Future Posts:

There are many things I want to try right now to see if they help eczema but I just don’t have the time yet with my exams, but I thought I’d list what I hope to try =] Also I didn’t want to do them all at once since that makes it harder to see what actually helps!

  1. Weeping Eczema Solutions:

This is a major problem for me so I have done a lot of research on what may help. I have read that:

  • Comfrey root, oak bark and slippery elm bark are a good for cleansing the face during flare-ups ( a lot of products I find are good when your skin is calm but don’t aid relieving the eczema) so this is something I am really interested in trying as it is suppoed to help weeping eczema which would be great!
  • Bentonite Clay: If you search this on the internet, it is supposed to be good at drawing out toxins when applied to the skin and since weeping eczema is supposed to be infectious, I believe this could help draw out the toxins and hopefully reduce the flare-up! ( it has other good uses too search it up =]) I think allowing the clay to dry may not be so good so I am thinking of adding it to an oil or milk instead of water and then applying it. I have read that eczema may get worse before it gets better since the toxins are coming out, but we’ll see how it goes when I get around to it!
  1. Other Solutions:
  • Basically I added some wheatgerm oil to my shea butter today when I moisturised (shea butter is quite hard to spread so I thought the oil may help) and my elbow joints actually seem softer today, I find the shea butter has actually absorbed into my skin better which is great. I’m going to trial and error different shea butter/ oil mixes to see what effects the different combinations have (i.e. wheat germ, avocado, rosehip, evening primrose)
  • Chickweed, chamomile and Calendula are supposed to be beneficial for our skin type so these are more herbs Im hoping to try. You can make herbal infusions with oils/ water and use these herbs on the face that way and I am going to try this as it hopefully could help to soothe the skin. If you loo up the properties, they all seem beneficial, so it is worth a try!
  • I am currently really into trying my own solutions instead of buying ‘eczema specific creams’. Making natural solutions like the ones above is what I am hoping for. In addition, the pure potions salve was so expensive that I am going to attempt to make my own healing salve. I have done a lot of research into how to make one and though it involves a lot of products/ tools it is definitely worth  a try as I can then specify it to my skin complaints =] not sure if it will be successful but it is worth a shot! I have done a lot of reading about herbs that are good for our skin so I’m hoping to incorporate these to see if they help =]
Okay so that is a bit of what I’m trying to get around to trying right now! I’m very into the whole herbal, natural remedies right now as obviously medically pre scripted things aren’t working out for me and it is definitely worth a try!
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