Just a quick question: When you’re feeling low, what do you do to cheer yourself up?!


So, in those times when you’re feeling so low, miserable even, brooding over whatever it is that’s made you feel low, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

Being an eczema sufferers, my main lows come with my bad skin, the worse my skin gets the lower I feel, so low sometimes that I wonder if I’ll ever feel really positive and happy again like I used to. But I learn to spring back (sometimes because my skin has randomly decided to clear up!) usually through things that make me feel good.

What I do to cheer myself up:

1) I spend time alone. Okay, so isolation is not always great, but when I feel low I like to be alone. I like my own company. A time to just be by myself and reflect on life. Sometimes, I’ll just cuddle up and watch a film and let my mind wander, or if its skin related I sometimes browse the web for some tips!

To take my mind off of whatever is troubling me, I also like to do things I enjoy. For example, read or a weird hobby of mine, I really enjoy cross stitching!! Taking time out to do something I like, distracts me and sometimes helps to ease the emotions I’m feelings!! Especially anger as I have to admit I’m quite hotheaded and get frustrated very easily but find it hard to lose the strong emotions!

I like to listen to music too, and if its guy related theres always a suitable song to listen to!

2) Meet friends and enjoy others company. Sometimes I like to meet people instead of being alone. This is great at times as you can just act normal and this can help me. I’m not really a sharer with my problems, I tend to keep them to myself more (probably not so great!) so perhaps socialising is just an excuse to distract myself!


I’m just wondering what other people do to cheer themselves up!!  When you’re feeling low, what do you do to make yourself feel better. Let me know =]

3 Responses to “Just a quick question: When you’re feeling low, what do you do to cheer yourself up?!”
  1. Laura says:

    I had eczema as a teenager, a long period of calm, and now I have had it on my face and body since earlier this year (university finals) – I sympathise with your lows!! I also find it comforting to have a browse online for any tips and personal stories 🙂
    Cooking is quite therapeutic, as is any other activity where you’re making things. A dance class is uplifting too – belly-dance is definitely a cheerful dance! Though I’m avoiding salsa at the moment because of the hand contact. I also like immersing myself in studying another language – doesn’t give me time to think about my eczema!


    • Thanks for your thoughts Laura!

      I do find distraction is key or finding a new hobby! Sometimes, I read as I really enjoy it and can get totally engrossed in the book I totally forget my surroundings. (obviously have to get over the itchy, aggravated feeling first though!).


  2. Jackie says:

    Sometimes you just need to curl up by yourself and have a little (or long) cry, once you stop and relflect, things don’t seem that bad anymore


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