My current Eczema routine


So right now this is what I’m doing for my skin:

1) As always, I’m keeping my showers short and only warm. Now that I am going to the gym I shower twice a day on those days so am extra careful to have quick showers and make sure I moisturise well afterwards! So far this has been fine. Like always, pat skin dry, do not rub!!

2) I cleanse with the Suti Facial cleanser (see suti facial cleanse post for a review!!). For me, when I get out of the shower my skin feels tight and dryer that when I got in (obviously but you know what I mean!), so this cleanser this is great!! It’s kind of like moisturising under your moisturiser!! I find that it kind of makes my skin glow too which dryness really takes out of my asian skin!! Also, if like me, your face is left flaky after a shower, the muslin cloth during the cleansing gets rid of them easily =] ย I don’t always have time to use it I’ll admit as Im always late and in a rush and sometimes literally can’t spare that extra 5 minutes, ย but I’ll try to use it at night if my face is feeling dry. It really does feel like it moisturises so that when I apply my moisturiser, I feel like it absorbs better and I don’t need as much.

3) Sometimes, instead of (2), I’ll just apply olive oil on tissue (normally on those rushed days!!) to my face and gently rub in in circular emotions til it absorbs in. I used tissue as cotton wool isn’t rough enough to help rid of my dead skin so the tissue is rough enough! (need to find something so let me know if you have any suggestions!!). ย This moisturises and (though it may seem weird) has been really good on my skin and that’s not only on my face! I use it on my rougher patches like my elbow joints, shoulders, stomach and thighs. Its like priming my skin for my oil and gently exfoliating as exfoliation is too harsh on my eczema. If anyone has a good way of exfoliating, please please let me know!!

4) After applying the olive oil, I am currently using pure organic virgin coconut oil (I got mine from amazon!) on top of the olive oil and I have found this is great for my skin. Sometimes, the smell is really strong but I’d rather that than my eczema! I found that this can not be thick enough sometimes so the olive oil layer first on my skin kind of helps the coconut oil to be rich enough for my dry dry skin =].

5) I am going to gym a few times a week (really need to make sure I stretch before doing a hardcore workout next time as my muscles have been aching for a week!!). I am aiming for 3-4 times a week. There are classes there so I join up to those to motivate me to go =]. But I feel like the gym is not only a time for me to have to myself (which is hard in a household of 6 sometimes!) but allows me to be active about my skin as well. I feel good after a workout and that in itself is great =]

6) Still drinking my herbal teas – mainly chamomile, nettle and fennel all in hope they are cleansing out my system and getting rid of the toxins. MY skins trying to get rid of something so I’m just trying to help cleanse it through the teas, exercise etc.

7) Getting enough sleep. I think we all know this is important and I’ve been making sure that I mostly get my 8 hours. I love my sleep so it’s not hard to persuade me to have that =p but it really does help the skin to repair itself so I’ve always classed it as vital!

8) Spending time with those who matter . After being surrounded by some negative people at uni who didn’t wish the best for me or weren’t considerate towards me, I have realised that I should surround myself with the people who I care about and who care about me and I think this has aided in making me feel more positive. I am someone who overthinks everything, I get angry and wound up easily and so letting go of people that bring out these bad qualities has been great for me! I may sound harsh, but sometimes when you realise that people don’t care about you, it is all about them and they are unaware of what you go through or couldn’t care less, you realise its a losing friendship which will only give you negative feelings and trust me, with eczema you need all the positivity you can find! So I’m trying to keep it as positive as possible.


12 Responses to “My current Eczema routine”
  1. Carissa says:

    Hi! I have eczema my entire life, my joints when I was born were cracked and bleeding, and if I don’t watch myself and listen to my body, it flares up so bad I can’t walk for splitting my skin open (OW). I do have a strong steriod cream for bad flare ups and prednisone too if needed..but mainly I just use Cetaphil cream and Vanicream (I switch off when my skin gets too used to one product) and I apply it directly after showering-lukewarm and short showers of course ๐Ÿ™‚ It traps the water and moisture in if you don’t dry off at all. I use AVEDA scalp balancer shampoo but its not so much that it works, but that it doesn’t make it worse. About twice a month I exfoliate my scalp with an apricot scrub and that helps. Or really desperate, I just exfoliate and rub lotion (I use Cetaphil lotion too) into it and don’t let anyone see me with my lotion hair-it looks like I hadn’t washed it in a year but hey, it feels better. Also, I wash my hair separate, after my shower and lotioning up, I just lean over the tub to wash it. Shampoo dries out your skin and can cause flare ups when it rinses down the back of your body. This helped a lot with my flare ups behind my knees.. Also, it sounds weird, but to exfoliate my skin without irritating it, I put my cream on a backscrubber brush. It rubs in moisture while taking off the flakes. Hopefully this helps a bit, to excuse my extra long post..I also would like to thank you-its great to find these blogs and finding other people with eczema and not feeling so alone and freakish. Thanks!!!


    • Thank you for sharing anyways great to hear what everyone what uses. I’m abit to start using natural shampoo to see if that helps as my scalp isn’t too bad but my ears tends to always be dry and flaky!

      I used cetaphil before it is very gentle it just didn’t provide with moisture for my face and neck… I now use a facial oil and face cream and then apply balm to extra dry parts. Seems to ease the tightness


  2. Vanessa says:

    I’ve been searching for natural remedies I can use to help control my facial eczema. I’ve had it on my arms since i was a kid, but it’s been spreading to my face, neck, and ears in a year and I’m helpless at this point. Doctors prescribed me an ointment called Desonide, but I noticed it thinned out my skin and any little scratch or rub reddens it! So I go to school with a red swollen face daily… I was hoping I can find something natural that won’t damage my skin even more.

    Now that i read this, I think I’m going to shoot for coconut oil. Does that mean that you don’t use any lotions? You just apply olive and coconut oil? and if you do use lotions or cremes, what do you recommend?

    Thanks and good luck to all of us!


    • I’ve recently purchased some new oils so will post about their effectiveness! Coconut oil is good but sometimes just not enough when my eczema Is flared! I’m planning on testing coconut oil again but with argan, rose hip and kukui oils which I have read about!

      Hempseed oil is another I have heard of, hopefully (with time!) ill find a good mix!!

      What are you using right now ?


  3. Tasha says:

    I use olive oil and sugar mixed together as my exfoliator. I gently rub it in then rinse off with warm water and a flannel. Followed by my cetraban moisteriser it makes my skin baby smooth. I am 24 and have atopic eczema so I know just how you feel ๐Ÿ™‚ The exfoliator is brilliant before a big night out xx


  4. Sandy says:

    just want to say hi and i chanced upon your blog while researching as usual for my eczema… not sure where you’re based in, i’m in Singapore ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Hi there,

    Sadly the coconut oil didnt work for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ In fact it left my skin feeling dry and tight and gave me incredibly puffy eyes. At first I thought the puffy eyes – as in waking up with eyes like slits – was caused my something else, but after stopping the application of coconut oil on my face, it disappeared.

    I am however still taking it internally. I cant say I’ve noticed a difference beacuse of it and I am now back to using a steroid cream. But at least it’s under control!

    In addition I’m taking flaxseed oil, evening primrose oil, zinc and B Complex supplements.

    Wishing you clear and healthy skin!


  6. felinemenace says:

    Hi there ๐Ÿ™‚

    I came across your blog while looking for salvation from my horrible eczema. I’ve had it along with terrible allergies and asthma since i was a child, but I got it full blown on my face about a year and a half ago. since then it keeps on coming back, and i havent had full respite for the past few months!

    I’ve also stopped using steroids but i always succumb since my skin looks so terrible and its quit embarrasing when people look at you funny.

    at the moment my latest flare up on my face has led to weeping eczema, only a day after i started using organ coconut oil. hopefully it just the toxins coming out..i was really hopeful since so many people online said that its worked for them!

    fingers crossed ๐Ÿ™‚

    sorry for the long post, wishing you clear skin!


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