think doing things to help my eczema help me feel like I’m doing something good.

I have found that my eczema is at a more manageable level now and when I do go to the gym I have found that (when I go consistently) my skin dry patches do seem to go down which is great! I think what is important now is maintaining a good gym routine to see if it helps keep the flare ups at bay!!

Winter is approaching and with it my eczema tends to be at its driest. British weather is really changeable too so the temperature changes now are start to make my skin a bit worse. When winter hits, I tend to not be able to control my skin but I’m hoping that now, with a more direct approach to helping myself (with the gym, herbal teas etc) that I can help to counterbalance the winter effects! I’m sure I’ll write about it when it comes so fingers crossed its positive.

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