Suti Facial Cleanser Review: I love it!

So recently, I have decided that I am going to try the natural/ organic route for skin care to see if this makes any difference to the condition of my skin and ultimately my eczema! There are so many harsh chemicals in so many of the products seen in most of our stores and when you have sensitive, volatile skin they probably aren’t doing your skin any good!

So, at first I had no clue what to look for. Just because something says it’s natural and organic sadly doesn’t mean it’s true! I visited a few online sites in the UK which sell organic beauty products and came across two sites which I liked the layout of and found easy to navigate around! I find it is easier to find what you want online than going into stores, however, you may prefer the good old fashioned way! and

One good thing is both sites will give you advice on what to buy through an online skin consultation where someone replies to your wants/ needs. I sent information about my eczema etc and that I was looking for some suitable products. The organic skin store got back to me within a few days  and the woman emailing me was so helpful! She listed a range of products for me and explained each one and how to use them. I seriously would recommend this site! Just by the fact that I was replied to in detail and with added extras I didn’t even ask to know about told me that this site is definitely customer-based!

Anyway, that is how I became aware of the Suti Organic Facial Cleanser. It is expensive (£26! for 50ml!) but I thought I’d give it a go, I mean I’ve spent so much on useless face washes/ cleansers I’ve just used once so there was no harm in trying one which was all natural though I was wary of the price! The email said it is non-drying and makes your face feel soft and supple afterwards rather than dry and tight, since I find my face is so tight after cleansing, I wanted to give this cleanser a try!

What you get:  With the 50ml facial cleanser,you also get a muslin cloth and a small spatula. The small spatula is great because it means you don’t have to touch the cleanser with your fingers which means it is more hygienic. Here are a few photos of the product:

I also love the packaging of this product! I know it isn’t the most important thing, but its so depressing using eczema creams as they all come in white bottles/ jars with no colour!

How to Cleanse your face:

  1. Using the spatula, you are supposed to apply a small amount of the cleanser onto your finger tips and massage it into your damp skin.
  2. Then, wet a clean muslin cloth with warm water and wring it damp before removing the cleanser using small brisk circular movements all over the face and neck in a downward movement to promote toxin elimination and lymphatic drainage. You’re supposed to repeat this 2-3 times to ensure all traces of dirt and make-up are removed.
My Review and Thoughts

I was sceptical at first that such a small amount of the cleanser would be enough for me to cleanse my whole face and neck, but surprisingly it was enough, which made me feel a whole lot better as it meant the cleanser wouldn’t run out after a week! The actual cleanser has small exfoliating bits in, but these were not harsh on my skin at all. These are shea butter extracts which melt on your skin on contact. The cleanser was so nourishing to my skin too that it wasn’t drying at all, definitely a plus! I’ve always had this problem with face washes/ cleansers. This cleanser contains avocado butter and avocado oil which gives it the richness and calendula which promotes healing and gives you that soothing sensation.
I have never used a muslin cloth before, however, I found it is so much easier to remove the cleanser this way (plus I wasn’t messing up my bathroom floor by water dripping off of my elbows as I splash my face with water!) as it really got rid of the residue. It wasn’t harsh on my skin and helped to exfoliate my skin gently as I removed the cleanser. With sensitive skin, exfoliating with a proper scrub is too harsh, so this is a good gentle alternative to getting rid of some of that flaky skin! When I wiped my face dry, it actually felt soothed and nourished. I will definitely be using this daily from now on! I’ll update you once I have used it for a week to let you know the effects on my skin!
In addition, I haven’t tried this yet but you can also use it as a face mask. If you visit the Suti website and look at the cleanser, you will see that it suggests that if you have more time, you can apply it as a face mask allowing the active ingredients intensively deep cleanse the pores.
Overall, I rate this product 10/10. It has been the best cleanser I have ever used! I’m thinking about giving the rest of the suti products a try now too! I know it is quite expensive especially when I’m a student! But it really helps clean my skin whilst not drying
it out so it is worth it for me! Hope this helps =]
Also if you have any questions, why not email and ask away. I got a really helpful reply back within a few hours with loads of recommendations and information!
Are there any cleansers you would recommend?
8 Responses to “Suti Facial Cleanser Review: I love it!”
  1. French jasmine crucial oil, natural shea butter and
    also olive all combine to offer luxurious relaxation that
    leaves your skin smooth as well as supple.


  2. I think the admin of this website is actually working hard for his
    site, since here every data is quality based information.


  3. asti says:

    Sounds really good. I have been hesitating in purchasing this cleanser for awhile but after reading a couple of reviews, they all seem to have had good experiences from this cleanser.

    Besides, the packaging looks so chic and luxurious 😀


    • I would really recommend it. What is your skin type? When I first started using it I had combination so patches I dry and then i’d proper break out in spots as well but this cleanser helped to calm my sensitive skin and the acne as its hard to find products who h really work for both. I don’t use it all the time but it is a nice cleanser which is soft on the skin and leaves your skin soft, supple and not dry at all!

      If you have problem skin, try evening primrose tablets as well I found those helped too 🙂


  4. David says:

    WOW! What a wonderful post, thank you so much for this wonderful information.


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