What’s been going on with me for the last 2 months!

It’s been a while since my last post and a lot has happened!!


Firstly, my flare-up during my exams got so bad that I had to resort to using steroids just so that I could concentrate on my revision and sleep well! I had red, weeping, flaky skin on my face and neck which was so unbearable I needed a ‘quick fix’ so that I could revise! Though it did clear it up, I was frustrated to know I had used steroids as I know the harm they do! But sometimes I guess you have to prioritise other aspects of your life!!


Secondly, since I was finishing uni, my alcohol consumption was heavy for a week and this totally took its toll on my skin so that within a week of using the steroid creams, full blown eczema was back! I know what you’re thinking, why oh why am I drinking alcohol when I know that, compared to someone with ”normal” skin, my skin gets dry as a prune by morning and takes days even weeks to get back to normal! But my eczema has really stopped me living a normal uni life as its been, for most of the year my skin has been bad so I have missed out on going out and socialising so, for once, I put my uni life first. I knew that later on I would regret it if I didn’t as uni’s over now and my eczema has stopped me from enjoying it like I should too much!!

Moving Home, Exams over and a load off of my mind!

Mid June, I found out I had passed my degree with a 2:1 (which I was so relieved about), I had been so stressed about it and even more stressed because I thought my eczema stopped me working as hard as I usually would!) and I got to move home. For many uni students moving home is sad, but, in comparison to my first and second years at uni where I hated the idea of moving back home for the summer, I was relieved. This past year,I have found comfort of dealing with my eczema in my home with my family. At uni, I felt uncomfortable with my housemates with my eczema. Though they were friends (mostly!!), I was embarrassed. They are all pretty girls and when my eczema is bad I feel so ugly that I can’t bear to look at them, they don’t understand what it is, haven’t asked and so its awkward. So I was relieved. In addition, this last year, I felt that living with these girls had been a nightmare. The house, the bills, the cleaning and all oft he stress of living together became too much for me. What the girls didn’t ever realise was that on top of all the house stress, my work and all the other uni drama I was just trying to get by each day with my skin, keeping myself smiling so that I wouldn’t cry. So in a way I was glad to move out of a house that was filled with so much negative energy where selfishness grated on ym last nerve, to my home. And I have to say it seems to have done my skin good! My skin had cleared for the time being!!

Changes in my Lifestyle

I joined the gym a few weeks ago and plan to go 3-4 times a week. Increasing my circulation and getting some exercise I think will help and detox my skin through the sweating! The gym also has a spa which I haven’t tried yet, but all things that help rid of toxins! I believe my skin has stayed calm and actually now that I haven’t been for a week I feel like my skin on my arms isn’t as smooth so I am getting back into routine tomorrow!

I also went on holiday for a few days to Dubai (42 degree, humid heat) and I have to say it did my skin wonders! I think the sun and the sweating really helped so I’m hoping the gym will help out whilst the english weather isn’t so great!

I’ve also been drinking lots of herbal teas, mainly chamomile, fennel and nettle. Good for cleansing the system and soothing.

The last thing now is getting a job! I’m positive I’ll find something soon and I hope I do as the excitement of sitting around with not much to do has warn off completely!! Though it has bee great catching up with friends I have missed whilst I have been at uni, work is a must now!!

On my to-do list!!

So, I mentioned future posts which I still need to do!! I’ve joined the gym (so thats one done!!), but I haven’t tried the creams/ lotion making and I plan to start next week. If anyone has any experiences of this, please let me know!

I’ve also been encouraged to try a juicer and I have to admit that I’m really enthusiastic about it. I’m bad at getting my 5 a day even one sometimes!! so I think it is a good way to get fruit and veg into my diet easily and there are even juices which can aid eczema healing! So all positive. It’s just buying the juicer now! I’ll keep you updated =] (also found one to help muscles aches after exercise which I need since my body has been aching since my muscles have finally been put to use!!).

Get a job and get a new routine: So now that I’m free I can easily go to the gym, add things to my routine etc. But what I hope is that when I get a job, I can build a good routine where I can work, relax as well as help my skin! That is the main thing now as I don’t want to get lazy once I start full time work!

How I’m feeling right now

I have to say I’m feeling good. My skin is (touch wood!!) better than it has been for months. It’s smoother, I’m sleeping better and not even having to moisturise as much =]

I’m feeling better in myself. Perhaps because uni stress is over, I’m back around people I want to be around and I think finally being proactive in healing my skin has really helped. I’ve been so lazy thinking its just going to go away but I guess I’ve realised that I need to help my skin recover. I need to help improve it and right now I feel positive. =] I hope you all are too! I know there are a number of factors which could have improved my skin but what I want now is to have a routine incorporating work, gym, ”me time” to relax and eczema related things which can overall help to keep my eczema at bay. At bay is better than what is has been and is a start!

The scarring is still affecting me tremendously. Its summer and my legs and arms are mostly hidden and when theyre not (when I wear a half sleeved top), I just feel like all eyes are on me whilst I walk.  I’m hoping that if the itching subsides and the skin smooths, eventually the scarring will go down. But until I can minimise the eczema I know that wont happen so one step at a time!!


I also just want to say thank you for all your comments, letting other people relate and see what’s worked/ hasn’t worked for me is why I started this blog and for others to comment on their own experiences, so I hope its helped a few of you!! xx

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