My Eczema Updates: Rough, dry patches on my face

So my eczema has been quite calm for a week or so (yippee!). However, what I tend to find is that when my face is slowly going back to a comfortable stage where I hardly need to moisturise it and I feel so happy at the progress its made, I get a few stubborn rough, dry patches that just won’t budge! They especially appear on my cheeks right next to my nose and on my jaw line near my chin. These patches stand out from the rest of my face as they are also a little red in colour, rough to the touch and a little flaky! I find that none of my current moisturisers work on it, not even the pure potions which is so thick and greasy! No matter what the patches just don’t go away!

I’m currently looking for a new cream to tackle this problem since what I have been using and testing hasn’t worked as of yet. I did some research on Unrefined organic shea butter and have seen a lot of people give it raving reviews!

Unrefined shea butterr is good for dry skin, skin rashes, blemishes, cracked heels and skin, itchy skin, scars, chapped lips, eczema and small wounds or scrapes. Things which are definitely associated with eczema symptoms! Added benefits include the fact that it can be used as a superior moisturiser with all natural vitamin A, an anti-inflammatory, a minor sunscreen agent (up to SPF 6), and it also reduces wrinkles (studies show skin improvement in 4-6 weeks with daily use).

Learn more at these two useful sites :

Or just type in unrefined (or raw) shea butter onto a search engine. I decided to look up some organic unrefined shea butter and came across a link for it on amazon where you can see a large amount of positive reviews And compared to some other completely natural, organic products I think this product is well priced for 350g at £8.49! I find that when I pay £20 for some creams I get about 30ml which is nothing when you have to apply the cream so often on dry skin!

So I put in a order today and should hopefully get the shea butter soon. I’ll review it for you some time next week with photos . Fingers crossed!

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