Pure Potions Skin Salvation Review

I was recommended this product by my mum’s friend who told my mum it had helped reduce her daughter’s facial eczema so I thought I’d give it a try! Once again, this product is expensive compared to other products you can buy but it is 100% natural and contains organic ingredients, and these products are sadly ALWAYS more expensive! I bought a 120ml jar for £18.99, you can get it in 30 and 60ml too but the pricing is better for the bigger jar, also the more the better for my dry skin!

Pure Potions first product Skin Salvation was formulated by a mother struggling to find relief for her daugher who suffered from chronic dry skin as a way to safely manager her dry and sore skin. Since I’m off steroids, this seemed like such a good replacement in those desperate times of need of relief! Visit the website for more info: www.purepotions.biz.

So when I first got the jar it seemed small compared to those bug tubs of emollients you can get! But I didn’t let that get me down since I hadn’t even used it yet.

As you can see, I have used half of the pot now! But the salve is greenish in colour and very thick. When I first used this product I have to say the smell is strong! It takes a bit of getting used to but now after over a week’s use I can’t really smell it anymore, I guess I’ve gotten used to it! I find though that natural and organic products do smell more because they don’t have the added ‘parfum’ for fragrance which you find in most beauty products which creates the nice smells so I’d rather this than the added substances!

So I showered one night and decided to use the balm as my moisturiser to give it a try. I have to say that after a shower is when my skin tends to feel quite itchy if I don’t moisturise it well enough. I used to use Aveeno Skin relief  moisturising Lotion but found that this still left me feeling itchy when I applied it, even making the itch worse at times so I have really been looking for a new solution!

I found that the skin salvation balm worked well on my skin. It is a bit hard to spread since it is so thick however for applying it to eczema patches rather than a whole leg for example, it is easy, but I wouldn’t recommend it for a body lotion, more just a salve for specific patches. I applied it to my elbow joints, backs of my legs and my face and neck and side of my stomach. All of these patches were rough to the touch and dry. It is very thick and greasy which can be good when my skin is extremely dry as it kept it moisturised for quite a long time which helps to reduce my itching! Over the week, my elbow joints, neck and backs of my legs have become less rough and smoothed over which is great! My stomach was itching against my clothes which was a hassle so this balm helped to act as a barrier and smoothed and cleared that completely! (I would add photos but I don’t have any of the before to compare sadly!). It is supposed to stain and that is a warning written on most sites I read about this on, however, I haven’t found my bedding or clothes stained at all :s but guess that’s a plus!

The balm was also good on my face, it helped to heal some of the cracks I had including on my upper lip. My upper lip is one part of my skin that I can never seem to get rid of the eczema, it is a nightmare at times and so annoying because it is so blatant! However, after 2 days of applying this balm after a shower I found that it cleared, literally the first time in AGES!

The salve was doing wonders! Even now, I find that it is good on my arms, stomach, legs and even my neck. However, on my face it is too greasy to use all the time like I have been! I used it for a week daily on my face and I now have some spots, probably caused by the fact this salve is so thick and greasy causing it to block my pores!  So I have stopped using it on my face now to try and get rid of the spots! (On both my cheeks urgh!). Also, it leaves you quite shiny so it is probably better as a overnight solution anyway!

Overall, this salve has really helped to moisturise my skin in times of extreme dryness! However, I must say that my skin tends to become ‘used to’ the products I use and the wonderful effects I observe at first are reduced over time. This kind of happened with the balm on my face and elbows where I was applying it most, so now I have decided to only use the salve when my skin is really dry rather than as an every day thing so the effects are at their highest. For me, it’s best that way. In addition, it didn’t really smooth out the rough patches on my face like it did on my body over the week, so I would recommend this at bad periods of eczema on your face as it can really heal it, but not when its healed up and just needs t become smooth again if you can understand that?! but it definitely has helped heal the cracks and cuts which is great.

Overall I rate this product 8/10. Highly recommend it through those really dry stages especially on your body, it contains ingredients which promote healing which really helps for the cracks etc caused by eczema (and scratching!). The downside for me really is how expensive it is as well but isn’t this sadly the case for most eczema products!

Hope this helps anyway =]

If you have any questions about anything I’ve said or want to ask me more about this product, don’t hesitate to leave a comment as I realise that this product has recently become more popular after appearing in the news, so I would be happy to help anyone who wants to know more as it is quite expensive to buy.

Update: 11th June:

The salve was really good to me when I first bought it (as you have read), however, now after a month or so I have attempted a few times to use it again when my skin has been really bad (like my upper lip where the salve did wonders before) but I have sadly found that the salve doesn’t really work for me at all any more =[ It can still moisturise but it doesn’t really seem to work on my eczema anymore to help calm it when it is flaring up. It basically just acts as a thick moisturiser like other things I use.

BUT like I have mentioned many times, every person with eczema is different and I have heard it works over a long period for other people. Every type of eczema is different and if you read the about me page you can read more about my type. Also, my skin tends to become immune to products which do wonders at first. It really did help on the first week or so. I guess my skin got used to the skin salvation and the effects were only short term, but it is still a great moisturiser for the really dry, stubborn patches! But for me, it doesn’t heal like it did at first (which is what I really need at times of a flare up!). So I will continue to search for a new product.

If anyone has found that it has worked over a long period please comment so other people know it can work, as I know that for some people, their skin doesn’t become ”used to” creams, but I have always found that with creams etc that I have tried that have done wonders, the effects tend to be short term if I continue using them. Hope this helps anyway!

13 Responses to “Pure Potions Skin Salvation Review”
  1. Rudy says:

    After reading so much good reviews, I thought I would give it ago and brought one over the weekend. I’ve been suffering from eczema for a few years now. I reacted badly to a makeup product which brought on my eczema and after different medication it’s all cleared up apart from a small area around my eyebrows. This is my first day of using it and even though it is still a bit itchy I’m give it a few days to see what happens. I am also using it around my neck and find my clothing itchys me to a point where I have to cut all my labels of and also only able to wear certain items of clothing.
    I hope to write another review in the next few days.


    • Selina says:

      I hope it helps! Let us know how it goes!


      • Rudy says:

        I wanted to send an up date and also some suggestions. I have been using the pure lotions for just under week. Just above my eyebrows I’ve been suffering and have found that after applying the product for a few minutes, it calms my skin where I no longer want to scratch it.
        Around my neck is still a slight issue. When I apply the product, again after about 5 minutes I don’t have the urge to scratch it, which is great. I do however get very itchy when I cover my neck to brave the outdoor in this weather. I know some people have said that the product has helped them from getting irrated by their clothing, but I’m finding this isn’t the case for me. Any suggestions appreciated.
        I know some people have said they saw a difference and I was wondering if others like myself are finding that it’s taking a little bit longer. I want to give it at least another week trial so would appreciate any other suggestions I could try. Thanks in advance.


  2. Helen says:

    I’ve found that this cream has been amazing for my skin. My face has been red and flaky for so long, especially since I decided to quit steroids, it is unbelievable how clear and calm the skin on my face is. I agree with your poins about the cream being thick and greasy, but I sometimes like that feeling on my face as my skin has been so dry, it has literally just soaked up anything you put on it.

    I have a 4 month old baby who also suffers from dry skin and I have used it on him and its worked wonders. His dry skin has literally just cleared up, and what i really like about it is that its so natural and gentle, its suitable for a baby and my very sensitive skin.
    I have found this creak to be a miracle and I would reccommend it to anyone.


  3. nikki says:

    i love this stuff i find it works to apply and then cover area so it stays on skin


  4. Katie says:

    I used a whole pot and bought it and had it shipped to the states( Expensive ) anyway it works nicely on dry patches but not for eczema really. Its a nice moisturizer but not a cure for eczema for me anyway.


  5. Shannon says:

    My mum was given this to help her with her eczema, unfortunately, it did not do anything to help her skin…
    Recently I have been getting eczema on my eyelids and haven’t been able to find anything to help, but I am going to try this anyway because to me, it sounds like everyone’s skin is taking a different reaction to it and I might as well check. 🙂


  6. Dottie says:

    I have been using this product for a few years on my son and it still works wonders. I get it on prescription so it does not cost me anything, if you contact Purepotions they are really helpful in providing the information the doctor needs to prescribe it. Sorry to hear that the effects have worn off for you. There seems to be as many versions of eczema as there are people who suffer from it 😦 hope you find something else to help you for longer soon.


    • Hi Dotty,

      I’m so glad it has worked for your son! It did me wonders when i first used it but I’ve come to realise my eczema is one where my skin becomes used to and immune to products after long term use! Hope your son’s eczema is kept under control. It must be hard seeing him with the pain of having it and hope that if it does get worse, you can use some of my tips and they actually help!


  7. katie says:

    I just purchased this and hopefully it will work on my eczema patches on my hands. Sorry to hear that it stopped working for you ugh I hate hate eczema!


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