First Blog!

So this is my first ever blog! If you’ve read the About page, you’ll know my reasons for wanting to do a blog.

I recently suffered from an extremely bad flare-up of eczema. It was flared on my face, ears, neck, shoulders, elbow and knee joints, inner forearms and upper arms, down the sides of my stomach, my inner thighs and my hands! It was one of the hardest flare-up I have been through – both physically and mentally – throughout my years of eczema.

My face and neck and sides of my stomach were the worst. On my face, my cheeks were cracked and weeping, my eyebrows were the same. My eyes wouldn’t open properly because they were sore and cracked too. The rest of my face was red, sore and dry. My neck was very red, rough, unbelievably itchy and weeping to and I couldn’t help it. The sides of my stomach itched like crazy and had a red bumpy rash which was sore when anything touched it like clothes or bedding. This flare-up lasted for so long, my longest one yet I think. About 5 months! I went through such a rough patch trying to control and handle this whilst also coping with my university final year work. It really hit me how hard it was for me emotionally to cope with this. I didn’t want to wake up in the mornings and see people or do anything, I couldn’t get rid of it with my normal creams and lotions and I could not sleep (this was before my sleep routine mentioned on my current eczema care routine page).

As I mentioned on my About page, I don’t use steroids any more. After the effects they have had on my skin, I realise they don’t work on me for very long. During a flare especially, the eczema comes back immediately after I stop using steroids so I came to realise that they weren’t worth it. It is different for every person, and some people may find it useful to use steroid creams whilst their eczema is as bad as mine was, however, for me the negative overcame the positive! I am indian and I found that the places I used steroids became off coloured and the pigment was off colour, so that even when my skin was calm it didn’t look normal.  It put me off using them.

For me, what helped me calm my eczema right down was a holiday! I went away to somewhere nice and hot and after a week’s worth of sun my eczema really calmed down! After a week of sun, 2 showers a day and relaxation I came back home with flake-free, less dry, non-weeping skin. Every person with eczema varies on what is good/ bad for their skin, but I find that the sun is really beneficial for me, whilst others find it makes it worse. So before you go out in the sun, make sure you apply sun cream and don’t go out for too long at first in case the sun burns you and makes your skin worse. Perhaps because I am Indian, my skin is less sensitive to the sun compared to paler skin, but I find that it really calms my skin down.

The Holiday gave me the first relief I have had from my eczema since last October so I was over the moon! However, during this specific flare-up, I really sat and reflected on what I could do to cope with my eczema better and how I could combat it by improving my lifestyle and making changes to aspects of my life. I searched on the internet (like I always do when I have a flare-up and am looking for some relief!) and found lots of different methods that people have used once again. I have never taken most of it seriously thinking that what I am doing is fine and ‘this flare-up will be over soon’. However, I have now come to realise that what I am currently doing is obviously not working and I don’t want to have to deal with having a flare-up whenever my skin decides because it’s hard. I found it so hard to cope with this time around that I don’t want to put myself through that again.

Therefore, with that motivation and this blog, I’m going to try different methods/ tips/ products I’ve heard about and see whether they help me to once and for all keep my flare-ups to a minimum (or hopefully non-existent!) and live life with eczema at the back of my mind rather than at the forefront every second!

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