My Eczema Updates

So I am currently about to enter my exam period which for me means my eczema gets bad! Stress doesn’t help my eczema and after my skin drastically improved after going on holiday for a week (see First blog), after 2 weeks of calm skin the eczema has slowly started to creep back onto my face, neck, shoulders and arms!

On my arms and shoulders this is literally just extreme dry skin.  Rough to the touch and no moisturiser seems strong enough to keep it from drying up within a few hours! My elbow joints are quite itchy and after the scarring was reduced from the tanning, scratching now isn’t helping! I try not to scratch but it happens without me even thinking about it anymore! At this stage, I try not to scratch by just thinking about how scarred my body is because of it but sometimes that itch just doesn’t subside! The annoying thing sometimes is that other people just think we get eczema because we scratch but I feel that it is more that we get eczema and then scratch, not the other way round! People think that the eczema will go away if we don’t itch it but I don’t find this is the case for me. Obviously not itching helps and means the skin will heal faster, but when your eczema’s bad it is just plain bad!

My neck is also flared up once more. Literally a week ago it was all smooth after SO long, but now its back to being extremely rough and scaly to the touch! I hate it when it is like this on my neck as it is really hard to cope with since everyone can see it especially now that it’s summer and I can’t wear scarves all the time! I can’t believe how easily an eczema flare takes over, makes it hard to believe that my neck was all smooth last week! =[

My face is surprisingly not as bad as my neck, which is strange since my face tends to suffer first usually! My forehead and upperlip are quite dry and flaky (flakiness is the worst at times as it just won’t go!) and rough to the touch and my cheeks are red, rough and dry too though not as dry as my forehead! I’m just hoping the weeping doesn’t follow now as that literally is the worst for me! It affects my sleep too as I get it on my cheeks and I can’t sleep on my face then =[. trying to stay positive and hoping that it doesn’t worsen too much before my exams finish as I find it so hard to revise when my skin is bad! My neck tends to get really stiff when the eczema is bad. The worst part is nothing helps to calm the flare-up for longer than about 30 minutes! Steroids are a no for me so I have no immediate relief which can be really frustrating at times which probably doesn’t help the eczema!

I have to say though that I’m glad I’m still sleeping well! When my eczema affects my sleep I feel like it makes the situation a lot harder so fingers crossed it doesn’t worsen. I can deal with dryness a lot better than I can deal with weeping so I’d rather have the dry skin. Its weird but I stay positive now thinking that it could be worse. I could be back to the really bad periods of eczema I’ve had.

I’m hopeful that when my exams finish (and uni since its my last year!) the stress in my life will subside a little so that my eczema doesn’t flare as badly if it becomes more stable it will definitely be easier to manage! Right now, that’s all I want! Not this where within a week the eczema can be back without much warning!

One Response to “My Eczema Updates”
  1. jonathan says:

    I’ve suffered from quite bad eczema before, and from what I’ve noticed, a combination of not touching it (not even rubbing it) and applying the right kind of moisturiser (I use eucerin 10% lotion) do the trick. I had it completely gone at one point, and it had been nearly covering my arms. Also I really do think healthy eating plays a part, as recently I have ‘let myself go’ in terms of healthy eating and I think it is taking its toll on my skin, and I have noticed eczema appearing where it never used to. I am starting to eat healthy again, like I was when it was completely gone. Buying a different soap helps, I bought Dead Sea Sulphur soap and it is extremely moisturising for a soap,


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