Organic Shea Butter Review

So in my eczema updates I mentioned why I decided to try shea butter and now that I have been using it for a week I thought I would review it for you guys.

Okay, so the product itself is from amazon (Organic Unrefined Shea Butter 350g Tub). As with all of my amazon deliveries, their timing is great it is usually delivered within a few days.

The tub is the typical tub eczema emollients usually come in so nothing new there! And the actual butter is very solid (quite like the pure potions skin salvation salve!). It is quite hard to liquidify and get it out of the tub at times even though the weathers quite warm, I tend to have to dig my thumb in to get a decent chunk out and then rub it between my palms to warm it up so it softens. I’m contemplating adding some oils to it so that I can use it with more ease!

My Thoughts on using the Shea butter:

I must say the butter has worked wonders on my legs! My legs don’t tend to have that much eczema (not the flaky, weeping, cracking kind more just very dry and itchy and slightly scarred due to the itching but they don’t tend to flare-up like the rest of my body during a bad case of eczema). Usually I find that even though I have moisturised my legs when I’ve stepped out of the shower, my legs are dry again very soon after. With my indian skin too, this means the dryness can come up looking very white and pale which stands out on my legs. When I apply the shea butter it is quite thick which is great for my dry legs. And also I have found that from morning until night my legs stay looking nice and moisturised, no white signs of dryness! I have even noticed that they are smoother to the touch which is great. They give my skin that glowing colour too which is great as it makes my legs look healthier, sometimes dry skin can make the skin look really dull, but this shea butter helps to give it the colour back because it moisturises so well.

The shea butter has also been okay on my stomach, but (perhaps because my skin is getting a bit worse due to exam stress) it has not been moisturising enough for my arms, shoulders or neck where my eczema is extremely dry right now! It moisturises it at first but the skin becomes tight and dry after a while and the skin is still rough, which is annoying since it has been working well on my legs and making them smoother! My neck is actually going through a horrible patch right now where it actually feels quite scaly because it is so rough, and I am yet to find something which helps make the skin smooth again! Unfortunately the shea butter hasn’t been doing the trick!

When I tried it on my face, I found the butter to be a bit too greasy. As I mentioned in my pure potion skin salvation review, I tend to break out in spots (even when my face is dry at the same time!!) if I use greasy creams on my face. this can be so frustrating when my face is dry and I could do with something really thick for the eczema, but I hate breaking out with spots so avoided using it when it was so greasy.

In addition to using it like this, I have also been applying it to my neck shoulders and elbows before a shower to help keep my skin from drying out and this seems to work well due to its greasiness (that’s a plus!) while my skin is going through a really dry, rough stage.

Overall, I will continue to use the shea buter on my legs as it has been great for them and is a great moisturiser, I literally haven’t come across anything better for my legs.  However, I’m not sure shea butter (on its own anyway) really works well on flared eczema. My skin isn’t even that flared but rather quite rough and dry and the shea butter doesn’t seem to be helping these patches of my skin. Obviously everyone has different types of eczema flare-ups but mine tend to start with dry and rough skin. I think the shea butter personally works well for me when my skin is calm, which is a bit annoying as it’s during the flare-ups you need a cream the most, and I think this is why it works well on my legs since they don’t really tend to flare up like my arms and neck. It hasn’t done wonders on my flared eczema, but I recommend it as a moisturiser if you just suffer from extremely dry skin or even want a nice glow to your skin as I find it helps to restore my skin’s natural colour on my legs which is great! Perhaps for people with dry skin and not eczema, it would be suitable. But for me, I’ll keep using it on my legs and before a shower when my eczema is really dry, but it isn’t the eczema moisturiser I’m searching for!


Update 11th June

I am nearly finished with my 500g tub of shea butter now and I have to say I will be buying more! I still use it on my legs and though I said earlier that it doesn’t calm my eczema inflammations, I have found that when I apply it (mixed with a bit of avocado or wheatgerm oil to help spread it and be even more moisturising) it has helped to soothe my really dry, inflamed eczema. My skin at the moment is very sore, red and extremely tight. My upper lip and face especially which makes it hard to move my face without hurting. Literally, after I apply a moisturiser, my face is already feeling dry and tight again which is so hard to cope with as it is sore, uncomfortable and hard to deal with. The shea butter mix has been really great to apply (and leave layered) whilst I’ve been at home so that I’m more comfortable which is great as being uncomfortable is the worst when the skin is bad for me. However, I do apply it liberally and leave it so it doesn’t work when I leave the house (which isn’t a lot right now due to how bad my skin is!!). So I’m still struggling to find something which really moisturises without being heavily applied, but nonetheless this shea butter mix has been great whilst I’ve been home to help moisturise my skin. It really has helped my extreme dryness right now. Sadly it hasn’t made the redness go down which is really bad right now, but this is my moisturiser of choice right now!

15 Responses to “Organic Shea Butter Review”
  1. Does anyone suffer with Eczema on their hands? If yes, what do you use on your hands to keep them moisturized in order to prevent flare-ups? I’m extremely sensitive, I cannot use anything on my hands with alcohol and chemicals in it, it breaks out my skin, even cleaning chemicals cause eczema to break out on my hands with and without gloves on my hands. I can only use the natural cleaning products.


    • Selina says:

      Hi Tina

      What are you currently using? And is it a moisturising lotion you want or something during flare ups? I find Shea butter is really moisturising but I’m going to attempt to make whipped Shea butter so it’s more lotion like as the Shea unrefined is pretty hard to use.

      For a normal hand lotion I use balance me super moisturising lotion – has got a natural oil smell to I but I find it keeps my flaky fingers at bay!


  2. L P says:

    I know this is somewhat unrelated (as far as the oils go) but on my face and neck, I have learned that Argan Oil is the best for healing and moisturizing my skin. When I get stressed out, my eczema flares up on my neck and spreads to my lower face. I have been using a 1/1 mixture of honey and water to wash my hair, I realized that shampoo was very harsh on my neck and face and had to quit using it. Sometimes I will apply Vaseline to my neck and chin after I apply argan oil to help lock in moisture. I have been using coconut oil on the rest of my body and will also apply a small amount of vaseline to combat the dryness. I’m going to buy a combination of Shea butter/argan oil to see how my eczema flare ups on my neck and lower face responds. I will also test it on the rest of my body. I’m very hopeful that my eczema flare ups will respond well and heal-this is the first time I will be trying shea butter. So far, I haven’t found any oils that will keep my hands (which are partially flared with eczema) moisturized for a prolonged period of time. I am hopeful that shea butter mixed with argan oil will keep my skin moisturized, the dry eczema flared skin can actually hurt at times, and is even more noticeable when I’m trying to sleep. I use allergy medicine everyday, and am now considering using a sleep aid to keep from scratching and further damaging my eczema flared skin (anyone else out there as miserable as me?!?!?) Good luck everyone, don’t give up. I’m also going to try stretching more often to combat the daily stress that I experience.


    • Selina says:

      I also love argan oil! It helped me to not scratch my face off when it was extremely flared! Good luck with the shea mix. Let us know how you get on! For hands try a thicker balm style to apply?


  3. Amy says:

    Has anyone tried Remedy with Phytoplex Hydroguard? I have a sample and it seems like it will be wonderful. I am going to order it wondered if anyone has had luck with it for eczema.


  4. cr8ss says:

    thanks for the feedback on how shea has worked on your ecxema and everyone who has commented for the tips as well. I have reallly been looking into hempseed oil as well. I hear many people saying it helps, but havent bought it as of yet. I may try it soon. i usually just take a benedryl when my ecxema gets really bad and try to sedate myself to prevent from itching.
    but my ecxema has gotten alot better by doing this combination below :
    1. taking cold to mildly warm showers. I just do like 50 jumping jacks before i get in so the cold water actually feels good.
    2. after the shower i do not fully dry.. just pat down and stay kind of damp. then immediately apply i apply a mix i made of : glycerin,lemon, and water.
    equal amount of each one.. put it in a bottle, shake it around and then apply it to my skin. this water is miracle water for me. i lost insurance so i had to figure out a way to fix my ecxema without the steroid creams i was using. i have ecxema from head to toe and it hurts bad, but this has been extremely helpful. literally see results next day and makes my skin smooth. as long as i really try not to scratch, it works. please mothers and everyone who has ecxema try this. it really is helpful.. doesnt hurt in trying and its inexpensive method without harsh chemicals or steroids
    3. i do not drink milk anymore. i only have almond milk if i do want milk. studies show ecxema is linked to allergies to milk, so it cut it out and saw major difference as well. less flare-ups
    4. i am now vegan. of course this is really hard to do. i eat like a pig and was really used to eating anything at any time no matter what. but, diet is a direct impact to all of your organs obviously your skin too!
    its not that bad.. its only hard when i have cravings, but staying away from very sugary snacks has helped. i eat alot of honey ..(u can call me pooh bear.. ) to supplement my sugar tooth.
    MOMs: i know this will be hard on your children and changing diet all together is very difficult. BUT, what I would recommend is changing milk to almond milk. I taste no difference, it tastes better actually. I buy the unsweetened original kind from silk. What you can do is make sure to always cook home-cooked meals. NO McDonalds, or fast-food. try to avoid this as much as possible. what you put into your body is what will seap through your skin! These are all healthy habits anyways so theres no harm. Watching a documentary like forks over knives and other food documentaries will educate you plenty on what is good and bad for you especially in U.S commercial food market. Please watch.. you’ll be surprised and disgusted after learning how everyday “food” is really just chemicals tailored to taste good.
    I still have fish.(wild caught fish only–not farm raised). I also juice everyday.. any fruit and vegetable.. i always add a banana to my juice so it tastes sweet and yummy.. or i heat up some honey and pour it in my blender for the juice to taste sweet if i do not have a banana. And i also drink HOT tea every morning and night. this is extremely helpful too! Green tea is great for ecxema and ginger tea. I buy ginger at the market, then cut a piece off and put to boil.. the water will turn a bit yellow.. then its ready!
    OH yea! ;: also, when i get REALLY REALLY scratchy and hot and feel like ripping my skin off because it is so damn itchy i always have icepacks in the freezer ready to apply to the areas that itch and the feeling quickly goes away. i also try not to scratch with my nails, but instead i use a towel and rub the itchy areas with that to avoid bleeding and breaking the skin.
    hope this helps someone! check out my tumblr page where i put the same info as well…
    you can also contact me at that tumblr page as well and let me know how it works for u or ask more questions. God bless you all..


    • Selina says:

      Thanks for the info. Always great to hear what works. Would you like to share your thoughts on my eczema stories page? Your trying to manage your eczema just like me hence it would be nice to hear your story.

      I definitely think cutting sugar out has reduced the itch! Its been great and vitamin d3!

      I ensure I get enough sleep too that makes more difference than i first thought it would.


  5. WillisVela says:

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  6. shacarey says:

    also make sure you’re using pure, unrefined shea butter. There are other sites which may be cheaper to get quality shea butter too.


  7. shacarey says:

    I too have bad eczema especially now that it’s winter. My advice is to whip it with a hand mixer (5$ walmart, all you need is a small one) with olive oil and/or the other two oils you mentioned. This helps to make it softer to spread on your skin and boosts it moisturizing properties. Store it in a cool dry place and apply twice a day if you need to. This has really helped me a lot and I highly recommend trying this tip out. Also, you can make a shea butter based body scrub to use in the shower AFTER you rinse the soap off. Blend some shea butter, a little olive oil, and some apricot kernel shells (or anything else naturally exfoliates) and use this after rinsing your soap. Just slather it on and rub gently to exfoliate and then rinse off. Hope this helps.


  8. Tina says:

    Have you ever tried hempseed oil? We have had success with my daughters eczema by directly applying it to her skin and patches. It feels oily at first but then sucks in pretty well. It is known to be an effective anti-inflammatory. You can buy it on Amazon, I would recommend the Nutiva. It is edible and will work well on eczema that way too over the course ofa couple weeks, treating from the inside out, but getting a kid to eat the stuff is nearly impossible, it tastes awful. It’s loaded with omega-3, omega-6, omega-9, protein fiber, vitamins e, d, and others. Its pretty amazing stuff all-around. Way better than fish oil as a supplement too.


  9. Ali says:

    I use the East African Shea butter for my skin when it gets dry esp elbows etc. It is not thick or greasy. In fact if your skin is dry, the skin soaks up the Shea butter. Since this is an organic product, it has a slight smell which takes a few minutes to disappear (but you may use essential oils to suppress this slightly nutty smell. I googled east african shea butter and I noticed there is one product called lululife available here In cold weather it might solidify, but you can always add something to emulsify. Good luck.


  10. Isabel Perez says:

    You should try the 100%African Shea Butter(the bright yellow one) it has tumeric in it which is used in India for many conditions especially to treat inflammation. I purchase it at a Farmer’s Market in Hollywood Fl. The vendor is called the Shea Experience.I believe they have a website..perhaps you can order it. I have been using it for 10 days on my four year old who has suffered with eczema since he was one and I have seen a big difference on his skin.


  11. bellali says:

    I interpret via google translate – look after up with the good stuff !



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