Kim Kardashian is diagnosed with Psoriasis and it’s all in the papers…It’s sad to know it takes a celebrity for people to write about a skin disorder similar to eczema and not the millions of people who suffer from it

After watching this week’s episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians I was actually so annoyed and angered at the way Kim handled her Psoriasis outbreak. Okay, so when you first get such a rash it is shocking but on national television, where millions of viewers watch you and the chances are high that some of these suffer from such rashes and disorders, I thought it was so heartless to be complaining about a few spots when there are people like you and me who suffer from extreme bouts of the rashes and have had to deal with it too. I wish she could see my whole body when I have a flare up and maybe she would stop complaining for 2 minutes and realise there are other people out there in the world suffering and not just her.

I know it isn’t her fault and she just cares about her appearance, but it really hurt to watch it really as I compared the state of my skin to hers and thought she should be more grateful for what she’s got!! In addition, she looked at photos of severe cases in disgust and how heartless is that.

I also read an article in the Sun about how Kim has been brave to go out in a skirt with this disorder. I was angered that it takes a celebrity for skin disorders to become main stream news and her condition isn’t even that bad (they had circled one spot on her leg =/). After suffering from the condition for 5 years (and I know that I’m lucky to not have had it from birth like others), I’m annoyed that this is the image of psoriasis that has appeared and not a photo of a REAL sufferer who had endured it for years and doesn’t have the luxury of being a celebrity and getting sympathy. I know it doesn’t matter how much you have but about the impact it has on you, but when I look at my body and see all of the scars over my arms, legs, face and neck I feel like crying. I’m 21 and my body is so scarred by my eczema. But because I’m not famous, its as though it doesn’t matter!!

Websites have written that Kim Kardashian is a ‘support’ for other psoriasis sufferers but I don’t seek any comfort in knowing she has it. I just think of how our society doesn’t care about us sufferers if it takes a celebrity for people to hear about skin disorders like this and Eczema to be recognised for what it is – a disorder which not only looks bad but feels bad and affects sufferers physically AND emotionally, with the worst part being told that there is no cure.

I’m sad to hear that people really don’t care about Eczema or psoriasis until it strikes them (or a celebrity).

5 Responses to “Kim Kardashian is diagnosed with Psoriasis and it’s all in the papers…It’s sad to know it takes a celebrity for people to write about a skin disorder similar to eczema and not the millions of people who suffer from it”
  1. Morgan says:

    Hey ladies,
    I too have a moderate degree of eczema, I’ve had it since I was an infant and it tends to heal in one area an move to the next. I’ve had it on my elbows, knees, in the creases of my arms and behind my legs, on my thighs, on the back of my neck, above my lips, my wrists, my fingers, on my cheeks, and get this, even on my EYELIDS!!! I’m 18 years old and I’ve experimented with sooo many products from Aveeno, Cetaphil, CeraVe, Dove, etc. but in college I had a friend who introduces me to a brand called Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula. Well with my track record of trying endless products and my numerous visits to the dermatologisst with not much progress I was a little skeptical, but in the end I figured why not! So I used that lotion sporadically through out the day with my non-prescribed cortizone cream on all my problem areas and with in 1 week I noticed a COMPLETE difference. It left my skin smooth and moisturized and the best part is because of the vitamin E in the lotion it faded all my scarring I’ve been using it since May and I’m STILL in amaze my skin hasn’t built up an immunity to it and I think you both should really give it a chance!!! Hopefully it works for you and you can wear clothes that make you feel sexay! 😉


  2. Nastja says:

    I know how you feel. I’ve had Eczema since I was born. There is no need to feel desperate because of it. The best cure is to enjoy your life and forget about your disorder. If you are strong enough to stop paying attention to it, I believe it can get better at least a bit. I wish all the sufferers to stay strong and not let this disorder take over them.


  3. Pearl says:

    Love, sounds the same thoughtr running thru my head the other day I watched KimK on that episode. But it creates awareness of depressing this type of problems appear to the general public who has no clue. I have the same Eczema problems like you & am 21 with scars. Yeah, I worry not able to wear skirts for 3 years now. I wish the scars and eczema patches behind my knees & ankles clear up real soon to wear a damn dress to a wedding. How do u deal with this situation? Pls advise to my email. I had eczema since birth.


    • Hi Pearl,

      I’m sorry you have to deal with this too =[. The scars is something I don’t cope with and don’t know how to =/. Obviously, we need to stop itching but that is so much harder to do than to say, but try! I find with my legs they don’t have eczema patches, but they are easily itchy. MY arms have the worst scarring. I guess my acne scarring is at least ”normal”. My arms around my elbows are completely blackened compared to the more natural colour of my lower and upper arms so it is really noticeable. Even on holiday when I cannot wear loads of layers I am so conscious! I tend to hold something which helps to disguise it and cover it. I know people say we shouldn’t let what other people say etc bother us, but with every stare I feel more self conscious. I guess people do not see it every day so they notice it, but it doesn’t make it easier for us…

      I am really trying to find a scar reducing treatment which is good for eczema as well! As I know that the scars, even after the eczema has gone, are emotionally frustrating. I’ll update as I try! Let me know if you find anything as well! I know there are loads of sprays etc that cover skin but I don’t think it would be good for the eczema. What ethnic background do you come from? Perhaps a natural fake tan on paler skins can help? For me, tanning helps but as I’m darker skinned anyway, fake tan isn’t helpful, and I don’t really want to keep tanning!!

      Let me know how you get on


      • Pearl says:

        Thank u for a long reply, felt so sweet of u on this blog. Yes, sometimes I pretend to hold my jacket or something to conceal my inner arms, infact I wear long sleeves mostly nowadays, from having to change only to long pants, to long sleeves & covered heels, I felt my eczema is taking over patches of exposure where most of my clothes can’t be worn & hard to find clothes which make me depressed from shopping. I used to wear sleeveless tank tops, now I wear a light material jacket in hot weather! I’m a chinese from Malaysia, so that means I have to be fair skin in a hot tropical weather! Misery indeed, tanning may helps a little but best is to get eczema cleared up with the scars because it still look weird with dark patches.

        And there was a time, my boss ask me why I walk funny & have my hands close to my waist always. Guys do notice this cover ups. And I cannot tan my skin, as my skin will be flushed red from the sun heat, So I avoid the sun completely.

        Even alot of my heels cannot be worn anymore because my eczema patches on ankles now. I felt vulnerable. I used to have clear feets alleast! So ppl may think I have same old boring fashion taste of wearing cover ups & same old clothes.I have a closet full of new clothes can’t wear yet. How am I gonna be sexay now?! hahaha….

        I think best is to go a full detox program to clear up the skin & wounds heal faster. My daily drink is fruit & veg juices, I blend myself. It heals overnight as the next day u can see the results. The body & skin can heal itself completely, it just need the natural aids. Please research more into this way of going organic.& drinking juices & herbal teas. Even scars heals from this way as it’s a total body healing going through this way. Eat more natural foods. The junks accumulate in our body, spew out as eczema, that’s why they say our body is heavily “toxin” from this lifestyle. Try to live everyday a healthier lifestyle, eczema can be cleared up completely one day. All the best!


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